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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I have a quick question regarding buying insurance online. I took a policy out a few days prior to my existing cover ending with oncecall insurance. I was a bit panicky at the time and took the cover out, paid deposit of about £25 and that was that. I then decided to do what I should have done and read some reviews on the company. Oh dear I couldn't have picked a worse company if I tried. So I emailed them to cancel the polcy, and from there this is how things went over the last few days... Took the policy out, wasnt impressed with the documents (electronic format of the actual car insurance document was illegible, terms were dodgy) Phoned to cancel it a few days ago within the 14 day cooling off period. Email a few days later from them confirming cancellation. I queired the deposit refund then got another email 2 days later saying I had to call them to discuss the refund. Phoned them just now 3 times (first was wrong department, second cut me off) telling me they didn't need to refund it as the distance selling regs are there for consumers and insurers. they also said that their terms wouldn't normally alllow for the refund (even though cover hadn't even started). So I mentioned mentioned Trading Standards and the DSR. They then put me on hold and as a gesture of good will would refund me. SHAMBLES! Anyway, my question would be do they have to issue me the refund without asking me why I cancelled in the first place? Cheers, Paul.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on the distance selling regulations and how they apply to a Chinese Marketplace Seller, selling goods through Amazon's marketplace. We bought a tablet at Christmas and it will no longer charge. Amazon say it's ou side there 90 day A-Z guarantee and say deal with the company it's nothing to do with them. The company says that it is under warranty for 12 months so they will repair it but only if we pay £25 for postage. As far as I'm aware the buyer should not have to pay for return postage if the goods are faulty. I don't think any buyer should have to pay for return postage when goods go wrong so soon after buying them, but even if we were prepared to pay for it, we could find ourselves in the same situation at a later date if it goes wrong again and they ask for £25 postage for another repair. Has anyone any information on this please Regards Chessa
  3. Hi All, I hope you guys can help me out. I bought a new netbook from the internet, it arrived on 23rd December. I have opened the box, but have NOT turned it on. The reason for this is that if I turn it on it will no longer be as-new. I hate it! I hate the keyboard buttons as well as the trackpad. My question is this - am I able to return it using the Distance Selling Act? I am unable to find separate rules when it comes to computers Any help would be much appreciated, as I now have 5 working days (If I can use the distance selling) Regards, G
  4. I purchased a HP Compaq Mini Netbook for my daughter. I ordered it on 19 Oct and took delivery on 27 October. The outer case of the netbook was off when I received it, and there was damage to the interior of the unit (specifically where the battery inserts and the serial number is located). I reported the item damaged on friday 29 october...when I tried to contact them again by phone on monday, I was shuffled from department to department and told someone would look into it. I sent several emessages regarding this damage. Over the weekend the screen failed is obviously broken as well. When I rang them today and spoke to someone at their customer service centre, they instructed me to complete a return form so the unit could be replaced. When I completed this form, I was told they would not accept it returned as I didn't report the damage within the 48 hour time limit. They say they have no record of me being in contact with them prior to today even though I have been phoning them since last friday. Today is the 7th day of being in receipt of this unit and the last day I can act under the Distance Selling Regulations. They also refuse me the right to cancel this order and return the goods since they are not in 'pristine' condition. My daughter is gutted. What can I do to get this unit replaced? Any help would be much appreciated.
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