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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for some advice. I applied for a mortgage in December after receiving a Decision in Principle earlier this year. I was disappointed for the application to be declined based on my credit file. I got a copy and noticed that a default from 2012 with Motormile had been moved to 2016, which is likely to be why the mortgage was declined as other than that my credit file is clear. I contacted Motormile who admitted to their administration error and said they would update my file in 4 weeks. After 4 weeks it wasn't updated so I chased again and they confirmed it would be done within 2 weeks. After 6 weeks it was finally updated. 2 days later I was about to submit my mortgage application again, went on to quickly check my credit report again and noticed the default has been updated again with a 2016 date! While all of this has been going on the seller has been getting quite upset (rightly so) and at this stage it looks like the house purchase will fall through because I can't secure the mortgage. I know if this default is updated I will get the mortgage though. does anyone have any advice on getting Motormile to fix this again and update the CRA's immediately, is it even possible? I have reported it to the ICO but I don't have time to wait on them investigating. Previously I raised notices of correction with the CRA's but they all came back to say they were not updating their records, even though I have correspondence from Motormile saying the date on my credit file is incorrect. Thanks in advance!
  2. help please! Debt not acknowledged, or paid, for well over 6 years. Two default dates on file, one for 2009, one for 2013, but nothing been paid on account since mid 2007 new DCA thrown me to Court, so how do I find the very original default date and have this thrown out because it is statute barred? any help most welcome, thank you! Lisa
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post so I apologise if I am in the wrong section for this type of query. A forum member at Moneysaving Expert recommended I ask for help/advice from CAG and I have spent the last couple of hours looking over posts but I just need a bit of clarification if anyone can help......... My husband received a claim form through the post from a county court on Tuesday. The claimant is a DCA and on the claim form they say that a Notice of Assignment has been sent to him to explain that they now own the debt. The sum they are claiming with solicitors costs is just under £6,000 and they state that it relates to the Lloyds Banking Group. My husband had a debt with Lloyds which defaulted in 1999 . The debt is made up almost entirely of bank charges that piled up when he went over his overdraft after he was made redundant. Since then he has lived at the same address but in the intervening years there have been no letters or phone calls...nothing until now. We have filed an acknowledgment to the court and asked for the full 28days but looking through all the posts that seemed similar to our case I think that this is a statute barred debt but if someone could just confirm that they agree or disagree with me I would be very grateful. One big worry that I have got is that the DCA registered the default date as being 2008. This is definitely wrong but does this affect our claim that it is statute barred debt? If anyone can point me in the right direction regarding the correct templates to base our letters on I would be grateful. Do we send any correspondence only to the court or to the DCA as well ? Any advice very much appreciated Thanks in advance Elizabeth
  4. Hi, I am struggling to get Marbles Credit Card to change the default date they report to CRA's to a more accurate date. June 2002 - Get a new Marbles credit card. May 2009 - I lost my job. After 7 years of paying my credit card on time i am now struggling. The world financial crisis does not seem to be a temporary one so I write to Marbles explaining my financial hardship. June 2009 - I write to Marbles again. I have not used my card since i lost my job. I cut and return my card. I am advised by Marbles to seek advice from the CCCS. July 2009 - I report my financial situation to Marbles via the CCCS. I am unable to make my contractual obligations. Sept 2009 - Following the advice of the CCCS i make token payments of £1 to Marbles. However Marbles continue to add £200 interest and charges per month to my account. Aug 2010 - Marbles agree to stop adding interest and charges to the account after many plea's from myself. Sept 2011 - I am still making token payments. Marbles decide to sell my debt to a DCA. Sept 2011 - Marbles report a default with CRA. My other credit cards did this in 2009. Nov 2011 - My financial situation improves and my monthly payments improve to the DCA. Sept 2012 - I discover that the Marbles default is registered 2 years after i had stop making payments. I write to Marbles asking for the default date to be corrected to within 6 mths of when i stopped making payments in 2009. Aug 2013 - After being ignored for almost 6 moths a dialogue begins and eventually ends in August with their final response of rejection. Aug 2013 - I contact the Financial Ombudsman. Today: I receive a letter from the Ombudsman rejecting my complaint on the basis that a default is registered whenever Marbles decides the financial relationship has broken down. They decided this in Sept 2011. I have been working full time now for 2 years and have almost paid off my old credit cards. However i am unable to apply for any credit or get a mortgage because of the defaults. The defaults are all going to disappear in a year and a half. However the Marbles one will stay on my file for a further 3.5 years because they registered it 2 years after i stopped making my payments. I am being punished for paying my debts. Had i ignored them i would be financially better off and the default would have been registered in 2009. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Hi all, Im looking for some advise here, I had a car written off that was on finance with Welcome Car Finance,insurance paid out in early 2006 and there was a shortfall in the balance outstanding. I made my last payment 23rd May 2006 (confirmed by MKDP via telephone) so I guess its now SB? My Equifax statement shows MKDP filed as default 2nd January 2010! How can I get them off my back and also remove this default notice from my CRA files? It is the only negative showing on my files but I struggle to get any credit at all. I have asked for proof of debt via telephone and been sent 2 letters from MKDP stating they are requesting docs from Welcome, it’s been 2 months since i requested the agreement. Please point me in the right direction??????]
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