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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, As of last Wednesday my two barclays personal accounts, one savings account and business account are collectively showing to be £3,500,000 in debit and the funds 'To Reconcile' (their teminology) to Coventry OPS 05 ADV. A formal complaint was logged last Thursday and I am yet to recieve any formal reponse. Collectively I must of spent a total of 16 hours on the phone, being passed around to one department after another given a range of excuses from technical error, account review and fraud. I have done quite a bit of research and understand it may be linked with anti money laundering checks as I had a payment of £50,000 paid into my account roughly four weeks ago, since then I have had to make two large payments of £15,000 and £9,000 all of which are justified business expences which have invoices and receipts. The situation is now seriously effecting my livelyhood and the people who are dependant on me and my business. Barclays have left me with no access to any funds and are fully aware that I have no other banks accounts where I can access funds, effectively leaving me without food, and basic essentials for over a week. If anyone has been through this before and could some indication of the best steps moving forward it would be greatly apprecated. p.s. I know there are similar threads on here of Barclays withdrawing funds for investigation but from what I can tell none have had there account showing as being as overdrawn as mine. Thank you.
  2. I have fallen prey to an internet [problem], this was for a free trial but on further inspection of the T&Cs this is not the case, now I am in the process of getting this sorted out but it would be really helpful if someone could confirm if this is the actual case as I am getting a LOT of conflicting information... The company is to take £93 each month, as i said this is in the process of being sorted its this next bit i need confirmation on. I have contact the bank and they are well aware of the [problem] but this is what I have been told... you are under a legally binding contract and cancelling your card and getting a new card number and secure code will not stop them from taking any future payments. The banks are aware of the [problem] and will investigate it only after they have taken the initial large payment after the postage and package payments, you should get your money back but only after the investigation. The only way you can stop them from taking money is to cancel with the actual company itsself, this has nothing to do with the bank until they take a fraudulent payment. If your account goes over drawn in this process you will be liable to pay any bank charges which occur during this process. The bank will try and block any future payments but what will happen is the company will try again under a different name and it will go through. Again the only time the bank is involved here is when they take the payments, you have entered in to a contract between you and the company. If I was to set up a monthly subscription (agree to T&Cs, legal contract) for a product to be sent to my house every month and cancel my card if I receive the product the company is still legally entitled to their money and will get it. What these guys are doing is legal, just barely but still legal. I'm going to phone again today and find out EXACTLY what i need to do to stay with in the terms and conditions, my bank card has been cancelled but it seems that may have been a waste of time... Thanks Dave.
  3. Hi all, I'm new to all this so please bear with me. I would like some advice please. What has happened is I have a contract with Vodafone, and I was recently cut off as my bill was due at the beginning of the month (didnt have the money to pay). So on Wednesday (13/06/12) I contacted Vodafone asked what my bill was at it was £42.35p queried why it was so high. I found out that I had been charged an extra £5 for going over my internet allowance (usually I get a text to say I will be charged but didnt recieve one) explained that to the person I was speaking with and they said they no longer provided that service, but as I hadnt been informed they offered £5 off my bill as a good will gesture. So I asked if that would be taken off the bill that was owing and he clearly said yes, now making my bill £37.35p so I procceded to pay the bill on my partners card (with his permission) and I again clarified that it would be for the lower amount of £37.35p. My partner checked his bank account yesterday (16/03/12) and found that the higher amount of £42.35p had been taken, so I phoned Vodafone and they refuse to refund the amount back onto the card but onto my account and they offered me a measly £2.50p in compensation.......I know its only £5 that they have taken extra but its the principle of the matter. Can anyone give me any advice on how if possible to get the money refunded back to my partner. Thanks Taffy_lass
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