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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there I'm looking for HELP on defending a claim I received before Christmas SO NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE CLAIM DETAILS issued on 14th December 2015 the account was started on 07/2001 Claimant - Hoist Portfoilio2? Cohen solicitors At Northampton CC Particulars: the claim in respect of £2,XXX.XX in respect of monies owing pursuant to an overdraft facility under bank account number XXXXXXXXXXXX The debt was legally assigned by MKDP LLP (Ex LLOYDS BANKING GROUP) to the claimant and notice has been served. the defendant has failed to repay overdrawn sums owing under the term and conditions of the bank account. the Claimant claims: 1. the sum of XXXXXX 2 the interest pursuant to s69 of the County Court Act 1984 at a rate of 8.00percent from the 13/05/11 to the date hereof 1671 is the sum is the sum of XXXX 3 future interest accruing at a rate of £ .XX 4 Costs I have been on MCOL and acknowledged the claim and said I wish to defend now I cannot get back on MCOL as my sign in and passwords do not match. I have rang them and the lady I spoke to said I can email a defence, only I don't know which defence to use as this is all such an untidy mess. BACKGROUND In 2008 I had no debts owned a business and lived in Staffordshire, by 2009 because of my husbands infidelity we had moved to Wales where my family was, he was out of work, me too and debts were spiralling, I was using overdrafts to pay rent. In Dec 2009 there was a bad split with hubby the police were called so I remember the year quite well. I had been overdrawn since June/July and did not service the account with any funds at all I did however ring Lloyds and speak to them explain my situation. The account remained in arrears, got passed from them to their debt department. Spoke to them, I was in a dire situation barely covering my rent. they kept paying out DD out the account and causing me more debt as the DD were all returned at £25 a pop then the account went over the arranged overdraft letters started, etc. however in all this time I never paid into the account. Eventually in late 2010 they issued a default, the debt was bantered between solicitors then sold to MKDP in May/June 2014 depending on what credit agency report you look at I cannot remember receiving this. I have also read they are supposed to service you with ongoing statements, had one or two of them over the time period to date but not regularly. I have now received a CC claim from Hoist, but never heard of them, had no letters or anything. I have checked my credit file on both Noodle and Experian Lloyds TSB debt is showing as SETTLED - on 30/06/2014 The debt to MKDP LLP as showing active for the amount claimed minus interest being claimed and is in default to date and not showing as being sold to anyone. the only thing they all seem to agree on is the default date. Furthermore I have the original agreement on opening the account with Lloyds TSB (I'm a hoarder) but have mislaid all my bank statements from Lloyds in the last move ( have sent a SAR to Lloyds 9 days ago) awaiting a reply and have also sent a CPR 13 request to both named on the Claim form on the original LLOYDS TSB terms and conditions agreement it clearly states: 10.2 if you do use your card to create an overdraft we have not agreed or to exceed an agreed overdraft you would have broken the term of the account and you must pay the agreed amount immediately so either this is SB, they have not followed the rules ( whatever they are) or they have closed the debt Please help need some information fast as need to email defence tomorrow or day after Many thanks in advance PS........ pulled all the info off the site and read a lot of threads, it been a great help so far
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