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Found 18 results

  1. Hi There, Been playing games with MBNA for months now on CCA etc and they passed onto PRA Group to chase, they have come back now and said the application was done digitally! Not sure where I stand now or what I can do? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards Steve H
  2. Public asked for views on the digital economy READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-asked-for-views-on-the-digital-economy Note: Is Open until 7th Dec 2018
  3. Digital pregnancy tests recalled in new alert amid false positive results READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/digital-pregnancy-tests-recalled-in-new-alert-amid-false-positive-results
  4. Fully digital divorce application launched to the public England and Wales READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/fully-digital-divorce-application-launched-to-the-public
  5. This was my girlfriend who did this without me knowing. She signed up to some well being 6 month course where they offered it for $10,000 and she said she could not afford it so they let her have it for $7500 and she signed some digital contract that states if it does not work you don't get your money back. Well it turned out to be a few videos on well being, food and exercise etc and 2 x 1hr group calls, a total rip off and it has done nothing for her at all and she feels utterly stupid for signing up and wants out. She is paying £250 a month and has 3 months left of the co
  6. A while ago I received an email from Digital Financial Services claiming the remainder of my Nextcredit loan had been transferred to them. It sounded dodgy but after emailing Nextcredit, they confirmed my loan had in fact been transferred as stated. I've sent a few emails back and forth to DFS asking them for further details of my account to prove they were in possession of my details. Their initial email simply said 'dear customer' but did quote the correct loan amount outstanding. They replied with my postcode and mobile number, this pretty much convinced me things were on the leve
  7. Hi any of you know anything about Digital cameras please? I have a Fujifilm 14 meg camera, yesterday for some reason the front bit got stuck inside the actual camera, this is the bit that normally comes out when you put the camera on so you can see what you are taking a picture of. I now get the message turn camera off then on again but nothing happens, I can hear it trying to come out but it seems stuck! Does it mean a new camera? I have had no problems with it before this and is a good camera TIA XX Sandy
  8. what exactly does digital media of content mean? suppose someone asks for something that I email to them, is that digital content? supposing I order a psychic or tarot reading on line (whether people agree to such things or not) and I get it, read it and later it turns out to not be true. ..is that digital content if the site says for entertainment purposes only. if I order racing tips from a tipster online, he emails them to me and they don't win ...is that digital content? any insight to this would be a great help:???:
  9. DWP have announced that they intend to make a second London borough a trial area for the Digital Service for Universal Credit (UC) If you want to know more please follow the link below (Published 15/05/2015) "Croydon to become second area in UK to undertake controlled testing of enhanced digital service targeted to deliver the flagship welfare reform" http://central-government.governmentcomputing.com/news/on-track-universal-credit-digital-service-set-for-summer-expansion-4578661
  10. I renewed my Drivers Digital Tacho card a year ago on expiry, but for a variety of reasons, a) I have not used it and b) I shall not be using it to drive an LGV or other with a digital tachograph, the same as I shall not be completing the remaining modules of the Drivers CPC ( A total rip off if ever there was) as I shall be 65 a couple of weeks prior to the start up date of requirements to hold the Drivers CPC (Sept2014). So, I would presume there is no avenue to claim a refund on digi card or advise cancellation? Any thoughts?
  11. From this BBC link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-22651126 The BBC has scrapped a £98m digital production system, which its director general said had "wasted a huge amount of licence fee payers' money". The Digital Media Initiative was set up in 2008 but was halted last autumn having never become fully operational. "I have serious concerns about how we managed this project," BBC director general Tony Hall said. An independent review has been launched "to find out what went wrong and what lessons can be learned", he said. The Digital Media Initiative (DM
  12. Hi, i have a question because i am a little bit confused as to what happened when i was driving past a mobile speed camera van today. I have seen this van before in the local area and it always parks with the rear facing camera operating out of the back window which opens up and has a lense sticking out. Only, as i was approaching the van, i could see the white windows on the back were closed, as if they had already packed up and ready to go (it was almost 6pm). Then as i was about to go past, one of the officers rapidly jumped out the van and took a photo of my car with a digital camera.
  13. The government has rowed back on its ‘digital-by-default’ stance on universal credit, which expects the vast majority of benefit applicants to make and update claims online. Source http://www.lgcplus.com/topics/benefits/universal-credits-digital-by-default-ditched/5057200.article?blocktitle=Most-popular&contentID=-1
  14. Total Digital Solutions Limited were the subject of Administration and RSM Tenon Recovery were appointed joint Administrators on 1st August 2012. An immediate disposal of TDS was the business and assets was done by sale to Apogee Corporation Limited on the same day. TDS appear to have used Shire leasing for customer agreements. TDS core business was described as supply of latest technology,document,printy,copy,scan,and management services,and traded from premises in North West. I have been made aware that there are some business owners who are now questioning the validity of the c
  15. We have been Sky customers since 2010 and received a Sky box as part of the contract. In May 2012 we decided to upgrade to a 1TB Sky digital box. We paid for this as a one off and nor connected into any contract. A couple of months ago we started experiencing a green screen and phoned in about it. We went through a planner rebuild, but the fault came back after a week or so, however now we have sound dropping out and the picture freezing occasionally. It happens about once a night and only seems to happen on recorded programs. Sky have agreed a fix, but on questioning them they will b
  16. their was a thread with a link to create your own free digital signature for signing word documents etc any chance of the link
  17. My friend lives in council accommodation and the council for the last 2 years has been changing tenants for digital reception on their high rise block of flats in London. Tenants were getting digital before the council employed a company to do the work for them. Since the company took over the digital aerial work tenants have had nothing but trouble with the service some with no connections whatsoever. Reading on another thread said that freeview will have to pay for their service, I wonder if that has kicked in as yet. My friend has got TV for 2 weeks and now no TV at all. Tenants
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