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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, First off - many thanks in anticipation for any advice that anyone will take the time to give me. It will be much appreciated. Sorry if I sound a bit wound up but none of this is my doing - my energy provider messed up my gas bills and I've had my credit rating destroyed as a result. I've been with my Gas and Electricity energy provider since February 2015 and they have been a nightmare. Electricity bills are paid up to date. Gas account as far as I'm concerned is up to date. The provider disagrees - they say I owe £290 - including a late payment penalty fee of £10 I have sent them all the documentation and proof via Royal Mail Track and Trace which they received - but they refuse to reply. I sent the matter to the Energy Ombudsman but they sent me an email saying that they didn't have my file. The matter started in November 2016 when we noticed that our gas supplier was billing us for an extra meter that had nothing to do with us. After much correspondence, they acknowledged their mistake and offered us a £45 goodwill payment. But we said that the amended gas bills were still wrong because they didn't reflect the amounts totalling £240 paid on the account ( we have proof of these payments). We continued to argue back and forth with our energy provider until the matter became deadlocked and we referred it to Ombudsman who heaven knows did what with our file. We awaited a reply from the ombudsman. In the meantime, the energy provider filed six late payment markers against me with Equifax. The energy provider won't examine the proof of payments that we sent them or remove the late payment markers. They have also charged me a late payment penalty fee of £10 have sent me threatening letter that they will charge me hundreds of pounds extra for debt collection and change my meter to a prepayment one. I sent them a Letter Before Court Action three weeks ago via Royal Mail Track and Trace but they've ignored it. The ombudsman doesn't fill me with confidence. I want to take this matter to Court and this is what I would like to achieve: I want the £240 lost payments on account to be reinstated on my account. I want the six late payment markers removed from my credit file. I want a written apology for the stress and hassle that this matter has caused me. I want fair compensation for the stress, hassle that this has caused and the damage to my credit record that I have suffered as a result of the late payment markers. What's possible and how can I go about it - how much will it cost?
  2. This is my first post, so I'm hoping that I'm posting in the right section. My problem is that I've received several letters from E.on threatening to send people to my house and charge £30 for this. I wrote to them about 2.5 - 3 years ago refusing all visits (with the obvious exception of meter readers, which are not chargeable), and insisting that all communication had to be in writing only. However, they have still sent people out to visit in person, and applied charges to my account. Although they ignored my initial letter telling them not to visit, they have replied to one letter I sent refusing to pay the charge and reminding them that they'd been told not to call. This reply was at least a year ago, so their most recent visit last month they can't claim they didn't know I'd told them not to. Now, because the gas was disconnected several months ago (not by E.on) I'm no longer using the supply, so I won't be paying them any longer. I've calculated how much I should've owed by adjusting the bill with the correct reading. But I have deducted the money for two visits, which I told them they were not to make.My query is, that as this will inevitably go to court, will the court uphold my insistence that they do not visit, or would the court rule that I have to pay for this too? I took the wording from a site online - it might have been on here, but I can't remember, and stated that I was revoking implied consent for them or any of their representatives, etc, and they could only contact me in writing. So does this mean that their subsequent visits were unlawful and that the courts would not back them up in trying to charge for them? Note, by the time it gets to court, the only money 'outstanding' will be for the visits I told them not to make Any advice/help appreciated.
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