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Found 13 results

  1. In a bid to stop people dashing through security at the last minute, Easyjet will turn you away if you don't make the 30 minute cut-off point they've just introduced. The low-cost airline company are saying that, anyone who tries to get through security barriers with less than half an hour to spare before departure, won't be allowed on the flight. Anyone who doesn't make the 30 minute cut-off will have to pay £80 to switch to another EasyJet flight. http://www.bitterwallet.com/travel/easyjet-to-turn-you-away-if-youre-not-30-minutes-early-92190
  2. Does anyone have the email address od Carolyn McCall, CEO of Easyjet? Daughter has a complaint about a £40 surcharge applied to her online check-in for a return flight because the last 2 seats (already paid and checked in) available on the plane were considered to have extra leg room. What were they supposed to do as an alternative? The rep threatened to cancel their booking if they didnt pay but they didnt choose the seats so the supposed "option" was superfluous..
  3. Dear forum members, I registered recently to this forum, I was browsing it for a totally different reason but I read an issue that someone has had with the Monarch airline http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?404211-Monarch-flight-delay-claim-are-they-stalling-(1-Viewing)-nbsp, in that thread I mentioned the issue I have had with Easyjet. As promised, I am putting here the details of the issue and the output. I am putting all the data together so it can help other people to deal with a similar claim better than me (even if we managed to get the compensation). And because it could in fact allow passengers from the same flight request a compensation, I have included the flight details. Case summary: On 8th May 2012, our flight 5270 from Venice, Italy to London, UK operated by EasyJet (duration 2 hours) was delayed of 14 hours. On that day, EasyJet was operating 2 flights from/to the same cities, 12:00 and 21:40. The aircraft used for the first flight suffered some technical issue which delayed the first flight. They chose to use our aircraft for the first flight (this was explained by the airport staff) and ... they let us down (flight cancelled at 00:40). We got a replacement flight for the following day (which was delayed of 1h30) but at the end we reached UK after a 3 hours night and 14 hours late. Case details: Attached Link is a copy of the letter I sent to the Telegraph, called "The Easyjet experience". I. Complaints to the airline: I wrote to the EasyJet customer service 4 times. I requested a 500 EUR compensation (250 EUR per passenger), as per European regulation only. They denied that they had to pay any compensation, and included responses which directly deny the regulation's content. My own response was that the law is clear, that they were disgusting, that a low cost company is low cost because they give you a 1 cm space for your legs and not because the law doesn’t apply to them, and therefore I seeked legal action. II. Complaint sent to UK Consummer centre, UK Civil Aviation, Italian Aviation and Italian National enforcement body: Dear Sir or Madam, We are seeking your help as a result of a dispute with the Easyjet airline. We are contacting you directly as advised by the UK European Consumer Centre today. We had also used the information explained on your website to complain to the company’s customer service. On 8th May 2012, our flight for 2 people from Venice to London, operated by Easyjet, was cancelled and our arrival to destination delayed of 14 hours. Not only it impacted our professional activities, but the behaviour of the company was incredibly awful. Full flight details are: number 5270, Venice Marco Polo to London Gatwick, departure 8th May 2012 at 21:40. Airline booking reference: xxx. We recorded a complaint directly to the company’s customer service on 15th May, describing the facts as they are. I have attached all correspondence with the company (you will find the first complaint in complaint.pdf), but as a summary the facts are as follows: - The flight suffered a overall delay of 14 hours; - The company used our flight’s aircraft for another flight - this was confirmed by the airport staff onsite; - The flight was cancelled almost 3 hours after the flight time; - The company moved the flight to the following day at 10:05; - The company didn’t provide any subsistence to passengers at the airport, including elderly or children; - The company wasn’t able to provide accommodation for the passengers until 3.45 AM (this is the time of our arrival to the hotel), and the passengers had to manage themselves their transfer to the hotel, outside of the airport; - The flight re-scheduled for 10:05 the next day took off at 11:45. As per European law, the company is supposed to at least pay us a compensation of 250 EUR per passenger (so, 500 EUR in our case). Indeed: - The flight was operated under EU regulations, - The flight was cancelled (please also see flightstats.co.uk), - The arrival delay was (far!) more than 3 hours, - The problem occurred because our aircraft was used for another flight, as confirmed by the airport staff itself, and therefore the delay is totally the airline’s fault. No exceptional circumstances applied to our flight, since no weather condition, no industrial action, no safety issue or air traffic justified that the company used our plane for another of their flight. However since then, the employee from the company’s customer service has constantly refused to recognize the facts. And the only response we have had is that there seems to be a lack of training of the company’s staff, and that "the company may consider issuing a refund for the meal/refreshment upon receiving the receipts as a gesture of goodwill.". Is your organization able to help us ? Kind regards, All these official bodies confirmed that we were entitled to a compensation as per the European regulation. However, after 7 months we had not received any output. The UK Civil Aviation chased the Italian bodies a number of times. It seems that my complaint was not processed at all, as they re-accepted the complaint and issued another confirmation. A few weeks ago however, I received from the Italian enforcement body a dubious copy of letter explaining that they had been in touch with the airline, and based on the airline’s data, our complaint was not successful. I honestly doubt that such exchange with the airline has ever happened. III. Advice requested to Mrs Charlton from The Telegraph. Question: See copy of letter above Response: Mrs Charlton advised to simply sue Easyjet in the court, based on the airline’s notoriety. IV. Court claim presented from a specialised lawyers group. We submitted the case details to these specialised solicitors, including all flight details, airline's responses and exchanges with CAA. They validated the claim. They tried to get in touch with Easyjet but no response was received. Therefore the lawyer moved to the next step. Easyjet recognised they owed the money and preferred to settle the claim. They however pretended to have already contacted us and sent a cheque, which obviously wasn't true. They said they would resend a cheque, but we never received it. Therefore the lawyer moved to the next step, i.e. pre-action disclosure and court proceedings pursuant to Article 7 of EC Regulation 261/2004. The company preferred to settle the claim. They were given 42 days to pay the compensation. The compensation has now been paid. It seems that the airline has tried to avoid contact with the court. I believe this is for 4 reasons: first, to avoid claimable interests based on a delay of payment of around 18 months; secondly, to try to avoid additional court fees that they would have to return; third, to avoid an extended claim by not taking only the European regulation into account; finally, to avoid the case being recorded as successful in the lawyers's database which means more passengers will be aware. I can only say that Easyjet will have been disgusting until the end. Best regards
  4. Hello, I was supposed to fly between Luxembourg and Gatwick 2 weeks ago with easyjet. Unfortunately, due to a traffic jam, I missed my flight... As nobody was able to offer me something better, I had to pay 230E to go to London (I'm a french student in the UK). However, it is said in EZ terms & conditions that Easyjet can offer a transfer, if: -the passenger arrives within 2h of the scheduled flight time -the passenger will not cause delay to the flight -the passenger pays a Rescue Fee -seats are available on the next flight (Terms and conditions: 9.1.6 If You arrive late at the airport for Your Flight, provided You arrive within 2 hours of Your original Flight’s departure time, You should proceed to the Sales Desk or Customer Services Desk to find out if it is possible to transfer. Subject to the payment of a Rescue Fee set out in Our Fees and Charges, we will transfer you to the next Flight that has seats available and where it would not cause a delay to the Flight’s departure) The conditions were fulfilled (at least the 3 first), but the personal of the airport did not offer me this possibility or even check if there was seats in the next flight (which was the next day). Thus, I contacted the support, but their answer is that it is on "airport's staff discretion" and that it is "merely a discretionary offer". What do you think I can do? I know it's my mistake but having to pay this money as a student is pretty tough... Thank you, Ludovic
  5. hi i have just had a flight cancelled by easyjet because of the french strike i was due to fly wed 12th we were informed 20 mins before leaving for airport we were offered a full refund or rebook so we rebooked and the earliest flight is for saterday 15th wich we took so we have lost 4 days of hols lost money on airport transfer and airport parking my question is do i have any rights to compensation thanks
  6. EasyJet offered me and my friend 250 Euro each to swap flights as our flight from Geneva to London was overbooked. Our original flight was 1115, our replacement flight was 1310 but did not actually leave until 1600. When we tried to collect our compensation, guess what? They refused to pay up and told us we were only entitled to £100 each, this seems to be a common policy of theirs. Any ideas how we can get them to keep their promise? Thanks JIM
  7. I'd like to ask what the best way might be to collect money form Easyjet Airline Company Ltd. This is following a long small claim for flight cancellation. I already have a judgment from the County Court ordering Easyjet to pay me about £1000 but many weeks later they still have not paid. What method(s) of collection are known to be ineffective against Easyjet Airline Company Ltd? What collection action would people recommend? Transfer to High Court? Questioning (if so who)? Third party debt order (if so against RBS accounts, another bank or debtor)? Bankruptcy? Other? In return I will be happy to report back how I get on as this may well be useful for others who currently have cases stayed pending the ECJ ruling due to be published on 23 October 2012 and who may then also discover Easyjet's unwillingness to settle their debts.
  8. Hi All My wife arrived at Luton Aiport this morning at 5am. She checked in her bags and then made her way to security. At security she was turned back and informed that she could not go through to departures as her flight was 5 hours late. She couldnt believe that easyjet did not inform her of this at check in and the net result was that she had to spend 5.5 hrs in the airport with a 2 yr old toddler! She was given a £6 food voucher. She found out from airline staff that the delay was a "technical fault" and that they knew the plane had issues the night before! So not email or call prior to arriving at the airport and even check in didnt tell her! If check in had told her she would have decided to go home for a few hrs rather than spend 5.5 hrs in an airport with a toddler. Putting emotions to one side on the matter.....under the EU rules does a 5 hr delay mean she is entitled to compensation? Easyjet claim it doesnt and refers you to their T & Cs.....easyjet are one of the airlines appealing the 2009 ruling...so what are they appealing agaisnt if they are not at fault and complying with the 2009 rules??!! Any clarity would be really helpful!! thanks in advance caggers! Kind rgds Fingers
  9. Hi, We booked an Easyjet flight to Istanbul and were due to fly yesterday from Luton, however when we got to the airport and tried to check in our baggage we were sent to the easyjet counter. My wife is not an EU citizen but has a UK spouse visa, we had checked with the Turkish consulate before booking and they had confirmed that she could get a visa on arrival as I as a British passport holder would have to do anyway. Anyway the girl at the Easyjet counter and her colleague refused to let my wife board the plane. I tried explaining that she will get a visa on arrival as she has a UK spouse visa but she said no my wife needs a tourist visa for the UK or a Schengen visa and that a spouse visa is not a visa its just entry clearance (not sure what she was on about). Anyway she wasn't letting us board so we left the airport. (this was at 6am). When the Turkish consulate opened we rang them and they again confirmed that she could get a visa on arrival as a spouse visa is indeed a valid UK visa. I have complained to Easyjet on the phone and they want me to provide evidence that she could get a visa on arrival so I have sent them thelink to the Turkish foriegn office site where it clearly states that if you have a valid UK visa you can get a visa on arrival. Anyway, I just want to knowthe correct way of complaining and getting maximum value from my complaints. I have lost £600 in hotel bookings in Turkey and I also paid for a night at the Ibis in Luton airport in order to catch a 6.30am flight as well as 10 days parking at Airparks. Thanks
  10. Follows what they say is evidence that customers prefer to have allocated seating,although they dont say if those surveyed said they would be happy to pay extra charges. Starting in November there will be an 3 charge bands for extra legroom,a seat at the front of the plane,or any other seat.Those not taking up the allocation option at booking,will be told their seat numbers before boarding. As many know,even paying for a seat at the front does not guarantee you will actually get into the airport terminal at your destination quicker.In fact many airports now have transfer bendy buses outside of aprons,and it can see those boarding FIRST getting off LAST ! http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/seat-easyjet-100605430.html
  11. Hi I returned from France with my family flying via easyjet. When we arrived at Toulouse airport to check our baggage in to return home the display board said it wasn't open. we waited an hour and still not open, so I asked at the desk we would be checking our baggage into. The woman said its not open yet come back in 15 mins. we went back in 17 mins and she said it was closed we would have to pay 50 euros each to put our baggage in the hold! I complained at the time, but was told I had to pay the euros or we couldn't get on the flight so we paid. I have written to easyjet twice now and they have replied saying they can see we arrived at the airport 2 hours before the flight was due to take off as we checked in our hire car then however they can't refund the money. Is there an omnibusman type thing I can take this onto? I feel agrieved that we have had to pay for an employees erroneous comment which made us miss the check in time, we were standing right by the check out all the time just waiting to be allowed to put our baggage in the hold. Does anyone have any advice about how best to pursue this next? Thank you for any help you can give I am annoyed we had to pay an extra 150 euros
  12. I recently booked a holiday to Portugal and due to having 2 young children, I chose the flights that were at the best times, rather than the cheapest. This meant outward flight with Ryanair and return flight with Easyjet. I chose to add insurance to both flights. Unfortunately our son got chicken pox and we had to cancel our holiday at the last minute. When I rang the insurance company to reclaim the costs, I was told that my Easyjet insurance was not valid because I don't live in Portugal!!! When I made the booking, they had my address details so why did they offer me a policy that was invalid? I wonder how many people have bought that insurance and not had to claim, meaning that Easyjet have pocketed the money knowing full well they would never had to pay out. I am writing to their CEO to complain about this and will also be copying my letter to the Ombudsman because this is not the way to do business in my view. Loads of people use easyjet because it's more affordable than the bigger airlines but that does not mean they can rip people off. Not impressed!
  13. Hi everyone, I hope there is someone here that can help me with this. Basically, I was booked onto an EasyJet flight from Glasgow to Bristol (EZY408 21:15, 17th Aug 2010). I checked in online and arrived at the airport in plenty of time. On passing security the boards were displaying a 30 minutes delay to the flight (I.e. A 21:45 departure). They still displayed that at 21:00 when I checked. I sat in the departure lounge coffee shop to pass the time. Although I was not in view of a departure board (there were none in the area), I sat directly beneath an extremely loud speaker, which was regulary updating passengers on flight details on airlines including easyjet. I thought I would be safe as any update would be apparent and I could make the short trip to the gate with plenty of time to spare. However, on finishing my coffee and heading to the gate 15 minutes before the rescheduled departure time. I was told that the gate was in fact closed and the boards had been updated at 21:00, when the delay was reduced. At this stage the aircraft was on the Tarmac with the doors open. There were no easyjet staff on the airport as all check-ins and boarding is dealt with by an external company. The agent from this company told me that there were announcements, which she did herself, and they would have been broadcast the the location u was sitting in. She said there was nothing else I could do apart from book onto a flight the next day at the cost of £43 excluding overnight accommodation. The lady at the check in desk could not offer any further assistance other than to say there were 50 seats available the next morning. She did tell me, however, that glasgow was a "silent airport" so only selected announcements get broadcast to the whole departure lounge. Does anyone have any experience in this area? Am I entitled to any compensation from EasyJet for failing to provide adequate notice of the change of departure time? The only assistance I was given on the day were an address to write to, a telephone helpline that was closed and an email address. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Dan
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