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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, I took 2 secured loans out within a couple of months of each other in 2006/2007, the loans were with iGroup, via Easy Loans (which I understand is or was a broker) and both were for over £5k each. Both loans were settled within a few months, the PPI was added up front (if that makes sense), when I cleared the loans I paid all of the PPI too even though, as I understood it, the loans were for 5 years and the policies too.. I find it hard to believe that I needed to pay the PPI for 5 years x 2 even though the money from the actual loans was paid back within, at the most, 6 months. I took these loans out with my then partner. Both loans and policies were in joint names, although I was not working so wouldn't have benefited from PPI, I also had various existing medical conditions. A few years back I tried to reclaim the PPI with Easy Loans, but was unable to (I can't remember why) and I even contacted the ombudsman but my claim was not upheld. If I remember correctly, something was said about the policies (at that time) still being active, though I may be wrong. I don't really understand the new rule/possible way of claiming? But have contacted GE Money with a view of trying to find out if I can try to claim again and they have asked me for identity documents which I have sent. Just querying if I am flogging a dead horse before I possibly go any further? Or am I contacting the wrong company? Any thoughts and/or advice most welcome, thanks.
  2. Hi everyone Just a quick check on something. Does a LBA have to include an offer or show of willingness to attend ADR? I'm owed money from a previous employer, I'm still in time for the CC but not the ET and I just want my money asap so I don't really want to be messing around talking, if the LBA is unsuccessful I want to go immediately to the CC and not to any third party that I have to pay a fee to with the chance I'd still have to go to the CC in the end anyway. It's a small track case, owed under £1000, evidence is in my favour so I don't need to negotiate I want the full amount either voluntarily or by force. Thanks
  3. Waitrose Online Shopping:- Do they give a stuff about your refund for an unsuitable returned item? I think not and you won't get a refund easily if my experience is anything to go by. Is this Company Policy or is it the Store Manager who can't or won't manage? I made an online order which arrived in early February, an item was substituted I was offered 2 salmon fillets instead of the 4 that I had ordered. I refused the substitution as we are a multi person family, the driver told me I would get the substituted item credited back within 7 days, (£5.99). This did not happen, I contacted Customer Services via email, (I always do everything in writing as phone calls are easily forgotten), they said the refund would happen within a further 7 working days and they would contact the local store. Another 7 days; nothing! I again contacted Customer Services (the same agent) by email they said they had contacted the store who would credit my card withion 5 to 7 days and the Store would email me confirming that. Guess what? Nothing! So, one month from the initial order delivery, I made copies of my order, my emails and my card account and went out of my way to the Store and explained the issue to a Customer Services Supervisor who then refunded me the £5.99 in cash, plus £15.01 for my expenses, i.e. paper ink, diesel and my time with a "Sorry" She took all of the paperwork from me and said I would probably get a phone call from her manager to find out more. Have you guessed? No I didn't! I honestly believe that if I had not chased them, I would have had £5.99 appropriated from me with the apparent intention of permanently depriving me of it. There has been more than a little negligence in that way they have dealt with my money but at what level? So to date I have been refunded my costs, (barely) and a verbal sorry from a supervisor, nothing else. What did I expect? At least a verbal or written apology and explanation from the Manager as to why the Store failed me. So, no more online shopping because I can not trust Waitrose to do the honest thing without a fight or the right thing in hindsight. Can you? There are other supermarkets out there.
  4. So , in May, I evicted troublesome housemate. Reasons being he was committing benefit fraud, being late with bills etc etc, never washing, always being ill (To the extent that he was making me ill!) After walking out of a job that was paying more than mine on the grounds that "Benefits are easier" enough was enough, So in March I moved him into his new place. (of which he failed to notify DWP and Housing benefit Now beginning of July, EE send him a letter - Welcome to your new pay monthly account. of £20 per month I phone EE and inform them that he does not live here. They try to contact him but cannto get hold of him. So suspend his account until he updates his details with them. Promises to not send any more of his bills here. End of matter Or so I thought. Today another letter from EE arrives. This time welcoming him to another new account, a business account this time for £70 per month..... Makes you think doesn't it.
  5. I signed up to Easy Gym on 20th of March this year. Then on the 17th of April, they sent an email out to everyone to say the showers are going to be refurbished starting the next day without giving a completion date. I haven't been to the gym since as we don't have showers in the office, and I can only go in the mornings to the gym. I am client facing so defiantly not a good idea to spend an hour at the gym, without washing. I have canceled my membership, as of this morning, but they are refusing to refund for the time I haven't been able to use the gym. Do I have a case for a refund since the gym is advertised as with shower facilities, but haven't provided them. They told me I am still free to use everything else in the gym so they won't refund. 20 March 2015: Signed up 17 April 2015: Easy Gym sent email to say showers going to be refurbished 18 April 2015: Showers out of action 24 April 2015: "Unfortunately we have discovered that this is a much bigger job than anticipated" 13 May 2015: I sent an email to ask about the refurbishment. 20 May 2015: Reply "Due to reasons outside our control we are currently unable to specify a date in which the works will be completed." 03 June 2015: "we were forced to shut down the showers by the landlord over alleged leaks. " 04 June 2015: Emailed requesting my account to be closed, my email was ignored. 08 June 2015: "We are writing to give you an update on our male shower room refurbishment. We have now received approval to continue our work and all being well, the new shower block will reopen on Monday 15th June. " 08 June 2015: Reminded them about my previous email, Also emailed another department about my closure request. 09 June 2015: They closed the account, but won't refund me.
  6. I recently have SORN my old car. I didn't have a V5C form so I used a V890 form, which only asks you for the car REG and address. Sent off in the post and couple of days later it's sorn. Does this mean I could sorn any car as long as I know the address? Couldn't this be used by ticked off neighbors that don't like you parking in the bay outside their house, in hopes that they recieve fines down the line by AMPRs?
  7. Ive just had a weird conversation with a collectica representative. I think he was lying but... Just after moving into my new place about a month ago, I had a letter through the door addressed to the brother of the last tenant "notice of intention to search..." for outstanding fines HMCTS I rang the "enforcement agent in charge" and explained that the person they were after had left a few months before (there was also best part of 2 months while the flat was renovated after the state it had been left in). The guy seemed pretty reasonable, he took my name and said he would send a form for me to fill in stating that I was the new tenant and that would be the end of it. Well I never received the form but today I got "removal visit". I was in at the time and there was no knock, I heard the letter box and that was it. A couple of hours later as I was leaving for work (late shift) I picked up the letter and thought "oh sh*t" so I phoned the new "enforcement agent". I told him who I was and why I was ringing and that was when it got weird. First he said that he knew that the person he was after still lived at the address. I said he was mistaken. He said that the person he was after must live with me. I said I lived alone. He said that the person lives at the address with his sister and gave the correct name of the last tenant. I said that he was mistaken and that I lived at the address alone , not with the guys sister. He said that what I was telling him was suspicious as he had just ended a phone call with the person he was after; that the person had told him he still lived at the address with his sister , and that he was going to meet the person at the address in the next 30 mins. I said great, ill be waiting for you here. I called my boss and explained the situation. My boss is a diamond and said that I should take the time off to get it sorted. I waited 45 mins but no show, so I called the "agent" again who said he was 5 mins away. I suppose you realize he never turned up. Ok so Ive read a few threads and think I need to get a statement 1: can this be done in a magistrates court? I work next door to the local one. 2) but really, why should I spend £10! Can I contact the bailiff firm and tell them to stop harassing me? will this do any good? oh and BTW if this was a "removal visit" shouldn't they have knocked the door? And what about the time Ive lost from work? finally, as this is a matter of court fines I assume that the bailiffs will be able to force entry, although this is unlikely is it only by paying the £10 for a statement that I can stop this? Finally finally, isn't it a bit of a sh*t that you have to pay the legislature to stop the legislature illegally breaking in and taking money from you? Isn't that what the mafia do? Thanks for your help
  8. Hi Living in South East Asia. I require my Credit File. Can I obtain this on line or do I need to send by very snail mail Thanks in advance.
  9. Howdy chaps/chapesses Has anyone heard of Easy Mobile? During June, they took 59.00 out of my account citing admi fee for locating a phone contract for me. Quite odd as my current mobile contract is running till 04/15, and my work mobile is obviously paid for Their insistent my card was used, so I reported to my bank as a fraudulent transaction, who disagreed as a few days before the transaction - a £1 security deposit was also taken out - something I didn't noticed. Anyway, Santander advised for me to contact these jokers to get my money refunded. Santander then contacted me advise the transaction WAS fraudulent but have refused to do anything else. Firstly, Easy Mobile say they said they wouldn't refund. Eventually they said they could only agree to it if they took a £20 admin fee. Further down the line agreed a full refund which was due within 20 days - which ran out yesterday. They've not responded to letters, stopped responding to my emails and when I've called them either I'm left on hold or there's no one I can speak to about this. Any advice on how I can get what's owed to me by these jokers?
  10. I had defaulted and been passed over to OPOS with a balance of £668. The loan i took out was for £220 plus interest which came to £275. I got an email off OPOS this eve entitled "Special Offer" which had offered me a settlement figure of £565. I emailed them back straight away and stated i have £275 here to close the account, a couple of mins later i got an email back saying that they chap had spoken to his supervisor and can close for £275 haha. So just arranged to pay this on Monday as a full and final settlement, there was no hassle at all and the chap emailing me was very polite indeed. Thats another one gone now!
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