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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, this is my first time on any forum so here i go. I drove into London not knowing what the sign you are entering a low emission zone incurred. I was sent 20 penalty notices in two batches to which i appealed, the county courts found in my favor and told me that they would take no further actions on the pnc's, but informed me that the tfl might not agree and they did not. TFL then sent me 20 copies of the original pnc's, i called them to tell my van complied to the low emission zone they asked me to send a picture of my vin plate which i did, that was in June of 2013. I heard no more them i thought the matter over. November 2013 i was sent 20 pnc's. to which i appealed they gave me four different dates for an adjudication hearing finally i got a date in August 2014. At the hearing they told me that they had sent me a warning letter i told them that i did not recived a warning letter, they then told me that every one in the country had been sent a letter explaining about the charge on entering the low emissinon zone in older vehicles. The adjudicator then said that she agreeded that i might not had been sent a warning letter - but ignorance was no excuse found in favor of TFL and the fines would stand and gave me 14 days to find £5000. I have not paid this is now up to £20,000 with the bailifs letters, i got to admit i burried my head in the sand with this. I just don't know which way to turn can you help? Many thanks
  2. Hi Guys I have been following a discussion on the board relating to the Ombudsman's at the FOS coming under fire, i to feel that something some were is not quite right with the investigations and responses received from Adjudicators at the fos and currently appealing a decision i wanted to ask for help in composing a final summary for the Ombudsman reference to, to see what response is received before going back to my MP if necessary I say this openly as like many of you on here, i question the honesty of the investigations which are carried out at to raised a complaint against the lender Santander Santander put our family threw hell if i am quite honest and we were set up from day one, Which given at the time santander were Abbey mortgages who during this period were issued with a warning from the FOS However given that i struggle immensely to put details together for the complaint raised, given the adjudicators response to our complaint i have started to feel that possibly this may be a reason for the response that we received in the adjudicator final response not up holding my complaint and vote in favour of the lender. However as frustrated as i was and still am, questioning whether there is actually any justice in this world, in have since appealed her decision for the Ombudsman to re look at our case. However having called today requesting more time to provide a response for the Ombudsman, i was advised that the person dealing with my complaint was on holiday, that person being the Adjudicator:???: especially given that i recently received a letter that my complaint will now be looked at by an Ombudsman Just going back to the Adjudicators response, i have to say i am becoming more concerned that given that the Ombudsman's decision is final, if i don't send a summary very soon that is clear then more than likely will receive exactly the same response. My biggest problem is getting to the point and not giving loads of detail loosing the pot all together and boring the reader Because i started to question myself with respect to my complaint i have following reading the thread i mentioned took my information to my MP who when looking over the response received, looking at the evidence which contradicts the adjudicators response, all though he did not say it in so many ways, he did say something some were is a miss especially given the fos are supposed to be highly experienced in such arrears. My MP has written to the Ombudsman asking that the response to my complaint quotes him as well, i am not sure what difference this will make if any? I would like to ask if some one on here can help me put a letter together for the Ombudsman and then perhaps if of interest i can keep you all posted on the response that is received . I honestly believe there is back handers going on, i could be wrong but given that the response received from the adjudicator is all in the favour for the lender and has missed out nearly all of our points given along with documentary evidence to support something some were is wrong and i don't no about you guys but i believe strongly in right and wrong and that if you speak the truth justce will prevail or couldn't i be further from the truth, surely there must be some honesty left. Out of peoples experiences with the FOS, is there a right or wrong way to put your point across?
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