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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I was hoping somebody could lend some advice on a situation we're having with Currys. We have a iPad and we pay £7.99 a month for Currys WhateverHappens insurance. Last week I bumped it and it fell off the side of the bannister down onto a concrete floor. (We're currently redecorating and it's two flights down) My partner left it into Currys to sent it off to be repaired and today they've gotten back to us stating there refusing to repair the iPad as "the damage is inconsistent with the statement given". According to the guys in the tech lab the damage is "too great for just a fall". I'm not sure if my partner told them how high it fell from, maybe they think we're just trying to pull a fast one on them in order to get a new ipad. (As it would have to be replaced as iPad + concrete floor + two flights drop = totally smashed iPad. I use it for work so I'm struggling without it. I thought it was better to get WhateverHappens JUST IN CASE anything like this ever happened but now there refusing to fix or replace it?? I'm at a loss... What's the point in paying insurance over the past three years of it was for nothing?
  2. Ok, in short this is what's happened so far... 1) Bought a high-end digital camera in October 2007 with a 5-year Whatever Happens policy. 2)Camera won't power on in July 2010. Item is booked in for repair on 20th and is collected on the 26th July 2010. 3) Camera is written off on 23rd August 2010 and a voucher number is issued on 25th August 2010 for a camera of equal specifications. 4) I went into a local Curry's store and the sales assistant advised me which camera was equal to my old one. 5) At the till, I am told the voucher doesn't even cover half the cost of the equivalent camera. 6) I am told to call Whatever Happens from home and get them to upgrade the value of the voucher. 7) I am told by Whatever Happens that they won't upgrade the value of the voucher because the camera I bought in the first place was Clearance (NOT graded, ex display, pre-owned etc..) 8) I am offered a Panasonic G1 which doesn't have Movie Mode (Which I used a lot!) and it only has a 14-42mm zoom (compared to an 18-300mm zoom I had before!). 9) Curry's INSIST this camera is better than the one I had.... not likely.... Anyway, I am told that even though I bought an £800 digital camera in 2007, because it was on Clearance at £229.97, I am not entitled to an £800 camera today, even though nothing cheaper has the same specifications! I paid £89.00 for the 5-year Whatever Happens which I paid for in full there and then. Their Whatever Happens policy clearly states 'If the item cannot be repaired within 28 days, you will be given vouchers to purchase a product of equivalent specification'..... But Whatever Happens customer service claim that this isn't the case for clearance cameras, even though it DOES NOT state that ANYWHERE on the policy, nor does it mention a maximum value they will offer. Does this sound right to you????
  3. Hi, This is a small warning to hopefully put people off from buying anything from Curry's or Dixons and taking a whatever happens or premium insurance. I purchased a Samsung television in october 2010 from Currys. We have bought a lot of appliances from currys and up till now they have always been reasonably priced and the whatever happens has worked for me in the past, so i took th epremium version as this would (they promised) give me a loan tv, repairs within 10 days in stead of 21 and a better service. The television started to develop a loud buzzing noise from the transformer in december, naturally i rang the tech guys to have it repaired. They gave me a date, however when i asked for a loan tv they replied they did not have one on stock due to the xmas rush etc. I rescheduled for january and as promised they showed up with a loan tv and took my tv. So far so good, i got what i paid for. About 6 days later I got a call that the tv was fixed and they were bringing it back. When the tv arrived I set it up with the two delivery men present, and immediately it was evident the fault wasnt fixed, as the noise was still there. I trie dto refuse the tv as it wasnt fixed but they said i had to accept it and rebook. Tried to do that the same day, however the same story that there was no loan tv. it took another two weeks for them to ring me that they finally managed to find a loan tv, which as it happened came in a box and i had to assemble myself. Awesome service from the tech guys. TV was returned a week later, however fault still there. This time I knew my rights and refused the tv as it wasnt fixed. They wanted to take the loan tv as well which would leave me without a television, so refused that and they only took my tv. Rang up to explain what happened, and they (very helpfull and polite) man on the other side said they woudl start a repair investigation and someone would come back to me. I received a call from an actual engineer at the depot, asking me what the issue was. I explained in full detail and even told him how to replicate to fault/noise. He hang up and said he would come back to me. 3 days later i got a call the tv was a write off and couldnt be fixed. They promised me i would get a voucher code as soon as the loan tv was collected so I could get a replacement TV. I have rung them about 15 times in the last 4 days, been on hold for over an hour, been promised call backs and the code numerous times, however I am still without code and therefore without television. On request I can give you names and times of persons I have spoken to over the weekend and today. Absolutely appaled by the service from the techguys, actually spoke to a person today who admitted he did not really care what happened and what I thought as it wasnt "hurting him in the pocket" if I never bought anything from curry's again. I honestly think that if the people that work for you have such an attitude you can better shut up shop. If he would have been working for me I would have sacked him on the spot. Hopefully I will get my voucher code tomorrow, I will pick up a TV, cancel my whatever happens direct debit and never set foot in a curry's/pc world again. As I am also partly responsible for the IT in the company I work for (and we buy a LOT from PC World business) I will move that away to different companies as well. I know the people that work for tech guys are not directly employed by currys but hopefully the small (to their standards) part of business that I will be taking away hurts somebody in the pocket. Rant over. As stated all I want is to warn people not to buy from curry's or if you do, do not take a whatever happens and just hope it doesnt break after a year when your warranty has run out.
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