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Found 18 results

  1. Hi All, I was living in Dubai for 8 years lost my job didn't get paid by them etc.. so i had to leave as i couldn't find another job. That was a year ago, since then i have received a couple of letters form IDR about my outstanding debts out there , 4 different banks totalling around 250 AED. I've replied to them by email explaining that i am unemployed on universal credit, no assets at all etc. I didn't tell them i am just starting a small buisness online. There reply was we will give you 30 days before they start with their collections. Any advice from anybody please
  2. Hi Guys Just joined the forum as had been looking for some advice regarding this issue. My partner is being pursued for a debt in Dubai in 2007. Until last week she had no contact with the bank since 2009, this being the year she left Dubai. We have just received a statutory demand from the infamous CWD which on advice we are going to set aside and dispute the debt they are saying is owed (over 180,000 pounds) from a c card debt of 18k. From what ive read many of you are in the same boat and we would just like a bit of advice whilst we share our experience to hopefully h
  3. Left Dubai in summer 2016 having been made redundant, took wife and 3 month son to place of safety (not UK) fully intended to return to UAE and find new employment, as i had insurance against the loan. I never intended not to pay the loan. However. Bank immediately froze accounts, refused to process Involuntary loss of income insurance i had taken through them and demanded full settlement. This is an unsecured loan not a CC debt. They stated i had to be in the country to process the insurance? i asked them to send me the T&C which state this. They refused. I left enough cash in t
  4. Hello all, First of all a slight intro, I have never been to Dubai in my entire life but my brother did live over there for a year a few years ago. I was at work in the UK earlier and received a call on my company (landline) phone, I was advised that it was a debt collection agency called Tahseel calling about my brother's apparent credit card debt. Initially I was baffled at how they managed to get hold of my company phone number but i'm sure my details are readily available online somewhere and they have obviously linked me to my brother in some way. They were asking for
  5. Hi My son worked in Dubai until losing his job in January this year. Like many others here he left the country rapidly due to bounced security cheque leaving behind a debt ( years rental loan) of approx. £11k His Dubai bank account had money left in it and direct debit continued to service loan until April He hoped he would get a job back here in Uk and continue paying it off Unfortunately soon after securing a job here he underwent life saving surgery and was on sick pay for 8 weeks His contract was terminated and obviously he could no longer afford payments during this t
  6. Hi All, I left Dubai a year ago leaving behind approximately 75k (Stirling) in debts (loan and credit cards). I was basically put in a terrible position by my UAE employer and ended up taking the easy way out - probably not the right thing to do but I didn't really fancy seeing what the inside of a UAE jail looked like. On return to the UK we sold our home and moved to a different part of the country. I have recently been contacted by a DCA by email and I am now worried that I could be hit with court action / repossession etc. Can they touch our assets?
  7. Dear CAG, I am a UK citizen who is resident in Dubai, UAE. I lost my job a couple of weeks ago and am not having success in finding employment. I have a personal loan for AED 180,000 (around 30k Sterling) and in 10 days, the next payment will default. I am acutely aware of the penalties of this. My security cheque will be bounced criminalising me and making me eligible for a prison term. I have booked a flight back to the Scotland and I am looking for some advice. I have been crawling the web for the last week non-stop to find any case of a UAE bank successfully recovering
  8. I returned from Dubai in early March having left behind 30 000 AED debt on an FB credit card. 12/07/16 I received a letter from CWD advising me:- "We have been instructed by our client to engage with you and to make arrangements for the repayment of your credit card debt to our client." The debt is apparently now 47 000 AED. I have to respond before 2nd August otherwise "a fixed legal charge of £1500 will be added to your account" Also "Once proceedings are commenced legal costs are charged on a time spent basis. I left Dubai penniless and have overdrafts and credit
  9. Dear unclebulgaria67, I've read several responses from you in this thread regarding debts in Dubai and wonder if you could offer some advice. My wife spent 18 (awful) months in Dubai where she secured a good job working for a company which was a subsidiary of the government. After 2 months she was unceremoniously sacked for no reason by her Emirate female boss. The job was very well paid and during that short time she had been offered and taken advantage of credit cards from her bank. It took a while for her to find another job but was then earning less than half of her original sala
  10. morning, I am about to leave Dubai- I will not be able to clear my debt but will continue to pay. I have been told they will try and cash my security cheque, which will bounce, and then make a police report. You have said on one of your posts that transit through Dubai International will not be a problem. There would only be a problem if you clear Dubai customs and enter the UAE- is there any way I can verify this fact? My new job will mean a lot of flights and Dubai is a natural hub. Many thanks
  11. Hi, Thanks in advance for any help and advice! I left Dubai in July 2010 and had a car loan. I took the car back to the dealer and spoke to the bank about the remaining amount due on the car loan before I left. I was leaving relatively quickly and had about 3 weeks to sort all of this out. The value of the car was about the same as the amount left on the loan. I think there might have been AED 10,000 difference . I spoke to the bank and had to wait two weeks to get a letter with the remaining loan amount before I could settle. Unfortunately the bank was
  12. Hi there, I'm in a similar situation. Are you definitely sure regarding your last point? If so, this is very informative. Thanks and kind regards.
  13. Any follow up to this? Looking for advice on how to tackle CWD myself. Thanks
  14. Can anyone provide advice on the thread title, please confirm and I will provide chapter and verse through private message to ensure I do not prejudice my case Many Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, without going into details, the why and how etc due circumstances within and without of my control I have recently returned to the UK after living in Dubai for several years. I have left behind Mortgage debt, loan and credit card debt as a last resort, anyone who knows about Dubai will understand why. What are the legalities with regard to recovery? I understand if I return to the UAE I'll be jailed until the debt is cleared but if I don't can any debt incurred in UAE be recovered in UK? I'm looking for advice only, please don't judge as I understand my circumstances to be fa
  16. I have recently returned to the UK and have approx £3k debt on my credit cards over in Dubai, I have explained that I am now having to declare bankruptcy in this country and is there anything that I should do on their behalf i.e. include the debt in my paperwork!! All they keep saying is call this number to make a payment!! Going round in circles !!!
  17. Ok, where do I start. I need advice / guidance on my current situation. I was living, working in Dubai UAE for the past 8 years. Everything was going extremely well until I invested in a gold mining company which turned out to me a huge global [problem]. Unfortunately, I was tied into this [problem] for a few months before it went bad, I thought it had potential so took a loan to increase my share amount, 2 months later they stopped paying dividends and I was stuck with a substantial loan... I continued to pay regardless over the next 2 months only to be dropped with the news
  18. Hello, I've been reading about this topic offline with a lot of interest and there's been some really sound advice. I was hoping the same people could offer some help in my predicament.... I've worked in Dubai for about 5 years, got a personal loan with a local bank to pay for a development project. The project when belly side up. I refused to pay due to the fact nothing was being built, and even after it would have been built, there would be no infrastructure (water, power, sewage lines) to make it habitable. There was also no way to get my money back despite legal action. The developers
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