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Found 6 results

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my problem. For the last two and a half years ive been selling virtual items on ebay whilst claiming DWP. A week ago I was asked to attend an interview at my local Job Centre, of which I did and was told by the interviewer that I had been informed on for making money and not declaring it. I told the interviewer I had indeed been doing that and he asked me to bring 3 months bank statements in next week. I went home that same day and printed off 3 months bank statements and as I did so the realisation hit me that I was in a lot of trouble. The over payment is around £8.200.00 My intensions are to be honest and cooperative from the start, so I will go back to the Job Centre in a few days and hand them the statements. I wont lie to you I am very scared and wish I had never done this, but what I need to know is what should I expect once ive given him those statements?. what will the process be?. Is there anything I need to know or do to make this go better in my favour?. The DWP im claiming is carers allowance for my partner. I have never done anything like this before and its realy playing on my mind.
  2. Something similar was highlighted in London a few years ago. Beggars were travelling from the suburbs into London by train - Journalists discovered that the beggars were then returning to their homes at the end of the day, usually £300-500 better off !!
  3. Hello I'm looking for advise. I live overseas for past 10 years. Yesterday at a friends address in UK where I receive my bank statements a letter arrived looking official. At my request my friend opened it. It is a Notice of Application for Attachments of Earnings Order. Judgement Creditor: Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited. In the: Country Court Money Claims Centre. Amount 3,975.28 GB. The Judgement Debtor is under my maiden name and I've since been married, divorced and re-married. I have never heard of this company and no of no debt to them. They are not listed on companies house, but from research it seems they are linked to Robinson Way a DCA. There is no contact telephone number and only instruction to pay Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors, based in Leeds. Again they are not registered on Companies House. The form looks official with case number and reference number. The document is dated 17th May 2017 and says payment required in 8 days of notice or further action including a possible 14 days prison. I am very concerned especially as this is now logged at a friends address, where i have never lived but do get my UK bank statements sent to. Any advise gratefully received.
  4. not sure if am posting in the right place for this but here goes : my local council and myself have been in dispute for the pass 12 months over an over payment they made to me some years agoh the dispute has been about the amount of money i pay back each month to clear the debt, this morning i woke up to find they have enforced a direct earning attachment with my employer dispite the fact that i have made payments to them every month for the last year or 2 without missing a single payment to what i can afford, now they are taking a percentage of my earnings that i can not afford putting me further and further in to debt making it so i can no longer keep up with my other debts theres been no court order and dispite sending them a breakdown of my earning some months ago they have decided that my other debts or outgoings dont matter.
  5. right this come out of my pay if my pay go down can this order be stop ,fill form in on debt line pay let over £26 month the court said the debt part my wife how this it my debt in come £1453 month pay out £1431 so how do count work i can pay £100 month
  6. OK here goes long story short, i work for a big big international company and i am off on work related stress due to my manager and other goings on which i 'whistle blew' about, basically bit of background it was due to people doing things they shouldnt and cheating (i work in sales) which was affecting me and my targets and thus my livelyhood, i blew the whistle and since then i have been ostrasied and picked on and single out by my manager, things came to ahead with 3 suspensions withing my team of 9 people, and i had issues with sleepless nights head aches and went to Dr's and got signed off with stress. So then have holiday officially booked during being off with stress, so Dr says to go on holiday and relax away from work, so i do and in mean time despite logging my stress with absence line (its automated so no need to tak to manager) i when prompted said NO to the question 2do you want your manager to contact you about this absence", despite that he tried to call me but i missed all calls as my phone was shoved away for holiday, anyway i return from holiday to be met with a letter from manager saying words to the effect "not answering phone calls from manager even whislt off sick can result in gross misconduct, if you dont call manager by 8th august we shall stop your salary payment for the month" Can this actually be allowed? help..... sorry for ramble and any bad grammer, please go easy on me, very worried about this...
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