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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm posting this again as I was concerned that it wouldn't be easily noticed tucked behind another thread. I found this forum a couple of weeks ago when I Googled Allied International after they had left me a voicemail asking me to call them. I also received a WARNING card from them informing me that they are acting on behalf of their client LTSB and I should contact them urgently. I had a Goldfish loan which I paid for four years without any problems until I started having difficulties back in Dec 07. I contacted LTSB and asked if I could reduce my payments to £150 a month and they agreed. I continued to make regular payments until I became unemployed in May. I informed them of my situation and asked them if I could make a minimum payment of £2 but they refused and sent the debt to their own debt collection department. I made the £2 payments regardless. However, last month those payments were returned to my bank. The debt was £3,000 in May. I sent a CCA request to Allied International on 10th Oct. I received a phone call last week and I told them I will not discuss anything on the phone. This morning I got another call and again I told them to correspond in writing. They claim they have responded to my CCA request and I should have received it by now. Then he said his work is done and hung up. I took this as a subtle threat that they are about to do something. Could someone advise me what I should do next? Should I just wait for the 30 days to expire and send the 30 day letter? Many thanks.
  2. Hi I hope somebody can help please I have received 16 letters from Empingham stating that I owe a debt to N Power. Each letter has a different account number and different amounts that they say I owe. In total they say that I owe over £25000. This does not look right to me as I cannot remember ever having had an account with N Power. Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Kim
  3. Hi there. I have several outstanding debts courtesy of my ex husband! What I was wondering about is alot of them have been offerering me discounts. If you pay £10 we pay £10. I have been paying but lately I have been wondering as they are not on my credit file. Maybe one or two are. If I go through them communications supplier for Capquest £522 was defaulted in 2009 and I have been paying them £10 per month they offered to match payments. One on Tmobile which I dont pay has defaulted 2008. One I pay which isn't on my credit reference file. they say for £1400 for a laptop my ex husband had in my name. Would have been in 2000 with evesham computers. I have been paying £10 a month they offered to settle for £700. Also not sure how much has been paid on that previously as they have been adding interest. One for Halifax Bank. I had a bank account in the home with my ex husband. I dont have the details any more and they have been charging for bounced direct debits even though i dont have overdraft on the account. £550 they say will reduce to £300. The reason I'm looking at them is I would have paid them all off then I got ANOTHER letter from Equidebt for Aktiv Kapitol for £800. I have never heard of Aktiv Kapitol so I was thinking, which of these do I need to do something with? I have been blindly paying everything. What do you say in a letter to a debt collector you dont know anything about? the halifax bank is through debt collectors. I asked halifax to stop all payments on the account and refund money on my fees and what they did was to stop all direct debits on the account i have now and refund me £20 for the one time i had fees on my account! So I dont know how to get them to even find this account as it is old.
  4. I would imagine if your anything like me, I end up frustrated because the system isn't geared to listen to the small man. We find ourselves in a spot of bother and need some time to get clear, and all you get is hassle by mail...by phone...even people knocking on your door. Well their is one way to vent you frustrations, and believe it or not, Google is your helping hand. It's called Google places. Search for a company using Google, in my case it was Credit Solutions Limited in Purley, Surrey, then on the left hand side of the search results page where it offers you different ways to search (images, maps, videos etc) click on maps and find the company on the maps search, if you have a FREE Google, you can leave a review on the companies Google places page. and if enough people leave appropriate reviews the company will notice, especially if they are detrimental. Unlike Qype, Yelp and other review directories that will remove a poor rating form the listing, Google don't, unless its in-appropriate, so 3 rules, Get a FREE Google Account Leave a review on the company you are in disagreement with Don't make it innapropriate. So there it is, a place to vent against the company you are having trouble with. Good luck
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