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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am seeking a little advice as to my rights. Basically I would like to know if my job title and description etc should be a true representation of the position acknowledged to be held and job function performed. Me employment began back in November 2014 in certain position. Within a number of months I was transferred to a different department and position. This was done with no input from myself. There is a little bit of a back story here too. Since then, and several documented requests for my title and description to be reevaluated they remain unchanged and reflect the position I was originally hired to undertake and bear no relevance to duties etc now performed. This came to bear some significance recently when some new positions were announced. Not knowing exactly what my position is I felt quite disadvantaged. I was unsure if any of the new positions would potentially be a career advancement or if I would again be better seeking clarification on my own position. Again I raised this question and explained my feelings I was told that it would be looked into and that if nothing heard within two weeks to re-approach. Couple of points here : This put it beyond the closing date for some of the positions applications leaving me unsure if I would be better off applying for some of these positions or persisting in attempting to gain clarity on existing position. Most of the new positions make reference to position I fulfill. I am the only person who performs this role. The two week time period has elapsed with no update despite a request being made. Others within the company who have changed position and moved departments all appear to have had titles etc amended to reflect this. Advice appreciated.
  2. Hello, Thank you for all the advice here, good place to find help from good people - so I'm hoping I can bother you for some tips please This past friday (17/07), I bought a used but low mileage vehicle from a seemingly reputable dealership. I work for a UK company but contract for a Swiss company and so spend most of my time in another country. I arranged the finance remotely (I could only get finance with a UK company due to UK employer) and there were only really four vehicles on the market at the time that were of interest to me. Aware that I (oddly) have slightly more protection buying by phone/internet these days and given the dealership's reputation, I was happy to go ahead and buy the car based upon the description, chat with sales regarding condition of vehicle etc and that I would pay deposit / finance etc based upon the car being as per description. Possible mistake, I know, simply due to my working conditions I did not have the time to take on lengthy searches/checks/etc... all basic mechanical and history checks were done of course, the car has been covered by main dealer warranty to date without any issues or advisories etc and the mileage is low and general condition of the car is very good for a car that is 5.75 years old (24k miles). To put it simply, I am still quite happy with the condition of the vehicle... but after my first drive at night, it has come to my attention that some things that were on the advertisement of the vehicle are not actually on the vehicle. One, I'm not really bothered about, the other two are significant to me, including one being a selling point of the vehicle for me over some others that were available on the market at the time. The car is supposed to be equipped with cornering headlights, after tonights driving I am sure they are not and having found this, it prompted me to double check the other options on the car to find a couple of other things missing. The car is a late 2009 Porsche Boxster S and I have discovered that the following items, that were detailed clearly and plainly in the description (which I still have a copy of) are not actually options on the vehicle: - Cornering headlights - Heated steering wheel - Sports Chassis Sports Chassis is the one I am most disappointed by, an medium expensive suspension option and a significant selling point for this specific vehicle... had I known that this was not fitted to the vehicle, I would not have purchased the vehicle & would have looked for one with PASM [electronically adjustable suspension] instead... there were three Boxster S cars I was investigating and this was the only one with Sports Chassis option, the other two being PASM... making this my first choice. For the heated steering wheel, admittedly I am not too bothered about this one and to their defense, this option is specified on the build sheet - however it appears as though the heated wheel has been replaced with the sport design wheel which offers a different type of gear shift paddles post-original build... I knew it came with the sport design wheel, but only after discovering the lack of heated wheel did I find out that this specific wheel does not have the heated option and it will have been installed aftermarket. Cornering headlights I would have liked and it's not simply that they are not functioning... they are not installed on the car. I have not yet confronted the dealership about this discrepancy. I wanted to ask for advice on here first before talking with them. I am, genuinely, happy with the majority of the car... the engine and rest of the car are in pristine condition and it's a hoot to drive. I'm not sure of my ideal outcome from this, I quite like the car so would prefer not to reject it, only the mis-advertisement that would have led me to a different (although who knows, potentially worse despite options) purchase are offputting. It would be nice for them to fix this and fit at least the headlights and sports chassis suspension options. It would just be nice for them to honour what they advertised to be sold. Noted: As especially this sport chassis option was so important to me, why did I not thoroughly check this when I collected the car? I did give it a test drive before finalising the paperwork (even though payment in full had been received by the dealership at that time)... unfortunately I had only driven cars equipped with PASM adaptive suspension prior to this vehicle and so the relatively stiff suspension compared to that, lead me to believe there was nothing missing. Cornering headlights (or lack thereof) only truly became apparent at night. Any tips on where I stand please? What can I do? Or do I just suck it up as a lesson learned and check more vigorously next time? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. Hi guys posting on behalf of my mother who recently purchased a second hand car. She purchased a Mazda 2 3 weeks ago from a car dealer after seeing it on Auto trader, recently she noticed the car has no air con despite being inclined that the advert said air con and also later finding out that the wheels were not alloys. She got into contact with auto trader who sent her a copy of the original advert and it did state "manual air con" and "alloy wheels". She contacted the dealers who basically said that the advert on auto trader is basically a template of the same model car and is not always accurate and basically fobbed her off a little before wanting more time. We later discovered online that the actual description on the auto trader advert is not a template and it is actually the data that could be classed as a basic template from the same model car. Where do we stand? what are the likely out comes of the situation a little advice would be great thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time to read this. My partner has recently applied, and being successful on an internal job opportunity within the business we both work within. The whole process was an utter shambles if you ask me. To begin with it took a month for her to get feedback on the interview, despite the head of HR promising to meet her on several occasions. He didn't even notify her when he couldn't attend the 'catch ups' he had promised. So anyway, after a long month left wondering, he finally pulled his finger out and told her the good news in that she had been succesful at interview and the position is hers if she wants it. With the position being that of a recruitment assistant, and always wanting to get into HR / recruitment my partner jumped at the chance and accepted the new position. The position was only advertised within the business, and clearly stated its FULL TIME, at 37 hrs per week on the job description. We both assumed this was still the case but yesterday the head of HR sat my partner down and has informed her the position is only on an 'as and when required basis', meaning she will continue with the duties of her old role and only aid in recruitment and HR when needed. Not being one for an argument my partner didn't kick up a fuss but she is now VERY upset at how she has been treated, and so am I! My question is, would my partner have any grounds to argue her new position should be as it was advertised, FULL TIME??? I am utterly shocked at this whole thing! We both work within one of the top 10 branded companies in the world and with that in ming you would think their HR procedures should be better! Any advice welcome, cheers.
  5. Hello All, just started a new job and obviously on probation period, a week of handover from previous guy and first day today working alone with my manager. Today it appears there are major duties my current skills don't cover that I am meant to do, which i can't do without training, these were not pointed out during interview, job ad, or even my first week. My manager don't have the skills too and it looks like i will be let go cos of this. Guess there is nothing i can do I am on probation, pls advise
  6. Good afternoon to you all, My son has just joined the esa revolution and been placed under income related esa, in the support category. He had previously been on income support, with High rate care coupled with low rate mobility DLA. He has entered the main phase esa. He has been awarded, £71.70 living expenses £34.80 for being in the support category and £15.15 disability income guarantee. DLA remains the same. There is no reference to any disability premium, known previously as, 'enhanced disability premium' in his award other than a reference to a 'disability income guarantee' Having spent hours searching the meaning of 'disability income guarantee' it appears quite unclear, whether this terminolgy is a direct replacement of 'enhanced disability premium' found previously in his income support award. The sum of £15.15 for 'disability income guarantee' does match the rates published for 'enhanced disability premium' on the gov websites, but linking these terms is a little confusing. You may be aware of the free heating boiler schemes that are currently doing the rounds, providing you meet benefits criteria of which, esa with a disabilty premium attatched is a requirement. So to my question, is the "disability income guarantee" of £15.15 as of 01/12/2013 classed as a disability premium and was it previously known as the enhanced disability premium. Thank you all, The claimant
  7. Hello This is probably to late to ask but i only just noticed. I bought a Blu-ray DVD player nearly one and half years ago from Amazon. At the time of buying player i read the online item description. It had what i wanted, in this case MP3 compatible plus other formats. I have just gone to play a MP3 file/disc on player it will not play MP3. Product manual shows other audio formats listed but not MP3. I never thought to look at manual or play MP3 on player at the time as it stated in the online description it was MP3 compatible and i had a MP3/CD player Hi-Fi separate anyway. I take it, i have left it to long to do anything about it? Thanks
  8. Hi all. I purchased a coffee machine from Debenhams online for a birthday present. I have now given the gift to the intended person. A few days later I then discovered the description just doesn't match the item as sold. I have the page saved on my mobile as proof of what was being sold at the time. The image shown at the time does match, but what Debenhams have described just doesn't exist, they have completely messed up the description and more than 50% of the features are missing. I feel very deceived and misled. I did send an email to them asking them for a 50% refund however they have said they cant do that and have offered me to send the item back and have a 10% off future purchase. I find this unacceptable, I cant take it back off my friend and 10% off next purchase is disgusting considering it is not my fault. They are trying to wash their hands of it cheaply. What rights do I have as I'm not very happy. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I paid £109.95 for a Dolls house advertised as being 'Complete with Furniture' from an online retailer. The box did not contain the furniture. The company have apologised and said that they will amend their website and have said that "We have now amended our website and as advisedin the terms and conditions which you agreed to when orderingdescriptions can differ from the product." Their terms and conditions say: "Although we aim to keep the Website as up to date as possible, the information including Product Descriptions appearing on this Website at a particular time may not always reflect the position exactly at the moment you place an order”. I am writing a letter of complaint to their customer services and would appreciate any help to construct a powerful response to them. Many thanks,
  10. Hi I am currently a employed as a senior test and quality analyst. And my JD is as follows: ----------------------------- Work with the development and support IT teams along with business experts to ensure that quality software is delivered to business users. The job-holder will report to the Test Manager but potentially work with many teams. Analyse customer requirements for enhancements to existing systems as well as fixes to existing systems, and hence develop test cases and test scripts. Document findings and report defects appropriately. Provide advice to other members of the team/department on technical issues and mentor newer recruits. Provide consistently reliable test estimates to their Manager. Provide at least weekly progress updates to their Manager, highlighting any issues as they occur. The job-holder must work well under pressure and be adept at taking problems and seeing them through to resolution with minimal supervision. Show initiative in identifying and improving the internal test processes, and have sufficient perspective to suggest quality improvements to development life-cycle. Well presented and professional, an excellent communicator with good interpersonal skills and very client focussed. ----------------------------- Now as far as I am concerned I am a tester, and as a tester I decipher Business Requirements to create accurate Test Estimates, detailed and technical Test Scripts, descriptive Defect Tracking and informative Test Reports. But for this new high profile project they do not want to do in house testing (which in itself is crazy) but they have come up with a quality manager role instead. Below are the responsibilities which I am basically taking as a JD. Now instead of deciphering Business Requirements to create accurate Test Estimates, detailed and technical Test Scripts, descriptive Defect Tracking and informative Test Reports they now want me to sign off that someone else has completed all of this. I am not comfortable with doing this and consider this not in my JD and above my pay grade. What do you think? I am going to be forced to do this even though I have expressed I am not comfortable with it. Look forward to your thoughts. Quality Manager Role & Responsibilities: § Reports to the Programme & Project Managers. § Develop and communicate the Quality Strategy incl. Roles and Responsibilities, Processes and Criteria to all programme members. § Ensure that Project Quality Plans support the Programme Quality Strategy. § Measure and report on adherence to Quality Strategy, Quality Plans and Published Standards. § Specify the project deliverable definitions - ensuring that their purpose, composition, derivation, format and presentation are understood and agreed by all of the project stakeholders and that there is clear specification of the quality criteria by which each deliverable may be judged. § Establish template documents for all deliverables. § Manage and track defect levels in a central repository for internal & external development activities, whether manual or automated in nature. § Ensure test approach & test plans represent suitable coverage to requirements to measure quality.
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