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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all I am so pleased to find this website via Google as I am having some major problems with Topcashback (or topcashback.co.uk) at the moment and I really need some help/advice please. As the title says, Topcashback has declined my cashback for 5 times so far, and in one occasion the amount of cashback that Topcashback has declined is over £160. I am sure you can imagine how angry and furious I am here. And roughly I would say I have lost around £200 cashback in total. It has come to the point that I must do something to get my cashback back, but the question is what and how? Very briefly about the background of these declined cashback. The first two declined cashback were happened when I booked hotel rooms with Holiday Inn and Premier Inn via topcashback.co.uk a couple of years ago. I followed the instructions to click on a button on the topcashback website then I was diverted to the merchants' website and carried on booking the rooms as normal. For some reasons, these hotel room bookings were not tracked by topcashback I had to lodge a claim manually. Cut the long story short, I waited over a year and chased topcashback constantly every other month for the cashback, and in the end topcashback told me both merchants refused to give me any cashback, BUT topcashback offered me a 'Fair Play' deal to give me a half of the initial cashback. I was not prepared to take the offer but thinking about it deeper I did not have an choice to be honest. I told topcashback that it would only be a one-off agreement, I would not accept any more half pay 'Fair Play' deal again. Then about 4 months ago, I made three different purchases with Ocado. The cashback was £6.06 for each transaction. These three transactions were tracked initially, but then suddenly they disappeared altogether on my account, I asked topcashback what was going on. I was asked to lodge a claim for these cashback, and few weeks later topcashback told me Ocado has refused to pay me. I was not happy to lose my £18.18 cashback, I asked topcashback to explain to me why Ocado would decline my cashback, another few weeks later topcashback got back to me to say Ocado did not state why my cashback was declined, and there was nothing they could do as it was Ocado's final decision. I just could not believe this. I didn't get my cashback and I did not even know the real reason! The last two declined cashback happened more recently. I made 3 different hotel bookings with ebookers.com via topcashback a month ago. Topcashback was running a 15% exclusive cashback rate therefore it works out I should receive over £160 cashback in total. Everything remained fine until a week ago, these 3 cashback disappeared on my account for no reason. When I searched for them on my account, I discovered all 3 transactions have been declined by the merchant (that's what topcashback told me). I found it very odd and extremely suspicious because I had a message from topcashback before telling me these 3 hotel bookings would not be submitted to ebookers until after I have stayed at the hotels. The rooms were booked for the christmas and new year's break, but topcashback said the cashback has already been declined before I stay in the hotels, it is just not right at all. I wrote to topcashback to demand for an explanation. The only explanation I got from topcashback was the cashback was declined by the merchant, that's all. There was no further explanation to tell me why the merchant has declined my cashback. As the cashback should only be submitted to ebookers in Jan next year and it was over £160, I have started to think there is something dodge going on with topcashback here. I have a feeling that topcashback may have lied to me about my cashback being declined by the merchant, but in fact topcashback is going to keep my cashback instead. I contacted topcashback several times, they kept telling me they would get back to me but I have not yet received a response for a full explanation. The fifth declined cashback has just happened here yesterday. I received a message from topcashback saying a different merchant (sportdirect) has declined my cashback. This time the reason (excuse) I was given is there was another marketing channel involved to the sale. I have absolutely no idea what topcashback talked about. I did not use any other marketing channels to place the order with sportdirect. All I did was to click on the button on the topcashback website and then I was diverted to sportdirect to complete the purchase. I has asked topcashback to show me an evidence of this other marketing channel which was involved to the sale, so far I have heard nothing from topcashback. So now, going back to all these declined cashback which I cannot tell if they were genuinely declined by the merchants, or they were just lies. I wanted to know what right I have got here and what I can do to get my entitled cashback back. Any advice and suggestions are very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
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