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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I was driving my Mini Cooper (2011) on my new housing development. I drove over a speed bump which was quite high, and as the car came down from the speed bump, the bottom of the car (sump tank) caught a raised drain directly after the speed bump. This resulted in the entire engine oil being leaked across the road. I didn't realise until around quarter mile down the road the oil light came on. I didn't drive the car any further and had to have it towed to a garage. The garage have said that it doesn't look to have damaged the engine, and it will cost £800 to fix everything due to no after market parts being available. However, I was hoping to get some advice on how to proceed. The roads aren't the responsibility of the Council yet, and are technically meant to be maintained by a site management company. They have refused to admit it's their fault. I'm not sure whether to: 1) Go through our insurance and call on their services to repair the vehicle and attempt to reclaim the costs from the site management. 2) Pay the repair costs ourselves and file a small claims court case to try and build a case to recuperate the costs. There were no signs on the road to say raised drains would be higher than the rest of the surface. The speed limit is 20mph which wouldn't have been exceeded due to only just turning out of our street and having to brake to go over the high speed bump. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on the best way to deal with this. I have attached a picture of the drain and road after the incident. As you can see the oil has poured out after coming in contact with the drain. The speed bump is located where the picture was taken from.
  2. Hi all, need some urgent help please, have been asked to post here by suggestion. Noticed CCJ issued on my credit report prior to applying for mortgage. Found out that it is for PCN issued on 12/11/16 by PCM UK LTD in Academy Central Development. Passed onto Gladstones and onto DCBL. I recall this moment where I parked near my friends apartment and was not aware of signs or did I know I needed to pay. I did not update my DVLA or V5 until recently which is very stupid of me. I moved out of my apartment on 01/12/16 to temporary accommodation. 01/03/17 I moved into my permanent apartment, all utilities etc set up since move in day. Never went back to collect mail at my old address. Default Judgement passed on 16/06/17. I have no trail of any letters at all to date. DCBL are requesting I pay debt of £353.53 and they can mark the file as satisfied. However, to me this is same as having CCJ and this is not an option I will accept. I genuinly was not aware of this situation otherwise I would have resolved if I knew about it. I can prove via my statement that I had money to pay PCN. Below is the information that I have collected :- 1. Court Case reference number 2. PCM UK - PCN reference number 3. DCBL reference number and amount owned (£353.53) 4. Gladstones reference number 5. Images of vehicle from evidence & sign (attached) Out of panic I have directly called DCBL, Gladstones & PCM asking how I can settle, not sure if this was right thing to do. What are my options and next steps to have it removed off my file completely? I do not want it to sit on my file for 6 years, even with satisfactory? I need to resolve this as soon as possible as I have made a house offer and now cannot get a mortgage. Look forward to your advice and any help is very appreciated! Best wishes Mindaugas
  3. Hi, We moved out of our flat which was run by Urban Development Projects Ltd. at the end of August and have been waiting to get our deposit of £650 since. I have been chasing our first point of contact who said that they have been busy with a music festival (I know) and that it would be done 'soon'. We finally got a quote from a company by the name of Urban Moor Construction Ltd. with a quote for £648 to: Re paint areas to rectify scuff marks and damaged plaster work £365 This was literally a hole in the plasterboard which we had replacedbut not skimmed over. I more than expected deductions for this but not this amount. There was also a few marks in the bedroom which needed painting over which were behind the wardrobe so we didn't see them until it was too late Fill, sand and polish kitchen work surface where hole has been drilled £85 We had a space for the washing machine under the kitchen side but the plug socket was way too far under the sink, so one of the handymen on site drilled a hole through the countertop so that we could plug it in where the microwave goes Deep clean flat ready for letting £90 There was a bit of soap in the soap pan and a small amount of buildup on the shower head which we didn't see. I had a look at the company who quoted this (Urban Moor Construction Ltd.); their logo was very similar to Urban Development's so I searched them both in Companies House... Lo and behold, they're both registered to 51 Selby Road in Leeds! Has anyone ever heard of a company doing this before? I can assure you that there definitely isn't £650 worth of repairs there so I feel as though they're trying to make a quick buck off of us. Oh... Just had a very patronising phone call off of Marc, the MD. He said that if we take it to TDS, they will look at the pictures and throw it out and then he called me a d*ckhead. How lovely. Luckily the call was recorded.
  4. Apologies if in wrong section. Has anyone had any experience or advice of applying for a professional & career development loan. Seriously considering looking at funding for a city & guilds in painting & decorating course.I was made redundant in June & i am struggling to get work in my field & thinking of changing & improving my career options with a view to eventually being self employed. Just need some advise on funding or loans but the latter could be tricky as my credit file will be poor. Many thanks in advance Middxx
  5. Hi I am the occupier of a flat in a development where we have 70+ flats in my building but only 37 parking spaces which are all allocated to whoever paid for them. There are a LOT of people who park on the kerb or where they can find a space without blocking anyone in. This has worked without issues for many number of months until recently when we all got letters to advise parking enforcements were coming in. The letters were dated 20th May 2013 and the enforcement starts from 28th May 2013 and there are now signs on the poles threatening of £100 fine for any cars parked outside the bays or parked in the bays without displaying a valid permit. My flat does not benefit from an allocated space and I have not received a permit. Although I have heard that some people who don't own a space have been sent permits and I did see a car parked on the pavement with a permit in the window. I'm looking for some help here as I'm not keen on paying the £100 fine for parking my car outside my own flat where there is no other parking space available. I have the below questions in mind. 1. As a resident of the development who does not own a parking space, do I have not rights to park a car anywhere here or have anyone visit me and park their car outside? 2. Should I expect a resident parking permit although I cannot really use it because I do not have an allocated parking space. 3. Even if the above 2 questions are answered in negative, are the developers in breach of any planning guidelines because they provisioned only 37 spaces in a building that has over 70 flats? 4. Lastly, even if the answers to all of the above go against me, is 7 days considered reasonable notice period to advise residents who do not own a parking space to stop parking their car outside which effectively means either dumping the car or moving out. I have a job and my wife is pregnant. It is not easy for me to move out in an instant. If I do get a parking charge notice, what are my chances to fight it off in court? Appreciate any URGENT help I can get on this one as the parking enforcement starts tomorrow morning and I fear I'll find an ugly PCN stuck on my car window tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. If a developer wants to buy your leasehold business, to knock it down and rebuild as part of a new development, is there a formula to follow to arrive at a figure which is what the business is worth? We have 4 years left to run on our fully insuring and repairing lease and we will not be taking up any offers of premises within the new development.
  7. In July I completed the Core Foundation for Teaching - an 8 week online course run by Recruitment Development Solutions - an agency claiming they can help you find a placement in a school after you have completed the course. I already have a Teaching Assistant Certificate and a PTLLS qualification, therefore I didn't really feel I needed the course, but I was persuaded by RDS that it will help me get into a school as a TA or a Teacher etc. I paid over £295 for the course because of the statement saying they will secure a placement in your chosen field. ***************************We offer vocational training and continuing development courses and guidance. Our mission is to train you to a high standard and then secure you a placement in your chosen field. Although heavily subsidised, there will be a cost element of £295 for your enrolment onto the course which is payable by the student.**************************************** The course was OK but I had covered most of it before and to be honest the only thing I discovered was that I needed to produce a 2 page covering letter when applying for Teaching posts. T he instructor was very nice and the group discussions were helpful. However when the course finished I was told that in order for them to place me in a school I would have to renew my CRB at a cost of £80 - I did this, I needed the placement now I had gone this far. I received my CRB and have not heard from RDS again, I have sent emails to them asking about a placement and they haven't replied. 4 months later still nothing so I sent emails to the people who had contacted me from RDS complaining about the way they have just dropped me. They haven't even bothered to reply.... ..This is not a professional approach to providing a service. .Therefore beware if they contact you, they are only selling courses under false pretence.. .. do not fall for it.
  8. 77 community projects receive £54m from Rural Development Plan for Wales. Among the projects are a healthy village scheme around Caerphilly, a green tourism project in Denbighshire, and a project to train 14-25 year olds in enterprise and entrepreneurship in Anglesey. Read more here. http://new.wales.gov.uk/newsroom/environmentandcountryside/2010/101214rdp34/?lang=en
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