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Found 4 results

  1. Got stopped by 4 traffic police cars (that were on a roundabout) they checked insurance and driving license which was all good ! Then started looking around the car and said 3 tyres were rubbing as the car is lowered but not excessive (can send pictures on request) They told me they didn't know if it was legal or not so they took pictures to send away to be examined. they also threatened to take my car away from me but in the end they let me drive away. also the accident happened on 27th of june and I received the letter on 12 of july. does it matter that they sent the letter out later than the 14 day period ? thanks
  2. I am thinking of applying for a mortgage this year, so thought it would be good practice to check the old credit file. I found that a default had been lodged on my Call Credit file for £5,650.00 by "Barclays Partner Finance" ( default date has been set at 11/05/2011 ) when I am sure they have changed the date of default forward, as I defaulted on that loan way back in 2008. But on top of that, they forwarded that same debt onto a Debt Collecting agency called "CapQuest Investments Ltd" who have set their own default for the debt - Date 31/12/2009 amount £5,961.00. I am not sure if this debt has been sold on to CapQuest, or if they are just acting for Barclays Partner Finance, but in any case, is it legal to lodge 2 defaults for one debt? The default lodged by CapQuest, is on all 3 credit reference agencys, but the default lodged by Barclays Partner Finance, h as only been put on Call Credit, either way, my chances of getting a mortgage with even one default is remote I think? I just need to know what the best way forward is going to be for me? I have read somewhere on the forum, that people have managed to negotiate with the Debt Collection Agencys to remove the default by paying off the debt in a lump sum, and if this is possible, then would I be right in saying that, Both companies would have to remove the default, if the original company holding the debt agrees to remove their default? Many thanks, in anticipation!
  3. hi everyone my housemate i trying to sort out a strange problem that occurred a couple of week back. He was stopped for having a bumper missing on his work van, just the cosmetic bumper not anything safety-wise. they gave him a traffic offence report (ticket i guess) for RT88457 for "danger of injury due to vehicle condition" in the "vehicle defect rectification scheme" section, nothing is written about that that condition is or mention of the bumper area, no photos taken, etc. after hearing form him it appears the constable was a bit unsure what of what he was doing and no offer to get the van fixed within a time was offered. he was given a FPN of £60 and 3 points and a caution. This to me sounds completely over the top, i don't know much but I presume he should have given him the option to get it fixed within 14 days or something but straight went straight to all this.... He said that whilst in the car the officers have problem with the spelling of his name, they got it wrong, he challenged them politely about them entering an "n"where there was not one it it appears they got the hump for making a mistake and this may have led to them going this far. he has gone up to station to speak to the constables supervisor to try and sort it out and complain and is waiting for a call back from a sergeant. whilst there the desk officer entered into a light hearted chat about the new forms being not very good and them having a number of complaints about them which was ironic considering. Does anyone here know anything about this or what steps to take. it just strikes me as a something that has not been done properly and now he has to put up with higher insurance and a caution for potentially nothing? thanks in advance
  4. Not sure if this is the right place for this as it's a health and safety issue really. I'm in a shared ownership scheme with a housing association in Scotland. Next to the block of flats is a parking area with a building cage. There's a grassy area and a walkway to some other housing association properties which are being renovated. The building cage has two corrugated metal containers in it. They've been there for about a month. They don't fill it. The houses opposite the grassy areas have had scaffolding up for about 3 weeks. The only thing stopping kids from climbing up this scaffolding is the fencing around the gardens. It's not fenced off by the builders. On the grass by my flat is a pile of building materials. I've been aware of it for a little over 10 days. the weekend before last was a rare dry one and kids were out playing. I noticed that they'd found a small ladder and had propped it up at the end of a pile of wood for the building and were using a plank to get from one pile to the next. Right next to all this is a pile of what looks a little like spares for the scaffolding. They are made of metal that's rusty with spikes of metal sticking upwards. No one was about on the building site so I called the local police station. There's no sign giving a number for the buildersresponsible. Someone said that an officer would be over to take a look. I didn't see one but they didn't take my details so I may have missed them. The next day (Sunday) having seen no police and seeing the ladder/plank still there and gangs of kids still there. I called the police again. Couldn't think what else to do. Again, someone said they'd take a look but no sign of anything done. Later in the week I called the housing association. I wasn't sure it was their building site but the grass is theirs and so is the building cage so I assumed they'd have some responsibility if an accident occured. They agreed it was probably their building site and they would do something about it. Builder's vans started to appear and as I had to go out I thought it would be sorted. Got back that evening and it was piled higher. But the ladder and plank had been tidied. Friday I went to work and mentioned it to colleagues (I work part time for the council) and they all said to tell a councillor who would be in that day. The HA were shut Friday and Monday so there would be noone to speak to until Tuesday. So I did, he seemed concerned and although he had no great opinion of the HA (he's not alone). Came back from a weekend away and it's still all there. Last night kids were still climbing on it. At frequent intervals there are broken chunks of paving slab thrown about (I saw one young girl carrying a whole one at one point). I can't get anyone to listen and I'm really worried that if a kid falls off and onto one of these pieces of rusty metal or if one of them tips onto a child (they're not secure) there will be a terrible accident. It's just across the path from the local play area which is behind my building. So today I phond the HA and asked to speak to maintenance and told them I would give them 24 hours to get it sorted. I then phoned the local weekly paper. It comes out on Thursdays. I'm not sure whether I'm doing the right thing. It's really scary when I see kids playing in an area that isn't safe. I don't know whether it would make any difference if I yelled at them. I'm alone here and feel quite vulnerable. Kids should be playing outside and it's good that they do but not on this. Any ideas or suggestions? (btw there's another load of houses just starting to have the work done so I can't see the pile being moved tomorrow unless someone creates a fuss).
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