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  1. Sorry if this seem to be a long post , but please bare with me My Daughter signed via the internet for basic 11gb BT broadband , she has yet to receive a hard copy of the contract or “Welcome pack “,only an email confirmation About 10 days after applying she received (by post ) the BT hub , and a day later put it into service . She was horrified 3 days later to receive a warning email telling her she had exceeded the download limit by almost double . Horrified due to A) The high cost of excess data charges B) The fact that even though devices were connected all were set to not update unless the relevant ok was clicked , she had not carried any downloads or film watching and could not understand how so much data could have been downloaded She then disconnected all connected devices , went out , and 3 hrs later when she checked it was showing and additional 10gb of data had been downloaded , this on an up to 8mb service Then the first of many calls to BT “customer service “ Various assurances were made , ignored , denied , forgotten She was talked down to as though she was a silly school girl , talked at , talked over and hung up on , in the latest call , witnessed by my OH , she had to tell the BT person he was rude , and to stop talking over her when she was trying to get her points across .The first BT person had said they would look into the downloads and tell her how and when . BT , as yet have failed to provide this data , and are deny ever saying this was possible , lets hope a review of recordings of telephone calls will show who is telling the truth She / we then decided we had had enough and to exercise the 14 day cooling off period . That is when the sting in the tail came . We consider the cooling off period start date is when you actually start to use the service . O no say BT it starts when you sign up. So you sign up get the service , find it wanting , go to cancel and get stuck with a £204 cancellation fee , because you have passed BT cooling period . We are refusing to pay the cancellation charge , only offering to pay any outstanding data charges , so BT said they would send a deadlock letter , this they have not , instead , a standard cancellation email has arrived . The standing order to this account has now been closed , and BT informed to only communicate by letter , as my daughter has limited ability to connect to secure and safe internet ( essentially ours at our house ) A letter of formal complaint has been sent .along with an offer to settle only outstanding data charges . My Daughter is a special needs care assistant on National Minimum wage , with a school age child , and is attempting to live independently , there is no way she could afford this cancellation fee So over to the experts Is this an unfair contract condition What chance do we have going up against the might of BT Last sum up ,For 3 days internet , BT want £204 as well as the initial charges !!
  2. If this is the wrong place for this post please move it. Hi I have a Ltd company and manufacture goods myself. I have a customer who owes me around £8500. Most of the money owed I supplied them when the person was a sole trader trading as XXXXXXX. Around June this year they registered as LTD and told me when they collected an order late June I think. I have asked for interim payments to get the debt down from just under £10,000 which they did and got it down to around £7000 but I allowed them a few smaller orders to help them out on the understanding that they carried on paying. They haven't really.....and I have nudged them for some more money and it looks like they can't pay anything for at least 2 or 3 months. Then it will be can we have some more stock and we can pay you or if not we will have to get stock elsewhere and use any money we have to buy stock from elsewhere to keep going. Now is the person still liable for the goods they had off me before they went LTD or does it all transfer to the LTD company now. I am thinking of asking for a personal guarantee or walking possesion on goods etc. I don't want to do this but I have been in this position before when someone gave me post dated cheques and fobbed me off a couple of months while he registered a new company and liquidated the company that owed me money. Any suggestions?
  3. Over the last 4years I have been receiving letters from N Power at my address, but for the previous occupants. As I used to be an Npower customer I have opened a couple of these thinking they were my bills etc. and have found that the previous owner of my house is getting gas and electricity supplied to another address,but having all correspondence sent to my address still. I have tried contacting Npower dozens of times to stop this and every time they have said it will stop,but it never has. About 18 months ago they offered me £20 credit as compensation/goodwill gesture onto my account for the hassle it has caused. I have now left Npower and changed supplier yet despite their most recent promises I am still receiving mail to my address for this other account. Last night I called Npower again and once again explained the situation. I am now told that as I am not the account holder, that they cannot do anything and that they will keep sending mail to my address. I have explained that I am worried that somebody could be racking a debt up against my address and that if they are, that they could end up sending bailiffs etc. round to my house. Is thereanything I can do, or do I just have to accept that these clowns will continuesending me somebody elses mail.
  4. Hi Guys, Date of Infringement : 21/08/2018 Issue Date : 23/08/2018 Date Received : 25/08/2018 Mentions Schedule 4 Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 : No Photographic Evidence : Yes, entering and leaving Have you appealed : Not yet, rang Lidl Parking Company : Athena ANPR Where : Lidl dedicated Carpark, 21 London Road, Blackwater, Surrey, GU17 9AF Operating Under : International Parking Community's Accredited Operator Scheme Permitted Stay : 1:30 Apparent Stay : 1:42:10 Hi guys, Received a named letter today. Pretty disgusted. Apparently the car was parked there for 12 minutes longer than permitted. We are regular Lidl customers and have a bank statement showing money spent during the 'offense'. Rang customer service, who weren't interested at all in helping. The letter came today, pretty upset by it, especially as money is tight at the moment. Spent time looking through newbie threads here and elsewhere, Would like to email the CEO as I see others have done this, couldn't find it though. Still unsure as to how exactly I should proceed. Any advice is really appreciated.
  5. Greetings all! I could trawl around the net for the answer to this for a few hrs. However, as you guys are usually clued up on this stuff. I though somebody may like to offer some wisdom for the rest of us. It was my understanding that the the Consumer Rights Directive made using Premium rate numbers a no no for calling "Customer Services" and that these call's should be at no more than "local rate". I can't find the legislation though. Was this just a proposal, or a proper 'unfair business practice' and has anybody got the reference/Act etc. The reason I ask, is that I notice that a number of car hire companies only offer "customer Services" via their reservations numbers which are often premium or service rated e.b. 0870 or 0844. Thanks for your help Dave
  6. Hi We are a small block of flats managed by our own residents. One of our leaseholders ordered some post boxes from an online retailer who it was thought was reputable and could be relied upon to supply us with two banks of post boxes. The post boxes arrived on a large pallet and the lady who ordered them did not open them at the time as everything appeared to be ok from the outside,,,, A few days later she took a brief look inside the wrapping only to discover that the pallet had taken a knock somehow and the weather shields which surrounded the post boxes had been damaged,,, The lady who ordered them then contacted the supplier to tell them about the damage, and they told her that there was nothing they could do as she had not checked the delivery on arrival. She disputed this, so they then told her that she should take it up with the delivery company,,,, After considering what they had said, she then told them that she was not happy with the goods and that they should rectify the problem,,,, they eventually agreed to send new weather surrounds for both banks of letterboxes, which they said could easily be replaced as they were bolted on. But, a few days after when one of the directors decided to unpack the pallet properly to check the rest of the contents, it was discovered that there was also dents and scratches on some of the post boxes. Please can you advise what would be the next step, can we ask for a refund, as the post boxes are not in good condition and cannot be replaced individually as they are pop-riveted together,,, Any help would be gratefully received, and am I right in thinking we have 30 days in which to ask for the goods to be replaced, or a refund?
  7. My Son agreed to do some work for a customer to install and improve their bathroom. The customer agreed to pay half of the fitting charge then the rest on completion. Customer paid for all materials and ordered her own bathroom furniture. Prior to her ordering this my son made her aware that in order to install a shower into the available space she would have to have a sliding door on the shower cubicle. We got to the last day of fitting and noticed she has bought a hinged shower door which will not fit. I offered to complete the work on Friday and messaged her to arrange this and requested that she guarantee to pay the remainder of fitting charge on completion the same day. She messaged back saying she would NOT guarantee this as she felt there was a lot to finish. She then sent me an email quoting Consumer Regulations (2013) stating that I am obliged to provide pre-contract information and a cooling off period of 14 days. She states that she is now choosing to invoke this and has 1 year and 14 days. We had a verbal contract and she has now stated she wishes to cancel my services and I am not to return to their property. I have completed 95% of this work and I am owed £860.25 for this. Customer has stated that they will get another independent tradesman to value the work done to date and will pay what they tell her or request a refund - in reasonable time. This has left me unable to pay sub contractor for electricity work and myself unable to pay my own bills etc. Can anyone give me advice on my next step? By the way the customer was over the moon with the work done to date, however, her Father turned up at the property 2 days ago and told me to go off home. I picked up my tools and left saying I would speak to my customer to arrange to finish the work.
  8. Hello All, About a month ago I paid online for a flight with a European Airline. Somehow (no fault of my own) the payment didn't go through although at the time it showed the payment pending. The next day my bank notifies me of possible fraudulent activity and thus locks my online account. Several days later the airline later email me about this non payment. Now I am back in the UK I have contacted my bank, and furthermore contacted the fraud centre. They notified me of the fraudulent activity was actually the airline getting into my personal online bank account with no permission. So regardless of if, why or what their intentions are / were, is this not illegal for an airline, or anyone, to invade a person's privacy like this?!! Can they just get away with it? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I am looking for some advice please. I have a standing order weekly to Fedex Europe paying off some outstanding import tax, however today I have received a Notice of Enforcement asking for £958 - includes a number of charges! I can happily print off the invoices for these payments and get these off to them, but I need to know what I can do re the letter? I have emailed them today asking for confirmation of whether any payments have been added to this account. I have until 31st March to get this sorted. Please advise. Thanks
  10. Hi, I bought a voltage converter from Amazon to use for an American TV. While using it the converter started buzzing really loudly, suddenly overheated, and killed my flatscreen Samsung TV. Since I bought the product there are some very bad reviews on the product that include a person whose item exploded as a result of the item being faulty, so its not just me. I've been trying to get in touch with Amazon complaints department as I wanted to log a formal complaint about the converter and the TV, and I did this over a chat with Amazon's complaints department (- apparently). Amazon wouldn't allow me to log a complaint or do anything. Here's a snippet of how the conversation with Amazon Complaints team went: 11:45 PM GMT M: Based on our conversation, I understand I am not allowed to make a formal complaint. I am not allowed to get a link to your compensation policy. And I am not allowed to get compensation for the items damaged in my property by your dangerous faulty product. Based on this conversation I understand amazon takes no responsibility for items that are dangerous to people and private property. And I am also not allowed to contact the Amazon’s legal department. Is that right? 11:48 PM GMT Parthasarathy: I will forward this issue to our internal team and will make sure that you will not face this problem again. 11:50 PM GMT Me: Yes, you can forward this to the internal team. In the mean time I would like Amazon to register a formal complaint on the following grounds: 11:52 PM GMT Me: 1) I am being blocked from logging a formal complaint. 2) I am not allowed to get a link to your compensation policy. 3) I am not allowed to get compensation for the items damaged in my property by your dangerous faulty product. 4) Amazon takes no responsibility for items that are dangerous to people and private property. 5) I am being blocked from contacting the Amazon’s legal department. 11:52 PM GMT Parthasarathy: Okay. I will now forward this issue to concerned team and will assure that this will not happen again in future. 11:53 PM GMT Me: Can you please give a reference number for my complaint. And when should I expect a written response to my complaint please? 11:54 PM GMT Parthasarathy: I'm sorry it's an internal contact and we don't have the option to disclose it's output. 11:56 PM GMT Me: If you register a formal complaint, you have to give the customer a reference number, it's got nothing to do with internal contacts or disclosure. Also, ever formal complaint has to have a written response. Again, it's got nothing to do with internal contacts, disclosure or outputs. Are you saying that you refuse to register a formal complaint? 11:58 PM GMT Parthasarathy: We understand how you feel, we’re very sorry. We’re going to take care of this and you can trust us that it will not happen again in future How can I file a formal complaint with Amazon if Amazon does not want it? What should I do? Thank you.
  11. My mum was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia, she has been with Virgin Media since 2011 starting out on a 18 month contract. Five months ago my mum came to live with me, I then went through the process of obtaining a Power of Attorney so I could deal with her housing arrangements ect. A month ago I phoned Virgin Media to cancel her TV services, they said they would need to speak to her and she would have to give them her password. After telling them I had Power of Attorney and my mum had Dementia and could not remember what she did a few hours ago let alone remember a password she was given 6 years ago they said they would have to send her the password. Luckily enough I still have the keys to her old flat as Social Care will not let me surrender the tenancy until they assess her as if I did they would look on it as me making her intentionally homeless.(whilst she waste's £600 a month on rent ect) Virgin Media said they would send a new password in a couple of days, after waiting a week I checked the flat and there was nothing from them. I phoned again weeks ago, again was promised they would send out a password. I was in the flat again last night and all there was from Virgin Media was a new bill for the coming month. I have now cancelled the Direct Debit. Who am I best to contact regarding this.
  12. Are Currys holding on to and delaying customer refunds. In my case they seam to me to be doing just this. I bought an item online and Currys agreed to collect it as it wasnt as described and didnt fit my needs. It to 8 days to get the collection and I was told that I would get a refund within 3-5 days. Unfortunately that didnt happen I tried to complain: - I tried to raise a PayPal claim but the email supplied to contact Currys on the PayPal site doesnt exist so email returned. - I phoned Currys to complain, as soon as the customer services person takes my order number she tells me I have an immediate email agreeing to make a refund, but this is over 20 days since I purchased, and 11 days after Currys picked up the item. - dont delay in making that complaint because Currys may not do anything about your refund until you complain like me. Personally I think this is - at the least just bad customer service - at worst maybe Currys are trying to increase their cash flow by holding on to customers money. poor show Currys
  13. Firstly, if my post is in the wrong thread plese feel free to move appropriately and advise. Now, I know that this is likely to touch a nerve with a few caggers but I'm like a dog with a bone so please bare with me. My Nephew (for the purpose of this thread we'll call him John) was researching various traders for a vehicle and having previously been wary of [problem]mers, had successfully turned down previous vehicles because of suspicious activity on said websites. However, unfortunately, he has fell fowl to a vehicle [problem] on Auto Trader (online) to the tune of £7000. Now, please dont state the obvious, he already realises how stupid he's been transferring the funds before seeing the vehicle but the said vehicle was in London and he works long hours. going on past transactions, he's purchased vehicles like this previously with no bother, and all has been ok. On researching this topic I came across a similar fraud https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?469945-Defrauded-by-bank-transfer-by-a-Barclay-s-customer-should-I-sue&highlight=fraud+[problem] and can relate to some of the information contained there in. Action Fraud have been advised, reference etc provided. Auto Trader advised, and during the conversation have advised us that the 'Seller/[problem]mer' had multiple vehicles 'for sale' and they have taken all adverts down because of suspicious activity. Now, my thought is: Wouldn't it have been better if Auto Trader could 'tweak' their website to make it look like the adverts were still live to the [problem]mer but not actually available to customers to prevent anyone else being caught out? Whilst the police/fraud squad did there investigations and even visited said [problem]mer's home address (from the banks records) to retrieve as much money as possible? And even shut them down? We've spoken to DVLA to alert them that certain registration number is involved but they naturally will only liaise with the fraud team/police. We've spoken to Nat West and they won't divulge their policies and processes which they follow in these circumstances (even in a generalised scenario) but considering the vehicle was supposed to be in London the bank account is held in Leicester! Which is not a stone throw away from the link above thread. [problem]mers do not differentiate when it comes to obtaining funds by deception, a drone or a vehicle....... So, moving this a little futher down the line, assuming the police apprehend culptits and retrieve assets through crime. What happens to the cash recovered, property sold whether it be house, car, fancy watches etc? Can the victims not lay claim to a portion of the recovered assets, even pro rata amounts? Where does this money go to? I am in the process of drafting complaint letter up to the bank as like the cagger said above, banks are not protecting its customers sufficiently via bank transfers and just blaming the customer. The banks have a duty to apply due diligence when customers open new bank accounts and I dont think bank staff are trained sufficiently enough to spot fraudulent documents, they should have major training in spotting fraudulent documents and carry out further checks with relevant organisations before permitting funds to be released, and lets face it if you saw an account with transactions of transfer credits being received into an account of multiple thousands, several times a day, surely they can have flags on the software system to alert a fraud team? Would anyone like to suggest how I could draft a template letter to the bank to complain in this regard? Or your thoughts please?
  14. Hi all I used to be with Sky for my phone & broadband, I contacted them on the 4th April to see if they would do me a better deal as Virgin were offering me a deal that was £15 a month cheaper.. . The call centre drone I spoke with wasn't interested in retaining my custom after something like 16yrs and so I started the cancellation process. This would take 2 weeks, my new provider would also notify them that they were taking over my phone number. I paid for my service in advance at the end of March which means my account was up to date aside from any call charges right up to the end of my contract.nn I have emails from Sky telling me that I am leaving and end date is the 20th April. Virgin installed my cable phone line and service on the 19th April and I have been using that since then. My sky modem was unplugged on the 19th too. The emails from Sky state that they have received notification that my phone number is being taken over, that my service will end on the 20th April and the number would be transferred by the 29th April... I think it actually transferred about the 27th although I can't be exactly certain. I then receive a letter telling me that my service was ending on the 1st may, in direct contradiction of the previous contact I had via email. As I was already paid up until the end of April, I cancelled my DD so they couldn't 'accidentally' take payments they shouldn't and a figured that was the end of it. Today I got a letter demanding payment of £46.99 and a threat of action plus a £7.50 'late' fee and informing me that my services have been suspended... . quite what services they think they're suspending I have no idea as I've not been a customer since the 20th April. I have not been notified of any final bill that's owed (by my calculations, there's actually a chance they owe me a little bit of a refund) there are no call charges to pay because I had their 24/7 free calls package which was paid in advance for the month. .. even if I assume the worst and that my billing date (usually the last day of the month) is 2 weeks later than my billing cycle. that only means I may (and I stress may) be liable for 3 or 4 days service. I have received no Final bill of any kind, the only contact is A: them telling me the date of my contract end B: Letters/Emails trying to get me to rejoin Sky C: Letters demanding money after service has ended I can find no contact email address for them and refuse to speak to them by phone as I'm not paying call charges (no longer free if not a sky customer) to try and get them to sort out their screw up. I can't even find an address for their complaints team. If anyone has an address of their complaints dept, an email address that actually works or a freephone number I can call... Please let me know. Additionally, any advice on how to deal with these incompetent nincompoops would be most welcome. I'm concerned that they may try and mess with my credit score because of their failings.
  15. I visited a Barclays bank branch in February. Whilst there, I paid a cheque into my current account. I then asked for funds to be transferred from my current account to my Barclaycard Visa card, in order to clear the outstanding balance. The cashier asked for my debit card PIN, which I had never been given, after which she refused to process my instruction. This is despite my being able to use the card for online payments. By refusing to transfer the funds, the bank had effectively declined to allow me access to my own money. The cashier then said she could arrange for a new PIN to be sent to me, and then proceeded to ask for my mother’s maiden name. I told her I was not prepared to disclose this verbally in a bank full of customers. She then pushed a piece of paper under the window so I could write down the answers to the security questions. Once I had correctly answered them, she proceeded to order a new PIN for me, but still refused to process the payment I had requested. I wrote to their customer services department to complain, and to ask for their assurance that such a regrettable situation would not be repeated. I explained that there is no conceivable scenario under which anyone would attempt to pay off my Barclaycard from my Barclays current account for fraudulent reasons, and of course, nobody other than myself would attempt to do it because the only person who would benefit is me. I then received a text message from Barclays, despite having previously written to them to say I did not wish to be contacted by text. I followed up my original complaint letter and asked them to remove my mobile number from their system. I then received a letter from them in which they acknowledged my complaint, and asked me to confirm that the mobile number they had for me was up to date (yes, that’s right folks, the one I’d already asked them not to contact me on.) I didn’t get a reply to my next letter so I wrote again and asked them for their response. About a month later, they wrote to me and said that because they had taken so long to address the issues raised in my complaint, I was now entitled to ask the FOS to become involved. I wrote back and said I thought it was ludicrous that they were happy for this to happen rather than deal with it themselves. I asked for £150 compensation for the time I’d had to spend dealing with the matter. A few more weeks later, I received a letter telling me they’d finished their investigation. In this letter, amongst other things, they said, “If a customer does not have their PIN with them, we would then attempt to identify the customer by asking security questions instead.” This kind of misses the point I’d made in my initial letter to them, which is that the cashier did ask me security questions, which I answered correctly, but she still refused to process the transaction. The letter went on to say that no bank error occurred, and they thought they had followed the correct procedure. They did add however, that because of the time they had taken to resolve the complaint, they had credited my account with £100. The interesting thing here, is that they haven’t resolved the complaint. The statement in their letter regarding attempting to identify customers by asking security questions is at odds with what happened next. I visited the same branch yesterday, this time armed with the PIN they’d recently sent me. I asked if I could transfer funds from my current account to pay off a Barclaycard balance, a nd when I keyed in the PIN, the terminal said it was incorrect. I offered to sign for the transaction instead, but the cashier refused to accept this. I offered to answer security questions, but this was refused as well. I explained the statement made in their most recent letter regarding identifying customers by asking security questions, but the answer was still no. I told them I’d already made a formal complaint about the first time they’d refused to allow me access to my own money and that I intended to do the same again. By the time I left, there was a queue of at least six other customers behind me. One of them congratulated me for my persistence as I was leaving, and said he’d experienced similar problems with them. On the basis of the above, I have now filed a complaint with the FOS, who were very helpful when I had a dispute last year with Santander, and who obtained a satisfactory outcome for me. I’ll let you know what happens with this one. In the meantime, has anyone else had any similar experiences with Barclays or any of the other banks ?
  16. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4445214/What-really-caused-customer-service-meltdown-Vodafone.html?ito CAG hopes that Mr Jeffery listens and acts swiftly.
  17. Thames Water has a fund in place which can help to pay your water bills if you satisfy their hardship criteria. If you have used this fund before or if you decide to use it now, we would be interested to hear about your experiences of it. You can post in the Utilities forum:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?121-Utilities-Gas-Electricity-Water Other water providers may well provide similar schemes. Check on their websites and let us know.
  18. Hi All, I purchased a Netgear Ready NAS for aprox £300 for our company for a upcoming project. By the time it came to use it I tested it to make sure the transfer speed are what was stated and they weren't so it wasn't any use. I emailed them 15 days after purchasing letting them know this and they said as long as everything was returned as new they would accept a return, so I replied saying this was the case. The item didn't come sealed so even if I hadn't of opened it there is no way of proving it either way. They then emailed back saying it would be subject to a restocking fee of 30% and I have argued the fact it isn't stated in their terms and conditions surely they can't force that from us after buying the item. Is there anything I can do before just giving into this restocking fee ? Link to their business terms and conditions - https://www.ballicom.co.uk/help/faq#terms-and-conditions-business-purchase Thanks
  19. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/veterans-uk-customer-satisfaction-survey-2017
  20. Hi Guys, I'm was a customer of GB energy, and after finding out they're I bust followed the advice to take a meter readings. However when I went to get the electric readings I found that my meter doesn't display the numbers and is faulty. GB energy will not respond and Ofgem keeps cutting me off when I try to phone them. Any advice please?
  21. i received an email from bt yesterday telling me my 'deal' for broadband was coming to and end and they had 'special offers especially for me' on looking all the deals were more expensive than the one i had so did a price comparison check and booked broadband with another supplier to change on 8 mar....then had an email from bt saying i had broken the contract by leaving early!!! despite the email saying my deal was ending...anyway it transpires it is ending a month early 8 mar instead of the 8 may...now i dont mind paying for month which seems reasonable but they also want me to pay 55 quid for the router which i never wanted....offered to return said router but no...now does anyone think that this price is disproportionate and i should stand my ground and not pay it or pay it and say never again!!!
  22. Hi, I have had two Jawbone fitness trackers. First one strap broke, I called jawbone customer support and they sent out a new strap. I got a new better UP2 and gifted the old one to my friend. Now I purchased this UP2 from Amazon on 25 May 2016 (so its still within its years warranty) and the strap has broken and it now will not sync to my phone despite following all of their advice on their website so its no longer fit for purpose and its not even a year old! I called the customer support number which now states there is not longer any customer support available in the UK!!? I have emailed via the app on my phone 4 times and no response. They are still selling these things (at a reduced price now) How can I get a replacement or a refund? Surely this is breaking some consumer law? Any assistance appreciated! Thanks Fittaedae
  23. I bought a Mercedes S class S400 hybrid from Mercedes benz of Edinburgh in March 2014 to the tune of £84k. I work as a London Chauffeur providing chauffeur services to some very prestigious clientele. From the beginning I have endured nothing but Serious problems. The car had a serious engine cut out problem whereby when the car was transitioning from Hybrid mode to engine it would unexpectedly just cut out and there was no throttle. Of the many times that this happened there were two in particular that were actually life threatening and both times i had clients on board. One time I made a judgement and entered a busy roundabout and the car cut out which nearly caused a serious collision. This happened again whilst crossing a very busy road in London, luckily the on coming car pulled an emergency brake. I have also had problems with the drivers seat as to date it has not stopped squeaking. I work as a London chauffeur and this has been very distressing as well as highly embarrassing. I first reported this issue to Mercedes of Slough who couldn't find a fault, then I went to Mercedes of Brentford who also couldn't understand why the car was cutting out and couldn't find a fault. Mercedes of Brentford tried to cure the squeak in the seat but unfortunately didn't. Next I went to Mercedes of Heathrow who also did a diagnostic and told me that Mercedes HQ knew about this issue and it was gearbox related. They told me that certain tweaks had to be done to the gearbox and that the work would take half a day to complete (my cars gearbox prior to this was fine and smooth) they kept it in for a week. During the week that they had my car they told me that they couldn't reprogram the gearbox to go into reverse. They also tried to fix the squeak in the drivers seat but to no joy either. When I finally got my car back I quickly realised that the transitions of the gears were not as smooth as they were prior. I took the car back to Heathrow numerous times since then as the gearbox just didn't feel right. Eventually I was told by Heathrow that there was nothing else that could be done by them. They did pay one of my monthly payments but that doesn't solve the bigger problem at hand. I made countless calls to Mercedes customer services with regards all the problems and their answer each time was to take it to a dealership. The big problem here is that the Uk dealerships are just not educated enough to deal with the problems of theses particular cars. Recently Whilst on a job In December 2016 I endured yet another problem whereby the command system of the car failed which means No radio/tv or bluetooth is available in the car. Mercedes Slough have had the car from 16/1/17 till present and I have not even been provided with a temporary replacement to work in. I have literally had enough of this car. I know that they have changed the car for the same problems for a few chauffeurs as we are all connected, but not me. Im not actually asking for the car to be changed but rather for Customer Services to acknowledge the problems that I have constantly faced. I truly feel that Im lucky to be alive. I have had to fit cameras in the car incase I am faced with any other dangerous situations.
  24. I placed an order with Parcel2go via MyHermes on 20th July. I dispatched the small item on economy service which I would assume 3-5 days max. My Ebay customer started ranting and set up an issue that he didnt receive the item after 5 working days. I tracked it and sent a copy to him and contacted company that assured my parcel would be delivered within 24hrs. after 10 days my customer refused to accept the parcel in annoyance 1st August. I assumed the parcel would be returned to me. I checked yesterday and it states that its been signed for. This is now the issue I have contacted Parcel2go and they want me to pay again to have the parcel returned to myself???? In the meanwhile Ebay have sided with the customer and refunded the item and the postage however I am left is debt now as the tracking states - endless excuses why it wasn't delivered. I have have now had money withdrawn out of my account and the parcel is in the hands of someone who can prob resell the item - surely this is illegal practice as it hasnt been delivered. Is it worth complaining and threaten with small claims?
  25. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2895425/Lloyds-life-misery-insisting-DEAD.html
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