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Found 8 results

  1. hi guys Looking for a bit of advice. My wife has received 2 notices of enforcement from Dukes regarding council tax from 2002/2003. The council obtained liability orders in 2004 against both her and her ex. Now 14 years on out of the blue she has received these notices and giving 14 days to pay or have bailiffs knocking on our door. She is on ESA due to depression & anxiety and this has tipped her over the edge quite a bit so I'm looking for advice. What are dukes like to deal with? I've not really heard anything good about them so far. While I've talk
  2. Some advice please. My Daughter has recieved a demand fron Dukes Baillifs, the problem is it's not even her debt. The person who is named is someone who untill recently lived two doors away and was always getting into trouble with money. The letter says they can break in and remove goods to the value of, this is worrying my Daughter as she works during the day and does not want to come home to an empty house, she has rung them but they insist that they can take what they want and it's up to her to prove them wrong. How do we stop this.
  3. I am wondering where I stand with this. I have been told that Dukes Bailliffs made a visit to my workplace today. They handed a letter to one of my employees. However this letter had my contact name but another companies address, which is just around the corner, said employee thought it was for them and they had got names mixed up. the company opened the letter which they found was from Dukes Bailliffs but was infact for me. I had my name and personal address inside, saying the same old thing. We have visited your home today and you have 7 days to get in conta
  4. Does Housing Benefit become statue barred and the usual 6 years I called to checked the amount.. and was told it's less than what Dukes Baliffs are requesting.. I have got them to put on hold for 28 days, while i check things.. But remember buying house in 2007... and all debts to council where paid off.. (Or so i thought) I apparently spoke with council in Jan 2013 about the debt.. Will do my checks with council But in mean time... do these sort of debts become statue barred if no payment been made in the last 6 years Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Hi , Do I have to let the bailiffs into my home for a non domestic rates bill ? .
  6. Hi really need some advice re a walking possesion order with dukes bailiffs. Basically we are a family of 5 on low income recieving child tax creds, working tax creds, housing benefit, council tax benefit and child benefit plus my partner's wage (low income). We got behind with this years council tax due to having an attatchment of earnings on my previous years council tax. We currently owe 589.71. Anyway today i had a knock on the door and a guy introduced himself as a dukes bailiff and was nice about it saying he could accept £80 a month (i can afford that just) but that he had to come
  7. i am not.. .a bailiff lover ...just a 59 yr old woman who fell on hard times because of health. ..i ignored council tax reminders, thinking i could sort. ..but i couldnt.. .ended up with dukes ...this is my fault ,,i owe the money had a visit and thought i would have a heart attack.. .then phoned bailiff.. ...my hubbie is quite violent sometimes..so .....l waited outside until i got rid of him. ..then when he came in my five yre old grandaughter was there so he said he was there to check the heating. ..put me on an instalment plan which is less than it should
  8. Hi Can anyone help me please. At 7.00am today I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen when I heard my gate being unlocked and a very large built man walked in (the gate is 8ft tall and bolted on the inside, you have to reach over to unbolt it) I shouted to him through the window and he flashed some card and told me to go to the front door. When I answered the door he told me he was looking for my partner, I informed him that he was not at home and he replied that he was a bailiff, showed his card again and that he had come to remove goods for non payment of busines
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