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  1. Misleading, and Untrustworthy After having dismal internet connection, my teenage sons couldn't tolerate the awful connection for their ps4. I decided to change my broadband to Virgin so my boys could have really fast broadband for gaming. I have all of services with UW and until that point was a genuinely happy customer. When I informed UW that I wanted to change my broadband, (but keep all my other services, gas,electricity and 3 mobiles) I had the rude retenti...ons call. Essentially I was blackmailed into keeping UW broadband or face a major price rise in my gas & electricity prices and the loss of insurance cover for the mobile phones. As a single parent I couldn't take the financial hit of being forced into fuel poverty. I was patronisingly 'upgraded' to a 22mb per second modem & was assured that would be more than adequate. Not surprisingly we weren't given the installation date we needed and the connection is still useless. After 5 years of being a customer, I thought I was angry until I saw this months bill where I was hit with a £83 data charge. I've had to use my mobile data to see emails since I've been constantly applying for jobs. I emailed UW to challenge this & was informed that it was justifiable since I had been texted to warn me that I was near my data limit but had continued to use my data. So I'm stuck with a bill for over £300. I pointed out that this company relies on people's opinion to save on advertising. I was given the customer number to call. The moral of the story is they are not as cheap as they profess to be. However they are cheap and trashy with their customer service and don't see anything wrong in blackmailing people into staying with them to avoid fuel poverty. Avoid them like the plague, unless you like atrocious customer service and hidden costs.
  2. The bin men came this morning and emptied our green garden bags and left a lot of the content in the road. If we drop a cigarette end we get fined £50, so this isn't on. Who do I complain to about this ?
  3. In the news this morning An RAF officer being treated in a Margate hospital after a training accident is asked if he would move to another area as " His uniform may offend other patients" high time some of the idiots who think this way are sacked. What I wonder would have happened if some Islamist woman wearing the full kit covered from head to toe was asked the same question, police attending with in minitues and the Beeb running a special phone line for victims of such abuse and dedicating a full new prog about it???? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34368332
  4. Hi all So it comes as no surprise whatsoever that Vodafone is positively trending on these forums. So here I am to join the chorus: being a customer of 10+ years, I am pretty traumatised by the insanely inept customer services, whether in store, on the phone or live chat. April 10th: I ring in to arrange my upgrade - all goes apparently well and I sign up for two new handsets (both nano-sim) and told I could keep my old numbers on both. Since then, one of these handsets has continued to be absolutely unresponsive to its SIM despite trying new SIMs until I figured it was just defective and called in to demand an exchange for a different handset altogether. Being still in the hassle-free period, the exchange was readily agreed and I was told to expect a DPD pick-up of the faulty handset in a few days. This never happened so I rang in and was told the 'order had been cancelled' (God alone knows why or by whom). Early May: So I re-placed the order, was told to wait on DPD etc etc. Nothing happened for the second time. I cant fully remember the excuse given then or exactly how many times this happened but it was definitely 3-4. I think at this point I also rang in to complain about being BILLED despite the situation - I was told I would be refunded all the excess money- this never happened. Mid-late May: I rang back, they reissued the order and told me to wait again. Again, absolutely no word from DPD. I believe I waited a while after this, since, well- I have a life to live and waiting in endless queues with the world's worst customer service for absolutely nothing was driving me literally insane. June: Again I rang up to ask WTH was going on and was told there was an 'older order that needed to be cleared first before the new order can go through' (again, not the faintest inkling who/what/why/when). After waiting the instructed 48 hours, I rang in to renew my request. They confirmed that my account was all clear, placed the new order and even said she'd credit my account with £10 - never happened. She also keenly assured me that DPD would be in touch by the end of the week. ...do I even need to carry on? AND all the while, my new (costlier!) tariff that came with the defective handset has been active on my old handset. This is unfair as I did NOT agree to a new tariff alone- the deal included the tariff AND handset. I have been charged TWICE (on 2nd & 24th May) since that fateful April 10th despite the deal being incomplete (i.e. no functioning new handset). So in summary: #1: I have a defective handset still waiting on DPD to take back and a new one to be delivered. #2: I have been charged TWICE IN ONE MONTH for a tariff that INCLUDES a handset which IS DEFECTIVE AND FOREVER PENDING RETURN. Is this enough grounds to take this inept company to county court? I'm reading through the page on that now and seems like my only option at this point. I'd love to make an example of them this way. Anyone else done this/thinking about doing it? Thanks so much for reading and/or any help!
  5. A business standing in the way of Tottenham Hotspur's £400m stadium redevelopment has lost its High Court challenge against a compulsory purchase order being used to force it out. Archway Sheet Metal Works, in Paxton Road, Tottenham, north London, asked a judge to quash the order. The firm argued the order was "unlawful and invalid". But Mr Justice Dove ruled there was "no legal flaw" in the decision-making process. If Archway - the last objector to the purchase order - had won it could have thrown plans for the new 56,000 capacity stadium into disarray. Instead, unless there is a successful appeal against the ruling, it is believed the way is now clear for Tottenham Hotspur to go ahead and build a "world-class" football venue. Josif Josif, 46, who runs the family business producing metal items for the catering and hospitality industry, was in court with other family members to hear the judge's ruling. In November a mystery fire gutted the Archway premises, located yards from the White Hart Lane ground.
  6. I got myself a tv nowt fancy logic make the same day I got it I noticed a volume problam I ad no way of getting back to the store £15 in a taxi I rang up to b told I cudt change it I rang of a mobile asked wud they ring me back my credit ad gone 2s I rang n my credit went wen I finally got through sum guy in technical dep sed it woz my aerial I new it wozt all 12mhts iv rang complained 2s theyv tryed fixing it the faults still there iv prooved its not my aerial yet its not good enough they mite as well of gave me a blank garantee FOR ALL THE GOOD THAT DID ME it turns out I bought a faulty tv
  7. I have an agreement with EON to pay a monthly amount with a payment card every month, this agreement has been going for 8 months with me making my payment on the day every month without fail, paying a total of £1,530 Gas and £1,092 Electric in this time. However over christmas i was rushed into hospital and have 2 operations, during this time i missed 1 payment and was late for another, however, despite the fact i was now not working and am a single parent, i managed to catch up with my payments and am now fully up to date with all payments at present, despite this i have now recieved a visit from an EON debt agent, adding £55 for this visit, and threatening with breaking in to fit a prepayment meter and even changing my locks with a locksmith, and various other threats of extortionate fees, i am totally disgusted with EONs actions and complete lack of customer care, i am now ready to forward a complaint to the energy ombudsman, how can they behave in this way to such a vulnerable person? how can they justify adding £55 for an agent to hane deliver a letter? is this reasonable costs?
  8. My son was offered a job at J D Weatherspoons after working for an afternoon without pay 'on trial'. When he went in to ask when he started he was told he'd been put on the rota for 2 shifts that weekend, but they wouldn't pay him as he hadn't had his induction. They then wrote down time dates and times of the shifts he was expected to work. I called their HO and spoke to their HR Dept to ask if it was correct that they expected him to work for nothing and she confirmed that he shouldn't be working until after he had completed an induction. She then called the local manager and called back to say my son had 'misunderstood' what he'd been told. He was then asked to attend an induction the next week. When he got there he was told that he was not able to do the induction as he didn't know his NI Number, but they would arrange for him to go on a later date. He kept in regular contact with the manager, and when his NI Number came through he was told to travel 20miles by bus to another branch to do his induction. When he got to there he was told there was no induction. The manager told him they 'couldn't' pay his travel expenses because he hadn't actually done his induction. 2 days later he received an email saying 'thank you for attending the interview, unfortunately your application was unsuccessful...'
  9. Has anyone with a cat noticed how the smell of these pouches has got so bad that it almost makes one sick to just put it in the cats dish? It smells as bad going in as it does coming out the other end.
  10. Hi, i'm writing this on behalf of my mother. We've been hounded by Cabot for years, phone calls in the hundreds, possibly more. We've always ignored their calls and correspondence, far from being imtimidated we actually found them to be rather amusing. After god knows how long the phone calls finally stopped and figured they'd finally got the message....until today. We recieved a very interesting letter addressed to the whole family name, not just my mother, sending their condolences on my mothers death!!!! I can't scan the letter so i've typed it out word for word below: Dear Sir/Madam Condolences We regret to note the death of Mrs xxxxxx and wish to express our Company's condolences. Whilst we appreciate that there will be a number of issues to address at this time, we would be grateful if you could pass this letter to those who are dealing with the administration of the estate. Alternatively, please provide us with their details. In the meantime, please could you send a copy of the death certificate, using the enclosed prepaid envelope, so that we can update our records. Contacting Cabot If you have any queries, please call one of our helpful customer advisors on 01732 524642 (Minicom: 01732 524630) Thank you for your help at this difficult time. Yours faithfully (copied and pasted signature) Emma Robertson Customer Relations Department I would like to make clear my mother is alive and well! While we're not worried by this letter, we are interested to know other peoples opinions about this letter and your thoughts on whether this is a very dirty tactic designed for us to contact them, considering that we have always avoided any sort of contact with Cabot.
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