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  1. I have been a member of O2 since 1989 (When it was originally called Cellnet). I have had many phones, and many contracts, and I have stayed loyally with O2 since that date. However, on Christmas Eve I went into an O2 shop looking to buy a iPhone for my brother as a Christmas present. I was persuaded to upgrade my own phone to an iPhone X, so I could give my present phone to my brother. I was told I would have to pay £69.99 for the handset and another £297.00 to upgrade early. At NO TIME was I told that this fee was non refundable. I upgraded, when I went home I was uncomfortable at paying nearly £70.00 a month for my new contract and be tied into it for another 2 years. I went back to the shop on Boxing day and asked to be released from the contract under the 14 day cooling off period. I was asked to come back the next day as there was no one in O2 working on Boxing Day to sort this out, which was fair enough. I returned on the 27th December and was told that the £297.00 fee I paid to upgrade early was non refundable. I told them that I was not told about this at the time, and if I had of been told I would never have agreed the new contract. I was asked to go away and speak to O2 head office to get this sorted out. I contact O2, who passed it onto your Executive Relations, who told me I should of read the Terms and Conditions, of which I explained to him that no one reads Terms and Conditions (which he agreed), and apart from that I was not given enough time to read them anyway. However he would not relent and told me that I could not have my early upgrade fee refunded as I was out of contract. I told him that I was told by O2 that I could go back to my old contract and see out the rest of the contract, which expirers in September 2018. However he refused to do anything and referred me to the Ombudsman. I find that is bad customer service to a long standing and loyal customer, that O2 will not even try to assist (even as a gesture of goodwill) and do something to help a customer, and just palm them off to the Ombudsman. I returned to your O2 shop to get my handset refunded, when they tried to do it I was told they could not refund my handset in store. They then got hold of a person at O2 and they passed the phone to me, and he told me they would send me a pre-packaged jiffy bag to return the phone in, once received I would get my handset refunded (£69.99), and he would also refund my £297.00 fee. He told me it would take up to 15 days to refund my money!!! Whilst I was not happy at having to wait to get my handset refunded, at least I was also going to get my early upgrade fee refunded. I was sent the jiffy bag the next day (quick and good service), and sent the phone back on Saturday 30th December. I today (5th January 2018) received a phone call from someone called Tanya regarding a survey I filled in about the service I received. She told me that they have not received the handset back (It was delivered to O2 on Wednesday 3rd January just before 7am), and that I would not receive my refund for my handset until the following week. Why does that take so long? She also informed me that the guy, Daniel, who told me that he would refund my £297.00 fee should not of told me that, and that I would not receive it! Is this the way you treat people? After chasing up the refund for the handset I have received another e-mail from Executive Relations informing me that they did in fact make an error about the phone and that they had indeed received it. However I would now have to wait a further 15 days for a refund!!! I have been miss-sold a contract which I was persuaded to upgrade to when I didn’t really want to. I was not told, or made clear at the time, that the early upgrade fee was not refundable. I have been messed about from one person to the next. I am having to wait to have money refunded, and wasting my time in the process. I have now contacted the Ombusman about this situation. Whilst I accept part of the blame, surely a company the size of O2 could of dealt with this better??? I will NOT recommend them to anyone now, all these years I have been with them and they have treated me like
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