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Found 4 results

  1. In July 2014 I bought a Vax vacuum cleaner from Currys online, delivered to the store for pickup, at £49.99 (yes, ok cheap vacuum) Yesterday the motor burned out - terrible noise accompanied by a burning smell. Fair enough, things break and it is only 10 months old. Currys will do the right thing, I figured. £50 wasn't worth Mr. repairman assessing it and they'd just exchange - guess not. today I packed it up in the original box, along with my delivery receipt and took it to the nearest Currys superstore. Explained the situation and the Knowhow guy explained I had to take it home and phone a number (for Vax) and they would send someone out to assess it, repair or replace - depending on if they thought I'd abused it in any way. Apparently they have "agreements" in place with many manufacturers (especially white goods) and this is how they do things. Now I've had dealings with white goods companies and generally there is a call out fee you have to pay if they ultimately decide it's you're own fault. I really didn't fancy having all that hassle. the point of this post: Are Currys abrogating their responsibilities under SOGA by doing this? My contract is with them, not the manufacturer. If they wanted to take the device, repair or replace, thats their business - but I shouldn't have to do it for them? Right? The rest of the story... I knew a little (seriously, just a little) about SOGA I suggested to Knowhow guy to get his manager. Lady comes over, explains the same thing again and says that's how it's done. I refused to accept and suggested that by sending customers away they were in breach of SOGA and did she really want to break the law? They relented, phoned the help line (who answered "Knowhow" anyway), found out it was closed. Guy printed out some repair sheet and had me sign and date it and they took the vax there and then. I think that's a small win. Now I'm without a hoover for however long they decide to repair it. PG
  2. I have a complaint with my LA and have asked for details of their house complaint system. They directed me to their Franchise Head Office who in turn redirected me back to branch office. Who are refusing to acknowledge my email. The LA does prescribe to the TPO should I just direct my complaint to them. As it looks like if I send my complaint directly to LA they will just ignore it.
  3. Previously Ofgem could only order fines be paid to the Treasury. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19690632
  4. Its took the Gov a while but they have realised that FSA fines are a nice little earner and have to recover their shortfalls on suspending fuel duties from somewhere. Already in the last 18 months Fines levied and paid to the FSA for regulatory breaches run into £100s of millions http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/treasury-bid-to-nab-fsa-fines-could-cost-brokers/1053872.article
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