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Found 7 results

  1. I ordered a car part from a company called Autodoc.co.uk The part was posted on the 19th of September and was due to be delivered on the 24th of September. As I was going to be out at work I arranged to have the parcel delivered to a local parcel shop so I could collect it later. I used the DPD app on my phone to do this. On the morning of 24th of September I received a notification on my phone from the DPD app that stated I had changed my delivery date to the 30th of September. I used the live chat on the app to ask why this had changed and I was told that a shift manager at the local depot had changed it and that I would get a call back within the hour. I never received a call back. When I got home I telephoned DPD using the app on my phone and was told again I would receive a call back. Again this never happened. I called them back again and explained that I needed the parcel urgently as it was a part for my car. The rep on the phone said he would make sure that my parcel would be delivered the following day to the parcel shop as requested. The next morning I received a notification from the DPD app stating that they could not deliver to the parcel shop as the parcel was oversized. I used the app to rearrange delivery to a friends address for the following day. When I got home DPD had left a card stating they had tried to deliver to my house. This was left 10 minutes before I arrived home. On the morning of Wednesday the 26th of September I contacted DPD on the live chat on the app to ask if they would be able to give me a delivery time. They were unable to do this. My friend waited all day and no parcel arrived. I contacted DPD using the live chat and they then said that it may have been lost. The next morning I telephoned DPD using the app and they admitted that they lost the parcel. I asked them to send me an email confirming this which they did. I have also been in contact with the sender Autodoc who turn out to be based in Germany. They refused to believe that the parcel was lost, even though I forwarded the email from DPD, they told me I had to got to the local depot to collect it. I contacted the bank as Autodoc refused to refund me, Visa have refunded me but told me that Autodoc can refute my claim. Autodoc are being extremely difficult and are telling me to contact DPD, on the other hand DPD are referring me back to Autodoc. In the meantime I have had to order the part from another company who delivered it the following day. My car was off the road longer due to Autodoc and DPD. I would like compensation for the delay. Can anyone give me any help on what I can do?
  2. Hi all, First time posting here but really need some advice. I'm a small business and use DPD regularly for shopping within the UK. I dispatched an order to the EU on DPD classic which has been subsequently lost on transit (also dpd staff have mentioned it being stolen - but nothing has been done about this). A search was conducted and nothing found so they've closed it today and offered £8.78 in liability. The value of the item was declared as £2000 on the customs form so was taken aback with their offer. The t&cs for this specific shipping option states anything lost and damaged within transit would be covered by the supplier with the maximum value being the amount on the declaration so I expected to be reimbursed in full or as close to as possible. My customer is expecting a full refund for all costs which is higher than the declaration so at present I'm likely out of pocket by a vast sum of money. DPD have stated they've closed the case and will offer their liability but no further. I would like to appeal this decision due to their mis leading t&cs. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what's the best way to go around this? Thanks in advance,
  3. Hi everyone, I need some advice on behalf of a friend. He started working as a self-employed DPD franchise driver last year. It means you get the title as self-employed but essentially you drive their van, you wear their uniform, they tell you what hours to work & theres little say on your part in this. During the course of his working day, he got into an accident. The insurance companies stated that they could find nobody to be at fault for the collision and any damages were paid for. I believe the other guy who was involved in the crash had quite a high excess and as such is looking to claim this back - by taking DPD to court. This is where things get complicated. The claimant wants to sue DPD to recover costs. As such, the case is being heard in the claimants local county court because DPD are a business. DPD have told my friend he is to travel some 300 miles to this court and represent himself. My friend has had nothing from any court come through summoning him to court. We believe DPD have all the paperwork. We think DPD is trying to make him go to court on behalf of them to deal with this claim. DPD do have solicitors working on this case - we have yet to establish if they will be present on the court date. My question is, if the case is against DPD the company, does my friend need to go? when essentially he was a self employed franchise worker and not an "actual worker". Has anyone got any advice for a situation like this?
  4. I ordered something for a birthday present last wed and was supposed to go to a near by Halfords as a pick up point but I'm still waiting and it's not arrived! DPD said it would be in HALFORDS after 12pm thursday 31 dec.... IT NEVER ARRIVED! Called DPD up and said what the hell is going on and they said it will be in halfords after 12pm 2day (MON) gut feeling it won't be in though! Anyone else had/having probs with them?
  5. I dread these delivering. Seriously thinking not to order online if these are the only deliverers. Cost me £4 in phone call to sort their wrong delivery attempt. Wasted a whole day waiting to be told i wasnt in. Calling card left at wrong house. On complaining i was told they would speak to driver to sort "confusion". The second attempt was rescued by me being outside and able to intercept them on way to another wrong house. Yesterday a different driver, lost himself, thankfully i was hovering in the car park and was able to tell him what road he was in, and yet again intercept my parcel. I dont wish to have to take street deliveries and hang about in the specified hour like am loitering. I cant afford a £4 phone call each time they mess up.
  6. Hi all, I ordered a honey and bee pollen from Bulgaria worth £300. The sender is a shop there. He took the parcel to Bulgarian firm Speedy, they checked the contain, accepted the way the parcel is packaged and took it from there. I paid in advance for all of that. The shop does not operate policy to refund money abroad. In the end of the day they have kept their part of the deal - sent me the package with everything inside. The package went smooth - I checked online tracking page of Speedy-Bulgaria. In Germany, where the parcel had to be given to DPD the parcel suddenly stopped for a week. I started to call DPD and pursue the package. They messed up for more than a week. Finally the package was delivered to me - with new box, new seal and all the content smashed, broken and unusable, like train went over it. All inserted in a big plastic bag, like a corpse. All for the bin. On the parcel there was no name , not house number, just my street's name. I made pictures and complaint immediately. They answered me that they will look into that, and did not contact me for another 14 days. I called them again, threatened them with a court, they answered me back politely in email, that they have to contact the sender, and if he makes a claim- they will pay him some compensation. The sender is a shop, not using English and will not make a claim, he does not operate under UK jurisdiction. Even if he does make a claim - he is not obligated to send me the money. DPD does not admin liability, although I told them, that they would not accept the parcel this way from Speedy, and even if they do- will not wrap it up in DPD packaging, so obviously the smashing is their fault.They do not acknowledged me as the owner of the parcel. I have my bank statement to prove, that I paid all in advance, but...is it enough? The sender has nothing to do with DPD, and I wonder how would they give him money at all, he did not sent the package using them in the end of the day! I am very frustrated. What should I do?
  7. Hi! I just joined to ask a question as I am in dispute with the sellers currently and need advice. I ordered some goods on Monday to be delivered on Wednesday between 9am and 5.30pm. I paid £9.99 for this exact delivery slot as it's the last day off I have before Christmas so I really needed it then. It didn't turn up and instead I got an email this morning saying they were delivering it today whilst I was at work. I'm angry because I now cannot get the item as I have no 'safe place' on the property to leave it, it's not suitable to be bought to work as I then would have to somehow get it home without a car and there is no one else around to collect it. All I am asking for is a refund but so far the company have been very rude and unhelpful about the whole thing. Where do I stand on this? Am I right to be complaining to the company who won't even refund my delivery charge let alone the items I now will not be able to get? I know the issue of the delivery lies with the delivery company but the sellers are the ones I paid so it is surely in their hands to make sure their side of the deal is lived up to? I'm getting very confused as I read somewhere I am entitled to a refund if the items did not come within 30 days OR ON DATE AGREED by seller and buyer. However I then read these rules aren't the same for perishable items like food. If anyone can help I am extremely grateful as the customer service of the place is awful, I'd like to know what is right and wrong.
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