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Found 3 results

  1. Why is it the above companies cannot give you a discount but if you cancel and restart a new policy from them they then give you the 10/20/30% discount even going as far as giving you 2 months free insurance ?
  2. Hi people I would just like some advice regarding a accident I have been involved in on the 2nd of January. I am not going to go too much indepth with the details but will explain what happened. I was driving home from a day out with friends and we took the dual carriageway route as it was more 'safe' than country roads according to my friends. Approached a roundabout, did the necessary checks, continued my course until from no where, a vehicle decides to hit me from the rear forcing me off road! I had go out of the car and the driver who drove into me said 'sorry, i've had a rough day' .He is in his late 40s to early 50s and works for my local county council. I have just spent £200 refurbing my wheels, £170 on a turbo inlet performance part and just bits and bobs. Anyways we briefly assessed the damage and he had a medium size dent to his bonnet and my bumper came loose with the paint cracked. We exchanged details and I told him I would contact him tomorrow sometime during the day as its dark now and I can't exactly see any other damage. He drove off and as I was off road, on the grass area, I was trying to re-join the carriage way/ It wasn't easy joining the dual carriageway as this was around 18:30, cars were at high speed and there really wasn't enough hard shoulder. Once I tried moving off, I could hear a loud grinding noise coming from the rear which to sprung to my mind was my rear differential and within a few seconds, the traction control light came on my speedo! Anyways drove home and next day decided not to go in to uni so I could get my mate to asses my car. The damage which was visible to us was, rear boot floor had little creasing present bumper was loose and paint cracked (maybe bumper brackets damaged) 4wd system not working At this point, I thought this was a little too much for a 'good gesture' and to say I would repair at my cost. I rang up the man and explained what damage had been caused which was apparent to us and I would rather go via insurance about this as this is far too much damage. He agreed and then we had exchanged insurance details, and then I submitted this claim. His insurance company was Directline and everything went through okay. Few days later, I receive a phone call from Directline saying they're sorry about the accident and that they would be accepting liability on this matter. I was provided with a courtesy car from my insurance company and everything was going all okay. I had left my car with a local garage who were happy to store the car until the vehicle has been inspected by the engineer. As days went past, there was no other contact from Directline and also my case handling team had told me that directline haven't been out to inspect the vehicle as of yet and this was about late january. After chasing and chasing, they finally agreed to inspect my vehicle on the 28th of January which was done. After the inspection, their engineers didn't contact my insurance, nor did they my case handling team. My case handling team who were working on behalf of my insurers were chasing them up and finally on friday 1st february, i get a call from my case handling team saying that the claim has gone into validation?. At this point, I was furious. I didn't know what to say. I did however ask my casehandler why this has happened and they said that Directline didn't give any information why and all they said was it has gone into validation. Now my problem is, my hire vehicle may or will get taken from me which I have no option but to drive around in my damaged car. What can I do? My car is a facelift audi s3 on a 2002 registration which I had purchased back in August as I had always wanted one. I bought it for almost £4000 with it being the much sought after in grey and now I'm panicking as I might lose my money . I simply don't understand why they are doing this. Any help will be much appreciated. I'm sorry about my english as it is not my first language.
  3. I purchased a car in Dec09 which was HPI clear and looked in Mint condition.Soon after I noticed major problems with the car, had it inspected and found it to be a death trap!I took the trader to court and won, but the garage then closed and the owners went into hiding, they are now subject to a £500,000 fraud investigation and have left me being owed over £90,000 and has put my life at risk both financially and physically.It transpired that 10 months earlier the car had been in a severe head on collision and the insurance company was Direct Line.It took Direct Line 18 months to apply the write off marker to the vehicle so that it could be seen on HPI, this was 8-9 months after I purchased the car. So far 18 months this car had no history what so ever!A major series of failures occured during this 18 months: They did not know where the vehicle was located. *** The vehicle was abandoned 2 weeks in to the claim, Direct Line where never aware of this! *** Paid out to someone who did not own the car, as it went missing whilst under finance when owners company went bust! Failure to pay out to finance company Failure to seek out correct ownership No warnings placed against the vehicle throughout duration of claim. When Direct Line decided to settle the claim 18-19 months after the accident they even let the claimant retain the salvage.(As many of you may know, an insurance company should process a MIAFTR check which looks at ownership, finance and security warnings. When DirectLine paid out none of the above was acted upon)I have contacted Direct Line Executives and now RBS group legal - and after 8 months recieved a letter saying liability denied. This was then put to them again stating their failures, to date no response.I have been to all the government agencies and that has been as useful as a hole in the head, no one is willing to pursue this as I was not the owner at the time of the accident. In essence I am a third party that has incurred loss due to the fraudulent actions of others and the inability of a major insurance company to act under a duty of care to protect the public.Anyone any ideas? The paperwork I have on this is sickening and I cant believe there is no legislation or law that can assist me.
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