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Found 139 results

  1. Had 250ltr of our hot water tank leak through the ceiling recently. There was a little damage there before (shower leaked a few years ago) but it was too much hassle to fix. Now the damage is much much worse. The insurance are paying for the flooring but are refusing to pay for the ceiling saying I've not experienced any financial loss because it was damaged already? Is this normal? Surely its like saying you can't have a new carpet if its wrecked because there was a fag burn on one corner?
  2. Good morning, I have outstanding balance with EON for £624 and have done since 2016. I have always disputed this balance as it appeared far too high for 2 months bills where I was not living in the property due to renovations work. The last payment on the account was in September 2015. To cut a long story short, I was due to set up a payment plan with simply past due credit who put the account on hold after I questioned EON sharing 6 late payments on my account in 2016. EON refused to refuse the payment markers and I wrote to the past due credit in February 2018 again asking to set up a payment plan but received nothing back. Last week, out of the blue, I received a letter from EON requesting a the full balance by 31st January or a default would be put on my account or if I did pay monthly by arrangement, "we will share the information about the arrangement with the CRA". My credit files are squeaky clean and near maximum with both agencies apart from the one with Equifax which bizarrely after 2017 showed payments on my account to EON then last month it showed a late/missing payment in December 2018 despite no arrangement being in place. I want to pay the full balance but am worried about how negatively it will impact my credit history as I've heard that "settled" can be viewed very negatively - some also say that a payment arrangement can be almost as negative as a default! Could anybody kindly give me some advice please?
  3. Last night, an unknown tall vehicle drove past our home and ripped the mains power cable and bracket out of the wall in our house, causing significant damage to the wall and roof. The vehicle failed to stop. UK power networks were very quick to respond and restore power to our home within a few hours, however, the damage to the building still exists. My question is - Does this count as criminal damage, and should we report it as such? Or is it really not worth it? Does the repair bill for this fall on our shoulders?
  4. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have been in had they not purchased the insurance. What we're doing to put things right We have designed and agreed a customer contact and refund programme and will refund Ace and Studio customers the premium they paid for the insurance together with interest. The average premium amount to be refunded will be approximately £38. We have identified approximately 330,000 affected customers. https://www.express-gifts.co.uk/looking-after-our-pp-customers And ... https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/bought-cover-from-a-catalogue-company-how-to-get-a-refund-0-8575-0.htm
  5. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have been in had they not purchased the insurance. What we're doing to put things right We have designed and agreed a customer contact and refund programme and will refund Ace and Studio customers the premium they paid for the insurance together with interest. The average premium amount to be refunded will be approximately £38. We have identified approximately 330,000 affected customers. https://www.express-gifts.co.uk/looking-after-our-pp-customers And ... https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/bought-cover-from-a-catalogue-company-how-to-get-a-refund-0-8575-0.htm
  6. The landlords (a company) and I are butting heads about both these issues. Claim damage to furniture: I have had to destroy 3 pieces of furniture due to mould. The mould I believe was caused due to a poor sealing window in our bedroom therefore letting in moisture. The landlords knew about this within a couple of months of moving in and never corrected it. I tried every year before winter to add my own seal but that ultimately fails. And heating the room was so expensive, as I believe there was no wall insulation as there were black spots of mould on 3 out of 4 walls and the noise from other neighbours was unbearable. I have receipts of the furniture and pictures of the mould but this isn't enough for them. Early leaving fee: Yes I know there is an agreement in place in which I must give a month's notice in writing. The fixed agreement had ended and I think I am right in saying I was on a periodic agreement. However, our neighbour was burgled (the building has 5 flats). We have had trouble with this neighbour before and felt unsafe anyway, but this was a tipping point. We so then started to view flats and found one which began the process of registering and references. We asked our landlords for a reference and said some of the following in an email "Due to the recent burglary we feel the time is right to move to another property.....". They did actually phone and mentioned they were surprised that we are leaving them after such a long time. I know this does not constitute a formal acknowledgement that we are leaving, but it wasn't until about 3 and a half weeks after this we moved out. They have then charged an early vacating fee but I am contesting this due to the circumstances of the burglary - they keep saying this is not a valid reason. The burgled tenant also implied I had something to do with this, which the landlords disagreed with. All in all, with some deductions which I do agree with BUT without the early vacating fee, I am asking for a small amount of money back from them. They do not agree. A case was opened with the TDS but based on what I have uploaded as evidence and the damage to furniture, they felt it was best that I not agree to this process and take it to court if I choose to do so. Not sure if I could also add this to a claim, but after a couple of years in that property and with complaints regarding noise etc, both me and my partner are now on anxiety medication - could I not add a claim against them for this? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. I bought a house 10 years ago as an investment, put it on rent, not knowing that what appeared to be an the empty house next door being, was in fact tenanted by a family who came from a rough council estate, well known to the police. I put the house for rent 10 years ago, during this time the family next door have 1. Had a scrap metal business operating from their back garden, piling up metal against the fence, I fixed up to stop them tresspassing into my garden. 2. Used a air gun to break my window. 3. Cut down a massive 50ft high tree, which fell into my back garden, broke all my fences and damaged my house. (The Tenants said it just happened by the wind, when they were visible cut marks on the trunk on the tree) 4. Broke into my house from the back garden patio, ripped up the central heating, thrown the central heating into a field behind the back garden and stole the copper piping. When I asked if the saw what happened, they said 'we just heard sounds' 5. Broke my fences 6. They cut down the bushes in the front garden and now are tresspassing into my front garden as and when they please and swinging from the metal guard door, I've put to stop breaking into the house. Over the years, I've been in touch with the social services, council, police and nobody has helped me. The police told me the family is well known to the police and has history and the local PSCO is too scared to even go to the house. I asked the lady next door, who is always in bath robe most of the time, if she had the landlord details, but she said no. I must have spent £5k on the house after next door have damaged it. Countless men and youths go into/out the house daily, the lady is on benefits as well as the other over 18's, very rough family. At my wits ends now, I have tenants at the house, who want a stop to the tresspassing into the front garden, they asked me to put a fence up to stop the tresspassing that will costs over £300 and I'm worried what if the people next door break/damage the fence. The only people who have caused damaged are the people next door, nobody else is going to come specially to cause damage. Shall I get the landlords details on land registry and write him a letter, asking him to tell his tenants to stop walking into my front garden or shall I go see him in person? I want to say any future damage to the house, can I take the landlord to the smalls claim court for the damage his tenants have done or may due?
  8. After the bad weather a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a damp patch on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, and upon further investigation, several smaller patches in the back bedroom. So I went outside with my binoculars and had a good look at the roof front and back... I could see no damage, loose/slipped tiles or anything obvious. I got the step ladder out and pocked my head into the loft, and discovered that a load of the roofing felt has ripped away, exposing the underside of the tiles and batons. Contacted the buildings insurance and they arranged a roofer to come out and inspect things, and give them a report. This report is looking very unfavourable, currently awaiting a copy of it and the pictures he took. From what we've been told so far, he's claiming that there has been water getting into the roof space that has damaged the batons causing them to sag in a few areas. He's claiming that this is because the overlap on the tiles doesn't meet the current 75mm overlap. But refused to answer my question about 'when' those regulations came into effect... and he's also offered the 'theory' that there could be condensation occurring. But is admittedly guessing in that regard. My house was built around 51/52 and the only building regulations I can find are the ones that came into effect in Feb 1966, these were the first ever national building regs according to my 'limited' research abilities. I contacted the national archives to see if they could help, but it's not the kind of info they store and I should try a local archive for my county. It's worth noting that the rest of the roofing material not damaged, looks in near perfect condition. The overlay on the tiles at the bottom of the roof and at the top varies between 70-85mm, but it's the areas were the batons have sagged due to moisture that the overlap is much lower... He told me in person it was as low as 45-50mm, but in the report he's claiming it's now 25mm. We are now faced with the prospect of a 4-5k repair bill if the insurance refuse to cover some or all of the cost. The tiles are reaching the end of their lifespan of 80yrs being around 66yrs old now, and it's in the best interests of the property to replace them with newer ones. So what I need to know... is what to do next if they try to avoid helping with the costs... We're quite prepared to contribute to the cost aside from the excess of about £250 we'd be happy to pay for all of the replacement tiles and even include some roof vents 'just in case' there has been condensation... Er on the side of caution rather than risk the 'theory' being correct. From some rough figures I arrived at (approx meter squared area and tile coverage per mt squared. I estimate this to be in the region of £1000 with between 1000-1200 tiles required at an approx cost of 74p per tile (if ordering more than 500).. I worked this out from the rough footprint and then added 20% to account for roof pitch. Approx footprint is 70-75m/s and around 15 tiles per m/s. Roof vents are around £15-18 each depending on type and I assume I'll need 5, 2 front, 2 back and one for the small porch. What are the procedures I need to be aware, do we have to follow a complaints procedure, should we get independent reports done... If they point blank refuse to pay anything... who do we take it too next, and because of the risk of further damage due to the current state of the roof... should we have the work undertaken to current building standards and then pursue some form of recovery of some of those costs. I'm actually lucky that I had my c/irESA claim sorted out and backdated 3 yrs recently... so I've got a little cushion to cover some of this expense. But I'd need to borrow the rest from family as a loan to be paid back. Right this moment... I'm not panicking... that could change very quickly if things look bleak.
  9. I bought an item on Ebay, which the seller claimed had only been used 1 time and was in excellent condition, the only reason why i bought the item. The item arrived damaged, i requested a return as item not as decribed and arrived damaged. Seller refused to accept a return, instead she blamed me for the damage, saying i had caused the damaged and had swapped item and the pictures I had shown of the damage were fake. Seller claimed she has a witness who saw her send the item in mint condition, but i told her it arrived damaged with a dent/chipped, with scratches etc and obviously not used the 1 time as seller claimed. Anway the seller then made a threat take me to smalls court (when she had my money and sent me a damaged item) and is still refusing to take the item back and still blaming me and now claims she can get a witness statement to say she sent the item in mint condition - if thats the case as seller claims, why it did arrived damaged!! In the email exchange with the seller, she is trying to make herself look the victim in all of this. The item is of over £250 Raised return request on Ebay, but seller is blaming me for the damage, how crazy is that, she sent an item not as described, anway time to escalate to Ebay and get Ebay involved because the seller is not admitting the item i received is damaged, even after showing pictures and still blaming me, what do I tell Ebay when I escalate item not as decribed, arrived damaged, seller not accepting responsibility, blaming me for the damage? As for the sellers witness statement to say she sent the item in mint condition, that doesn't count because my pictures show the damage, please please help
  10. A few days ago I completed a few transaction over LocalBitcoins.com to a buyer named Muumbis (currently blocked) who seemed to be a trusted user, had good feedback and 2 months of multiple transactions. The buyer sent me the funds through a PayPal transfer, and then I proceeded to send/release the bitcoins to his account once the money hit my account. These transactions were very profitable to me, amounting to about 40% of profit over the then exchange price of bitcoin. Only after 6 PayPal transactions amounting to a total of around £11000, I noticed that the person’s details included in the PayPal account used to forward all these payments differed greatly from the personal information of this LocalBitcoins.com user. For comparison sake, the owner of the PayPal account is a Canadian, while this person seems to be based in Netherlands (Proxy, likely) and has a verified phone number from Kenya, as well as, beginning of a different gender. As of now PayPal as yet to contact me about any irregularities in these transactions and I made sure I transferred all my PayPal balance to my savings account. However I’m confident I got [problem]med and it’s just a matter of time until these payments are flagged as unauthorized transactions and the owner of the PayPal account files a chargeback against me leaving me empty of bitcoins and about 5000£ of negative PayPal balance, which I have no means to payback as I’m student and I already have some debt going. Summary, I sold some bitcoins at 40-50% in profit to a guy who used a hijacked PayPal account to pay me. It’s just a matter of time until the victim of the hijacked account files a PayPal unauthorised transaction/ chargeback against me. PayPal then reverses the transaction and the [problem]mer gets the bitcoins while I’m left to pay around 5000£ of debt due to the profit margin. I’m divested by this, as I’m a victim too just like the affect PayPal account owner, plus I have no means to payback if these transactions are found to be unauthorized. Perhaps, in the end, all I could do is payback the some of the money to the victim excluding the profit/debt margin that was employed in this [problem]. God, I can’t believe a fell for it, I’m aware of this sort of thing yet due to my own stupidity or being a student with no income I just went for it….Never felt so dumb. I know I’m making assumptions on what if…however, I just need to a little guidance on what to do next or who to turn to, basically a course of action to reduce all the possible damage. Thank you all
  11. Hi All, Need some advice on what to do. On the 10th Nov 2017 my car got damaged a small amount at work one large scrape down to the primer and a few smaller hair line scratches and some of the other drivers paint, I didn't notice it till I got home about 30 mins after it has happened. The person involved didn't come back into the office to report it they just re adjusted the angle they came out of their space and carried on. I was in work on the 11th Nov and checked the CCTV and it was captured on there, red car going into my drivers side wing matching up with the damage. The person involved then went away with some people from work for a sales event and came back today (20th Nov) hasn't said anything, parked her car away from the car park (could be coincidence but this is the first time she has ever done this.) I think she knows she has done it after me sending out a company wide email along with pictures of the damage sustained. What can I do now, I have had some quotes and it will cost about £180-£220 depending on where I go, do I have to give her the quotes and ask her to pay for the damage along with a copy of the CCTV ? Then what happens if she refuses to pay or denies it even with the CCTV proving it. Is it also a criminal offense to hit a car and then not report it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi All, Need some advice on behalf of my partners Dad. There was a gas explosion recently in Blackpool and the street that he lived on story here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-41374322 19 - X's House 21 - House that explosion originated from 23 - Partner's Dad's house Some bullet points outlining what has happened so far; Explosion occurred Damage assessed 21 is found to be un-safe and needs pulling down 19,21 and 23 have scaffolding erected Cause is found (21mm pipe from house owners side of the meter was connected to a 15mm pipe with a connector and over the years this came lose to the point where gas was escaping, electric kettle then ignited it) 21 is then pulled down The damage to 19; Dividing wall damaged The rear half of the property collapsed Front brick work has been pushed out in certain places Council have decided the structure may now be to unsafe to save Damage to 23; Dividing wall damaged Crack in wall from lower floor to the 1st floor Windows and frames have been pushed back into the property Chimney collapsed Some windows smashed Back Garden wall has collapsed The council have come in and removed the remains of 21 and are going to be double bricking the wall of 23 and it will be the new outer wall, they have also sorted all the scaffolding, security, clear up and other parts of the whole operation. 19 and 21 both had private renters, 19 was just tenants and 21 was tenants and owners living there. 19 and 23 didn't have any form of insurance but 21 did. Council has gone to 21's insurance with the bill and they have rejected it saying that they will only pay for work done on their customer (21) as he hasn't admitted liability nor been negligible, this means that the bill for repair work to 19 and 23 could go to their respective owners to either pay or have put on their property with interest of 8% per year. We just need to know if this is the case I would have thought the repair for all 3 buildings would be covered by 21, like car insurance X crashes into Y and X's insurance pays for X and Y's car etc. I would assume if 21 has been renting out rooms in his ex guest house he would need to have gas safety and boiler certificates every year to prove the lodgings where safe and these haven't been done and therefor this would be considered negligible. I guess what I am asking is how can we get this sorted and what sort of legal action we can take to get this repair work covered by either 21 or their insurance. Sorry for the long post but if there is more information needed that I have missed just ask and I will do my best to provide it. Thanks in advance
  13. I was involved in a very minor collision whereby someone drove into the back of me. My car was booked in for repair at a local accident repair centre. The other Party's insurer arranged a hire car from Europcar for me to use whilst my car was in for repair. I was contacted by Europcar who gave me a time to meet its representative at the repair centre and told me I would need to sign for the car and provide Identification. On arrival at the agreed time, I was told by the receptionist that the representative from Europcar had already dropped the hire car off. I did not sign any agreement or show any identification. After 2 days my car was repaired and ready for collection. I contacted the other party's Insurance to ask what I should do about the hire car, they told me to leave the hire car at the repair centre and they would contact Europcar to off-hire the vehicle. A week later I received a phone call from Europcar asking me where I had left the vehicle. I explained as above and that was that. I have now received a letter saying there was damage to the car that I am liable for. I have responded via email saying that I dispute this on the basis that firstly I did not sign any terms and conditions and that secondly the vehicle was off-hired 7 days before it was actually collected from the repairs centre. Any other advice?
  14. Hi everyone am posting this on behalf of a family member who is in this situation and doesn't use the internet. family member is a professional for the government. I will just refer to them as X.. X got their car keyed as did all the government team in a hospital car park by one of their service users who has a mental illness. Every single one of the people who got their cars keyed by this person reported it. The hospital captured this on CCTV which they have stated is 1080P sharp and clear and shows this person doing it. The police were called as a result and took the CCTV footage. All staff have so far settled claims either through insurance or cheapest quote. The mental patient here as well does have money as he jumped out of a window whilst in NHS care and got a substanial 8 figure sum from the NHS. X reported it to the police too, who under caution interviewed this service user/mental patient. The patient admitted keying X's car in a taped interview to the police. He said he did not realise X was not part of the government local team he keyed. Guilty person said he would pay full damages for repair of the car. X waited for him to pay 2-3 months but he did not, the police were chasing the service user/mental patient and the police had him mentally checked and a doctor declared he was under his own capacity of thought and has known what he did, so he is not unfit to be prosecuted. Police chased him for another month and told X not to worry they will be a witness in the small claims court if needs be to recover losses. X has this in writing in emails and alot of email evidence. Guilty party/person never paid and police now turn around and say X must get 3 quotes to satisfy guilty party's solicitor. X got 3 quotes, cheapest was £1400 inc car hire. Guilty party refused to pay it claiming it was too much. X was told the police cannot force him to pay it and X would need to go to small claims court. X filed in small claims court and the defendant/guilty party failed to respond within 14 days. X then filed judgement using MCOL online. X has today has a letter saying judgement has been entered. Now the Police have come back and said the guilty party will pay £1300 (excluding car hire) but will not pay court fees. Police have advised X to take the above as they will not be a witness if X does not take the above deal. X advised them can they put in writing (police after speaking to guilty party solicitor.) Police stated no they will not put in writing again cannot make him pay. X refused police's offer and stated the guilty party has had many opportunites to pay before court. Police offer now has told X in a u-turn that 2 weeks later after judgement has been filed that they have managed to get a cheque for X which £1300, still minus car fees and court cost. X was going to go back and say they will accept £1300 cheque as part payment but remaining balance will be settled through judgement can they do this? X feels it is unfair they are suffering and police is siding with guilty party kind of and wants to know if a judge would go against them for not taking the £1300 offer as X has suffered time off work and is not a high earner who is a single parent to 4 kids. X is unsure how judgement will work next as well, can anyone advise?
  15. A couple of weeks ago I had to call a locksmith out (from a call centre number). My key would not turn what appeared to be a jammed deadlock. Using airbags to partially hold open part of the door he used an angle grinder to try and cut through the deadlock but unfortunately the blade was too short by about 2mm. He then decided to use a hammer and chisel with a great amount of force for about 30 - 40 minutes. He aborted the job and I was left locked out. The next day another locksmith came round and used a paddle to hole part of the door open sufficiently enough for him to be able to drill through the lock and gain entry. Once in it was clear that there was quite a lot of damage caused to the UPVCS frame, the wooden frame and to the edge of the door. I complained to the first company who denied that their "engineer" used a hammer even though several of my neighbours signed to say that they had heard the hammering. They are denying responsibility saying " Firstly, I wish to clarify my point regarding the liability of any damaged caused. Each sub-contractor that works for us is required to have Public Liability Insurance to cover himself on jobs should accidental damage be caused. Therefore, if any damage was caused by our engineer Danny, then it would be the engineer personally liable for making further arrangements through his personal insurance. Naturally Keytek would assist as and where required should any of our locksmiths cause damage while on site. Surely my contract was between the Company and not the subcontractor they chose to appoint to the job. All helpful advice welcome. Thanks
  16. Can anyone advise on whether the following is a valid Pilon clause and therefore imediatly dissmiss under the contract? The company policy is to pay the the statutoury maximunm redundancy payment. Whether or not the notice period will be worked will be at the company discretion. Regards
  17. My husband and I recently moved out of a small 2 bed-semi that we rented for 5 years. The landlady did the check out with my husband - taking almost 3 hours. She pointed out a number of things she was no happy with in terms of cleaning (if there was a slight mark/spot that had missed it meant we hadn't cleaned it at all and it was filthy etc) and reluctantly my husband agreed to £100 'cleaning' bill - signed the check out sheet, as did my landlady. She sent it through to the DPS but due to no internet and started new professional jobs we didn't see it before she cancelled it and decided that she wanted to keep all of the deposit. Her reasons for keeping all the deposit kept changing as every time we told her that it was unreasonable/not true etc she'd come up with a new reason. She's the sort of landlord who would get fixated on one/two thing(s) regardless of the truth and convince herself it was the case e.g. she claimed that we put the (mainly empty) boxes on the unboarded areas in the loft - we told her that we hadn't and asked her to look, she replied with well they were the last time I looked - they hadn't moved since we put them up there! She also mentioned the additional wear on the carpet of the bottom 2 stairs. I told her that this was how it was when she rented it to us and that she had even written it on the inventory - showed her and she mumbled something in disagreement - has now decided that 'more wear on lower steps' is referring to a non-existent stain! This is despite her inventory being OTT compared to others I have seen (i.e including garden wall, electrical grate coverings etc) guess my main questions are: 1. What would be considered the average lifespan of a mattress (1000 sprung double)? If there are marks from the metal bed frame, can she claim that it is no longer fit for purpose and therefore claim? She says it was £377 and should last 8 years and therefore is claiming 3 years. She told us she always gets a new mattress after she has had long term tenants hence why we had a new one as the previous tenants had been there for 4 years. 2. The sofa has about 5 threads pulled on the back corner which have been fabric glued back down but leaves v. small gaps over an area about 6cm x 4cm. It also has a patch on the arm from where the vanish cleaning product made it slightly darker (she requested it was cleaned and we stopped after we saw that it wasn't doing anything and making it darker). She is claiming these things makes it now longer fit for purpose and therefore is claiming for it. She doesn't have an invoice and on starting the tenancy she told us that it was an old sofa but still very comfortable which is why she has kept it. She says she bought it is 2008 but I'm sure she mentioned that it was about 8 years old when we moved in in 2012! The inventory states it was in fair condition (as opposed to her good, v.good, excellent or new that other items are). She said that it was £800+ but using the figure £600 and states that on average it should have 12 years lifespan and so is claiming for 3 years (£150) Thank you for any help anyone can give.
  18. Hi All, Please bear with me. I was made redundant over a year ago, and as a single Mum, I've just started my own business, but am still relying heavily on benefits while I find my feet - financially. Our landlady's told us she's selling the house in June and as we've been here for 5 years and are so happy and settled, I'd love to somehow be able to buy it. The house is expected to go on the market for 220K. My mum recently sold her house and has a 30K deposit she can give us and I'm now considering the following options: 1. My ex, who earns a good wage (100K) can 'Buy to let' for us? This sounds too good to be true - what are the issues surrounding this? 2. Would my 71 year old Mum be able to re-mortgage her house that she owns outright? It's value is 200K. Is she able to do this at her age - how much could she raise - again - what are the issues surrounding this? I'm pretty convinced that our dream's not achievable, but I thought I'd ask here first - I've heard great things about this forum. Here's hoping, Many thanks in advance.
  19. Dear CAG members, I hope someone here could help us with something urgent. We only have been given 7 days for this. We hired a SIXT car from London for 1 week. When my partner and I collected the vehicle the vehicle was very dirty. I said I didn't mind it, as I didn't want to wait for 30 minutes for the agent to clean it. However, my partner said that we should have them clean it, so we could see the damages that are already present. "Fair point..." the agent said, "...but remember you have paid a premium for zero excess, so it doesn't matter what damages are present already, as any new damage would not be charged to you anyway". We thought great, but let's get it cleaned anyway as it's for mother in law's 60th birthday road trip... After the car was cleaned we were handed the keys back at the booth, told were the agent left it and sent on our way without any further taking note of anything. I was given a receipt that had all the existing damages on there. When we got home to pick up our luggage I noticed a large 10cm scratch on the rear bumper that wasn't on the receipt I've been given. It definitely wasn't us as it looked like a cast concrete bollard got it, or something with similar texture, and we didn't come past any. Anyway, we didn't have time to go back to the hire place to make this known as we had mother waiting at the train station and thought it wouldn't matter anyway as we paid for zero excess. Now, when we returned the vehicle Saturday just gone, the agent (different one this time) asked where we parked, then went to check the vehicle, noted the additional scratch, came back to us and asked me to sign the scratch on his PDA to acknowledge it. I said, we paid for Zero excess, what am I signing here? Will I be charged? He said, no, no, you won't be charged, as you paid a premium, you just need to acknowledge it. So I signed and my partner and I left. Today I had an email from SIXT saying that they are making a claim for the damage and that the online form needs to be filled in and submitted within 7 days. Because I have been registered as the main driver (mother in law was the additional driver) I now have to deal with this insurance claim and I am now worried that once the claim is submitted by SIXT, the insurers will make this known on the whole insurers network, so that next time I am looking to renew my own van insurance I will be hit with a much higher premium. I feel like SIXT have been waiting for someone like us, who they can lure into thinking that any damage unrecorded won't matter, so that they can make a claim for damages later on at my cost. Can somebody please advise what I should do? I was thinking of just writing in the statement that I am not assuming liability for the damage as it was already there. Attached is a screen shot of the form.
  20. I've never done this before so please bear with me if I provide too little, or too much, information. In December my Parent's hot water cylinder sprung a leak, they had home care with British Gas so called them out. An engineer came that night to drain the tank and another engineer came the next day to do the repair. The work they completed was done, to our limited knowledge, correctly. However, the second engineer failed to store the loft ladder away properly - he failed to insert the locking pin to prevent the ladders from sliding apart. When my Father opened the loft access panel the following week, one of the ladders rapidly descended hitting him in the face before hitting the wall (damages to his person, spectacles, wall, picture,etc). My father is 82 and having had a stroke less than a year prior to this date had no intentions of going into the loft, he was opening the panel for me (as at 5'3" I couldn't reach it). I inspected the ladder and it didn't appear to have been damaged in any way, but the only way I could examine its moorings was to climb the ladder itself to look at the fitting in the loft. Unfortunately, whilst I was climbing the ladder (before I could see where the ladder was fitted) : it buckled and completely collapsed taking me with it. I landed flat on my back on the ladder - luckily I got away with only bruising, a concussion and whiplash (although it damage some items I had on my person). Originally we contacted British Gas to let them know what had happened in the hope of preventing it from happening to someone else who wouldn't be as lucky as I was (the hospital advised I was lucky not to have broken my neck). The attitude of those my Parents' spoke to at British Gas soon changed this opinion. At no point in their communication did British Gas return any telephone calls, and on top of this my Parents' were told that they could only contact the person dealing with their complaint, to whom they were only provided a mobile phone number as a point of contact (my parents are both in their 80's and although they have a mobile it is viewed as for emergencies, which left them calling from a landline at great expense). A letter was supposedly sent but was never received, even when resent (we eventually got it by email). In fact, no one paid any attention to my parents complaint until my Mother asked them what would have happened if it had been their engineer that fell, instead of me. British Gas have now referred this to their legal team, who have stated that my Father is liable for my injury's as he should have gone up the ladder to check it was safe for me to use (even though he is 82 and suffering with balance issues as a result of his stroke). They also state that there were 2 engineers present when the ladder was put away and that they stored it correctly. Firstly, there was only one engineer assigned to the job and present when the ladder was put away - two other engineers did visit the property earlier in the day to deliver parts but neither was in attendance when the ladder was stored away. Additionally, we still have the damaged loft ladder in the garage and, even in its damaged state, when the locking pin is inserted it cannot open on its own. Can anyone provide some advise on where we stand with this as it is making my Parents I'll with the worry.
  21. Hi everyone, I was hoping somebody could lend some advice on a situation we're having with Currys. We have a iPad and we pay £7.99 a month for Currys WhateverHappens insurance. Last week I bumped it and it fell off the side of the bannister down onto a concrete floor. (We're currently redecorating and it's two flights down) My partner left it into Currys to sent it off to be repaired and today they've gotten back to us stating there refusing to repair the iPad as "the damage is inconsistent with the statement given". According to the guys in the tech lab the damage is "too great for just a fall". I'm not sure if my partner told them how high it fell from, maybe they think we're just trying to pull a fast one on them in order to get a new ipad. (As it would have to be replaced as iPad + concrete floor + two flights drop = totally smashed iPad. I use it for work so I'm struggling without it. I thought it was better to get WhateverHappens JUST IN CASE anything like this ever happened but now there refusing to fix or replace it?? I'm at a loss... What's the point in paying insurance over the past three years of it was for nothing?
  22. Hi all, About 12 months ago my partner and I bought three ceiling lights from Dunelm and fitted them using the recommended bulbs. Over the past 12 months dark stains have appeared on our ceiling above each bulb. A sample light was sent back to Dunelm who investigated the issue with the supplier and eventually accepted liability, offering to pay to have our ceilings repainted. This is all great and we're happy with the service. We obtained quotes and sent a middle-of-the-road quote to Dunelm for approval, however they refuse to send me the money, instead insisting the money is paid directly to the decorator we contract to do the work. I have a few issues with this. It's not the decorator who has suffered a loss, we have, so why is not us who are compensated for an agreed sum? Second, I have never paid upfront for any work in the past, which appears to be what Dunelm expect me to do in effect. I guess my question is, is there any basis on which to insist it is me who is compensated, leaving me free to contract whomever I wish?
  23. Hi all I need some advice on an issue that I have with Sixt. I will put in all events to hopefully give the full picture. 15th Feb hired a car at my local Sixt car hire office for 24 hours. No excess waiver taken On checking the car with the employee I noticed some scratches on the front reg plate and bumper. I was told that these slight scratches did not count as damage. I signed the employees pda computer and was given the keys. No paperwork except the reciept that I signed in the office prior to going to collect the car. I did not have a camera to use at the time. The car was due back by 11am on 16th Feb 2017. As per agreement I parked the car outside the office at around half midnight on the 16th Feb and dropped the key in the 24 hour dropbox. I checked online and noted that the car was checked back in at 7.07hrs. I understand that I am responsible for any damage until it is checked in. I had to go to the office later that morning to resolve a separate fuel issue. The employee who checked the car in, informed me that he had to drive the car to the petrol station to put more fuel in. He was speaking very candidly with me. No mention of anything wrong with the check in. 5 days later I get an email stating that the car has new damage and I am liable. Upon investigation, I find out that the damage being refered to is the same scratches that were there already. After multiple emails back and forth. I have denied all liability. My reasons are as follows: 1) The damage was already there. I informed the employee before taking the car. As per terms and conditions. 2) The photograph taken by Sixt was taken later on that day, after the car had been moved. Even though the damage was there, any new damage claimed could have been caused after the car was checked in. The car was parked in a way that a picture could have easily been taken where I left it. Why wasn't it? 3) Lack of consistency of the employees. The state of the car on check out was described as slightly soiled interior and exterior. On check in the state was described as clean. This could be the exact situation with the scratches. One person says it's ok, the next say it's not. This is obviously what has happenned. 4) I've been sent 2 different invoice amounts, 354 and 360 pounds. On one of the invoices it details labour charges and specific time spent on the repair. When I checked the car after the invoices were produced, the repair has not even been carried out. 5) In one of my emails I suggested that Sixt give customers a sheet of paper that shows a diagram of the car and any damage no matter how minor. This would avoid any confusement in the future. To my amazment one of these sheets was emailed to me with my signature on it. I have never seen this sheet let alone signed it. I feel that this could be classed a fraud. 6) The pictures of the car that Sixt produced showed extra markings that seem to have been added for the picture. I'm not sure if these were markings to point to the scratches or simply to make it look worse. These markings are not there now. All in all I feel that they are trying it on with me. I have invited them to take me to court. I recieved another email today stating that as we are getting nowhere, they have no option other than to refer the case to their legal department, unless "we can come to an agreed settlement" . I feel very suspicious about this. If they are adament that I am liable, why would they want to reduce the charge? You opinions and advice would be very welcome. Do you think I should let them take me to court?
  24. I had repair or replace insurance on an American style fridge freezer with d&g and had to have it replaced they replaced it with one from hot point and gave me one with water and ice which was a bonus however I had to pay £79.00 for delivery and install and I asked if that was a complete install and was told yes! I phoned hotpoint to book a time and was told it was a special team that had to book it as it was an American style unit I spoke with them and confirmed again it was a full install again I was told yes. Imagine then to my dismay that when it was delivered the delivery guy said they couldn't install it as there was supposed to already be a tap plumbed in to attach it to no one hade ever mentioned this I was furious but hotpoint stated I should have known this ( I'm not an engineer how was I supposed to know )I had to pay a plumber £80.00 pound to install it . However the fridge then died the next day and ruined all my food I had to fight to get a replacement as they couldn't get me an engineer to assess it for 5 weeks what a joke. They came to replace after much arguing and lo and behold when the moved the fridge out there was a large tear in my flooring underneath which wasn't there before they delivered the first fridge they then proceeded to drag the fridge across my flooring putting to long and deep dents across my kitchen diner floor. I called them about it and had to get an engineer as the second replacement fridge handle came off in my hand I was assured that the engineer would also inspect the floor damage when he attended and we could resolve that issue. The engineer arrived and when I asked him to inspect the floor as per customer services instructions and he laughed and said it wasn't his his job to do that and customer services at hotpoint were always saying stuff like that to get people off the phone I called customer services furious and was told to email my complaint in writing and the escalation department would deal with it that was six weeks ago and still no phone call I emailed again 3 weeks ago and received a reply from an alleged customer service director apologising and stating that someone would contact me shortly I am at my wits end as still have had no call my flooring covers a large kitchen/ dining area and will be expensive to replace can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction of what my options are to force them to resolve this as I am at a loss any help would be gratefully appreciated I Would certainly not recommend a hotpoint product to anyone and I would never buy from them again as their customer service department are a comple and utter joke
  25. I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine. He has bought a car about 6 months ago, he is very happy with the drive. He booked it in for a service and the dealer pointed out the right hand indicator was flashing red the car is due an mot next month so he booked it in for a replacement. He recived a call from the dealer who sent him pictures of when they removed the bumper substantial damage was found, it seems the car had been in an accident and repairs were made and what was hidden by the bumper is in a pretty bad shape. He spoke to the finance company who said it is nothing to do with them, I think it is and would be grateful if someone could confirm. He has emailed the original dealer he bought the car from copying in the finance company and he is waiting to hear. Who is actually responsible for this and what steps should he take? Thanks
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