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Found 7 results

  1. Can somebody please provide some guidance on the following: Loan Should a Notice of Sum in Arrears be sent to a customer when their Accounts is transferred (due to Arrears position) over to Debt Recoveries under a Debt Management Plan. Is this a CCA requirement to send out a NOSIA at this stage of the process? I am aware that one should be sent when in arrears, but not after its been defaulted and in Debt Recoveries. Please advise
  2. I've just had the forms from NatWest for PPI on loans going back as far as 10 years. I'm a little confused as I was told (by NatWest) that there was a time limit of 6 years on making these claims. There are a number of reasons why I believe I'm eligible to reclaim the PPII was told repeatedly that not taking PPI meant I was more likely to be refused a loan My employment over that period changed between employed and self-employed, the staff who completed my loan application knew this and didn't imform me that this would mean I might not be covered by the PPI A staff member told me to always put 'employed' as my employment status even though I changed between statuses & advised during one application I would soon be changing employment status - they didn't mention any of the implications regarding self-employment I have a number of debts outstanding with NatWest that I am paying in an informal debt management arrangement as well as a number of debts with other providers. My NatWest current account has been closed in so far as I can no longer use it. However it is open in the sense that I can still use the sort code and acc number to make payments to pay off the overdraft I had when I closed it to begin paying off my debts in an arrangement. What I'd like to know is: Can NatWest force me to use the money to pay debts I have with them or can I request they pay me by cheque? (I have debts with other companies so I would be required to allocate the money equally between them if I was to use it on my debts) Am I best giving all the reasons why I think I was mis-sold or just to stick to one and keep my answers on the form brief (they're a bit of an essay currently!) Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, helping out my father in law. He has 10 creditors and an arrangement to pay set up for 9 of them. During the course of paying the creditors my father in law has received early settlement vouchers. Do I need to contact the debt management company to negotiate early settlement or can I contact each of them individually? Finally does anyone know what a typical settlement % a debt collection agency is likely to take? Thanks Sam
  4. I am currently doing research for the debt management program i am making, and had a wow omg moment there are over 550 Debt Collection Agency across the UK and my list is still growing. Maybe i shouldn't have been surprised but it did take me aback.
  5. Hello All I have loans with various providers. I appointed a debt management company sometime ago to freeze the interest rates and I have been paying reduced monthly repayment to the lenders. Most of my loans have now been sold on to third parties. A couple of these companies have contacted me offering to write-off up to 40% if I agree to make an immediaye payment of 60% of the loan. While this is generous I can't help but think these companies will make trmendous returns from the loans because they have been sold to them for a lot less than they are worth. I would like to know if there is anyway I can obtain information of how much the loans were sold to the third parties. Is there anyway I can find this out?
  6. Hi there, I was very lucky to be able to cancel my debt management at the start of this Month. I left Harrington Brooks and sent them a Letter & Email telling them why, and also asking them to distribute the last payment debited on 30th February 2011 as previously arranged. Surprisingly, they have not done this, and by the looks of it, keep the whole last payment of £200! Is there anything I can do about this?! Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Amy_J_x
  7. Hi new to the forum so bare with me please; I have got around 12 credit agreements on my credit file which about 8 of which have now defaulted and are now with debt collection agencies. I have contacted National debt-line and gone through my financial statement to work out if i can afford any payments. In the end they advised me to file for bankruptcy or ask them to write the debt off, opted to try and get them to write the debts off. I have written to most to all of them and explained the situation to them and attached my National debt-line ref. As expected they sent me template letters saying that they have received my letters and i should call them to discuss the debt. After many letters back and forth I am now in the position where 2 of them lowell and Robinson Way, are offering to accept a token £1 per month until my circumstances have changed. Although my financial my financial statement shows i have no extra income to make that payment. I intend to continue writing to them to try and persuade them to write the debt off because i really cannot afford to pay any of the debts; Would anybody be able to advise me on any other avenues i can take? Thanks in advance
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