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Found 4 results

  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36345768 It seems that the advice to eat low fat was wrong and could make your health worse. I have for awhile now, moved to eating standard fat products and not the low/reduced fat items. I have noticed that i have lost weight, when consuming about the same volume of food. The French are apparently much healthier and they have never been convinced of the low fat diet some have been recommending.
  2. Let The Diet Begin The world is about to go on a carbon diet. It won't be easy — or cheap. Nearly 200 countries across the world on Saturday approved a first-of-its-kind universal agreement to wean Earth off fossil fuels and slow global warming, patting themselves on the back for showing such resolve. 'Historic' Paris climate deal adopted Paris deal met with calls to action from Canadians 5 key points in Paris Agreement On Sunday morning, like for many first-day dieters, the reality sets in. The numbers — like calorie limits and hours needed in the gym — are daunting. More info-and what do you think of this agreement Some scary comments on the article. Better get a move on some are thinking. Many of us do not fully understand how bad things are,or could be if things do not get moving fast. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/paris-cop21-climate-deal-fallout-1.3363024 Better put this on.To show how things can be done. 5 Countries That Prove The World Does Not Need Fossil Fuels. http://theantimedia.org/5-countries-that-prove-the-world-doesnt-need-fossil-fuels/ It clearly is a worrying situation.So for those that like a good read.And also trying to reassure myself that things will be done as quick as possible. Fossil Fuel Phase Out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil-fuel_phase-out Sounds like China needs to get stuck in and get moving rapidly. In some places there you can hardly see your hands in front of your faces. Breathing must be difficult at times and unhealthy. Well there you are.A few articles from the Web, i really do not know that much about the problem but got a feeling many of us will soon know plenty. I can not keep saying winter after winter well it is the jet stream,the direction of the wind that keeps giving us warm winters. When i was young winters were winters,year after year. Something is amiss. Perhaps you can tell me,or say how you feel about this problem. I hope the leaders are not speaking with Forked Tongues is all i can add. And i suppose if they are serious Fracking has had it. Scientists Say Fracking Makes Climate Change Worse, Not Better http://ecowatch.com/2014/10/15/fracking-not-lower-greenhouse-gas/
  3. Hey, A bit of background: After I hit 80 kg (176 lbs) [btw I'm 1.78cm] I decided to start exercising. I found a nice dumbbell + PU + crunches plan and will try to stick to it. Before that I was on keto (when loosing weight) or on a low carb diet (loosing slower/ maintaining). Now my question: Are there any reasons to stay on low carb when trying go build muscles? Are there any downsides on a low carb diet? From what I understand It probably doesn't matter as long as I get enough protein, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks for helping out
  4. I've just joined this forum and I'm sure it's been asked a million times but are there any pills that work for weight loss. Have tried to do my homework but end up getting really confused. Help & advice welcome
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