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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all ... Hope this is the right place to post this. Having lost everything in the recession I then suffered a major breakdown and now have Complex PTSD and fibromalgia amongst other illnesses which are all getting worse. After two years of being homeless myself and my partner were given a council flat. Our neighbours are the local drug dealers and generally bad things happen daily. I now won't go out of the flat at all. I have a pension which I could cash in in 18 months and I wanted to do this and buy a small cheap house. I currently get PIP and my partner gets carers allowance and we get income support which I apparently claim for us both. I don't really understand it all as the CAB sorted it out for us. If I did cash in my pension and buy a house would our income support stop. Also would this affect my state pension when I get to retirement age. Someone told me that we wouldn't be entitled to pension credits. Thanking you in advance for any advice you can give.
  2. what exactly does digital media of content mean? suppose someone asks for something that I email to them, is that digital content? supposing I order a psychic or tarot reading on line (whether people agree to such things or not) and I get it, read it and later it turns out to not be true. ..is that digital content if the site says for entertainment purposes only. if I order racing tips from a tipster online, he emails them to me and they don't win ...is that digital content? any insight to this would be a great help:???:
  3. I drive coaches for a (meesly) living. I always take large groups of people to a variety of places. When I get there, I have to figure out how to "legally" deal with my vehicle when it comes to the issue of "parking". Usually, coaches are allowed in designated coach bays, for free, as long as you are there. However, not all places have coach bays or specific coach parking. I cannot begin to tell you how confusing it is when coaches are not specifically dealt with. I rarely carry cash so getting tickets is often impossible. Work should fund me, right? Works view is that I'm not parked if you are with the vehicle. If you leave the vehicle secure and/or unattended, that's how they define parking. I agree with them. The problem is translating that view into real life. If coaches are not specifically dealt with, the signs usually say something like "find a space, park within the lines, pay for your ticket, be a good boy". These terms are obviously aimed at cars. My coach can take up 7 or 8 spaces, even at the bottom, out the way. I recently got asked to pay for a ticket or leave. Having no cash on me, I felt obliged to leave so I parked the coach just outside the car park on the access road that had no parking restrictions but it caused an unnecessary obstrution, so much so that the warden asked me to repark back in the carpark. I refused so he called the Police who said there was no reason for me to reenter the car park, nor leave the place I'd now stopped in, even though it was causing problems for the patrons if the place I'd just dropped off at. So, my question is 2 fold. Where it is unclear how to deal with my coach, by staying with the vehicle, am I parked or not? If sitting in the vehicle DOES constitute parking AND I've no cash on me to get a ticket, if I have to leave but cause problems elsewhere, am I better off staying inside the carpark and plead that I'm not parked as I'm still with the vehicle as work say? In my contract of employment, they expressly state I'm responsible for speeding, parking, tacho fines and seatbelt fines. I'm stuck in the middle when coaches are not specifically catered for. Any coachie people out there with experience of ths "parking" issue?
  4. I am buying a leasehold first floor flat in a building consisting of a ground floor restaurant (leased from the freeholder) a first and second floor flat. In both the first and second floor flats title deeds there are internal communal areas defined such as the stairs to our personal front doors from the outside front door. One of these areas is defined as a shared bin storage area located in a small room at the bottom of the stairwell, enclosed by its own door from within the flats shared area. After buying the property I noticed that this door was nailed shut and after forcing open noticed a stud-work wall behind. I approached the lease holders of the restaurant and was informed the free holder of the building have given them permission to integrate this area into their restaurant. Was this legal, as this was clearly defined as a shared area for the two flats and has now left us, the flat owners, with no sealed storage for rubbish. This means either all rubbish has to stay within our own flats till collection day, or in the shared stairwell, which causes the whole of the shared stair area to smell especially during hotter months. Can we legally get the freeholder to reinstate this area as defined in the deeds to our flats?
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