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Found 16 results

  1. Just before christmas i received a letter from a company called CCS regarding an alleged debt to the DWP and that i should contact them immediately. This i ignored. I have not been out of work in the last 15 years, have only moved house once and have never claimed a penny in benefits in this time a nd have certainly NEVER had any correspondence from the DWP regarding anything at all. Surely if any money was owed to them for anything the DWP would have informed me ? after all i have not changed my name, national ins no or employer so if they wanted to find me they could easily These letters continued with increased levels of threat, including added costs, court action and doorstep visits none of which happened so am i right in presuming this is either some farcsical attempt at intimidating me into paying something or a possible debt from so far back i honestly have absolutely no idea what it relates to ? ( i honestly cant remember the last time i claimed anything !! ) Now CCS have stopped and i have today ( 19/05/15) received a letter from a company calling themselves CSL ( credit solutions limited ) telling me i have 10 days to respond or a doorstep collector is calling !! more threats ?? I have not responded to any of the letters as NO proof or evidence of any such debt was supplied just a total out of the blue demand and i am not in the habit of contacting people to discuss financial matters on the strength of such demands, and i certainly wouldnt ring them Any advice would be appreciated Many thanks
  2. Have there been any recent changes in what cca request we send ie Credit card cca and loan cca? Mr W
  3. We bought a 3 piece suite from CSL last year, ordered in May, delivered in August. Through a fluke we recently discovered we haven't actually got the suite we had ordered. What was delivered is a similar suite, same colour, roughly the same size, but different name, and £795 cheaper than what we ordered. We are still paying for the suite we initially ordered. CSL (now Sofaworks) have offered to pay us the £795 difference or we can re-order the suite we asked for in the first place. We have been back to the show room to check out the suite we originally ordered and have decided we still want what we ordered as it's nicer. CSL are saying that because we have had our suite now for 6 months we must pay them £500 as a usage fee. We don't have small children, we don't have pets, we don't smoke and we don't sit on the suite eating our dinner. Effectively the suite is still in 'as new' condition. I feel aggrieved that I should have to pay CSL a £500 usage fee, for a delivery error which was fundamentally their fault, but which we have only just discovered. If anything we feel we should be compensated as for the last 6 months we've been paying for a suite we didn't order. Can anyone advise me where I stand here? Am I obliged to pay CSL for their error? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Andy
  4. I was getting some phone calls/texts from an unknown number in November 2013, and then a letter from Credit Solutions Direct saying they were collecting a tax overpayment on HMRC's behalf from 2006. The amount £126. Just before Christmas (20th Dec) I had a letter from them saying they were going to court unless I paid the money within 2 weeks. Now, I have no idea what happened with Tax Credits - I claimed for about 3 years and it was always a mess. I got several letters saying I'd been underpaid/overpaid and found dealing with them a nightmare. At one point I was told there were two files for me so it looked like an admin error. I was also told I didn't owe them anything. Then got a demand for overpayment for about £300. I filled in an appeal form and have never heard anything since. I haven't claimed anything since 2006 even although I didn't qualify for it. Too much aggro for about £40 per month! My daughter is now 20. So I have no idea if I owe them or not. I looked on here for advice, and the advice seemed to be ignore it. My circumstances have changed significantly in that for the past three years I've been self employed, and hardly worked since October last year due to a medical issue. As a result funds were low (and at the time of the letter I had maxxed my overdraft). I've just had an invoice paid so could pay the £126 to get them off my back. (still getting calls and texts and possibly a court letter ) . What should I do? I really don't know if I owe this or not, I can't bear the thought of phoning HMRC again, and this seems a lot of harassment over a two month period after years of silence. P.S. As someone who campaigns vocally about tax avoidance, I do pay my full requirement of corporation and personal tax.
  5. Hello, This is my first post so apologies if it's not to the right place. I've spent a bit of time trying to look at other posts and in the library, but am still struggling to get my head around what I am meant to do. I used to have a Nationwide bank account which was about £300 overdrawn. This was closed about 7/8 years ago and I made repayments (or so I thought). Then out of the blue I get a letter from Nationwide saying that they have sold a debt of £440.07 to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug Branch. I was surprised by this firstly because I thought I had paid it back and secondly this is more than the debt was to start with. Shortly after I get a letter from Aktiv Kapital demanding repayment, followed by many more letters. In my confusion I paid a one off £10 through their website which I probably shouldn't have done but just did it to put off the letters. I've now been receiving lots of letters and phone calls from Credit Security Limited on their behalf. So what should I be doing next? I'm not entirely sure that I owe anything , and if I do I don't see how it can be that much. I had a look in the library. Am I meant to send a CCA letter like this one? Or the general debt letter? Or something else entirely?? My mind is boggled so any help would be much appreciated!
  6. The Sofas were delivered in October2012, we paid extra for the foam upgrade on both the sofas.(3 and 2) the salesperson in the shop told us they would be 'like this' and showed us another FIRM cushion, except they are not like that they are worse and have not even been sat on more than 3 or 4 times. infact they feel as though they are fibre filled or worse. they sink right in when you sit on them and honestly at the time we were both working out all day and most of evening, so did not sit much on the sofas at all!! paid £1700 in total. i wrote to CSL and complained , etc a technician came out there was a fault in the woodwork he fixed it, we thought it would be fine, sat on them few days after letting glue dry. however STILL the same. called CSL , same technician came out again said there was no problem. kept writing to them being ignored Finally got through to disputes resolution who was unwilling to offer anything apart from a credit note for less than half the amount, which would let us buy sofas from CSL within 3 months, i then contacted furniture ombudsmen and they want to get an independant (not so independant) company to look at the sofas, i am being told there is no 'objective evidence' there is anything wrong with them. We have continued to pay the monthly amount of £50 to barclays as were on a credit agreement 4years interest free etc. Problem now is, we are both not in work, cannot afford to pay the monthly and are living with parents having given up the flat. Sofas have been in storage for last five months, by the end of this month we will be in arrears with pretty much everything. Barclays say we cannot cancel or even FREEZE the account, we have reduced this weeks payment to £10 however have been told if we pay this rate for 3months we will incur charges. I was told about the 'equal liablity' thing and did manage to write a letter to Barclays but they said they are not responsible because CSL say there is no fault. csl have said pay £500 and cancel the whole agreement however we dont even have that money upfront AT ALL, iv been told I can choose an independent person myself to inspect the sofas and CLAIM THIS from CSL ? however furniture ombudsman say if i were to choose someone independent CSL may reject the report. consumer direct say i should go with FIRA.- fira say they are not independant. CAN ANYONE ADVISE? please i am at my wits end Thanks x
  7. Hi, I need help, I'm not getting anywhere with CSL or the Furniture Ombudsman. I bought 2 sofas from CSL on 21st August 2012. They were delivered on 3rd September. Upon the delivery, we've noticed one of the sofas already had marks on the seating cushions. It felt saggy, you could not sit comfortably on it, so after a few days we've reported the case to CSL's customer service. They sent out a "Technician" who took a look at the cushions, and I told him that I had been round all of the different retailers trying out furniture and when I found these sofas in CSL they seemed perfect and comfortable, clearly these sofas aren't the same, I said. I told him the store I bought it in, to go and have a look himself. And he did exactly that, claiming they're identical. I wouldn't have a penny if I knew they're like that, but I was convinced they're perfect and I foolishly paid in the deposit, and paid the rest off in August. So, yeah, it was apparently identical. They offered a boosting of the cushions free of charge, and I was merely happy with a refund, because I've paid for a sofa that I want to last, and not sofas that become a flop after three bloody days. Sorry, I'm fuming. But yeah, the tune changed afterwards and I was told to PAY for the cushion boosting, fifty quid. I've said I'm having none of that, and turned to the Furniture Ombudsman. We've filled in a big claim form, and sent it off with all of the photographs, clearly showing the marks and faults with the sofa. The state of this sofa is literally, as if we used it for two years. The worrying fact is, it was like that on the second day, and I was only a fool that I failed to notice it straight away, guess it was wife's excitement and such. I thought that merely stating that the product wasn't as advertised in a five page essay would resolve the case, but it seems that the Furniture Ombudsman has no balls to act against CSL, they're an ombudsman after all. Moving on, the Furniture Ombudsman advised me of the time scale the case would take, so it was just a case of wait and see. They got back eventually, and after two months, offered me a filling which I already rejected. I got back to them saying, I'd be only completely happy with a full refund. It went on, and on, and eventually they offered me an 850 quid refund. I came back to my original statement of wanting a full refund. CSL then requested an inspection, and I agreed to it, as long as it helped to issue a full refund and an independent firm would come and do the inspection, and not a CSL so called "Technician". And so, at the beginning of May, we've had a lovely chap from Castelan carrying out an inspection on the sofas. His opinion was clear and favoured our side, that the sofas were in a terrible state, and he'd wish us the best of luck to get a full refund. He even noted that "the seating cushions do not bounce back" - they simply stuck in when you sit. CSL had to push in again, and keep to their business, by sending out another inspection. And yet again, the Castelan representative was on our side stating "I'd be surprised if you didn't get a refund, but even if they offer you a replacement, it might come faulty again". I made it clear to him, I was only content with a full refund, he took some photographs and I haven't heard from the Ombudsman for a week. This is the e-mail I've received today, and I'm left in turmoil and frustration. I can't stand it anymore, and I'd love for the mess to be sorted out. Is there any organization who are higher than the Ombudsman? So from 850 quid to 800, after two inspections which we're well, "apparently" in our favour but then not? It's hysterical. Constantly, it's been a battle for my own right of a refund, on sofas that I use for a few hours a day - we're at work all the time, and the only time I'd like to relax, I can't because of this saggy box. CSL have been ignorant in every phone call I've received, they've pushed into the independent inspections from Castelan, by calling me and sending me messages about the inspections etc. The sofa is uncomfortable, I suffer occassional back pains... After long months of discomfort and pratting around I just want this over. I have wasted cash on calls, they've wasted my invaluable patience, and I've been stressing over the case since I opened it. I'd honestly love to get this over and done with, sweep it up, let them have the sofa, and walk out with a refund. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Edit: The full price is 1250 by the way, excluding the delivery charges. Considering the sofa has been faulty at the date of the delivery, I should be entitled to every penny back?
  8. Good morning everybody Hope you are all well and your usual fabulous selves In May 2011 I purchased a suite from CSL and it has ripped at the back of the chair, underneath the place where you put your back so its hidden, i rang the Castelan people and they sent out an assessor who said it was manufacturing fault, I contact CSL and they sent out an service manager who has said it is not a manufacturing fault but its accidental damage. Please note I have no idea how the damaged happened, because you can't see it!!! SO - I have a letter from CSL and another from Castelan both saying the exact opposite!!!! What to do? Its confused me!!!!
  9. Good evening, Recently received letters from both the above about two B/Cards. B/C cannot produce agreements as requested under CCA1974, but both these two idiots don't seem to accept they are on a lost cause. They threaten home visits so I threaten them with Tresspass and Police, hope they take notice or it could be interesting.
  10. Hey all, First post here, thought I would jump in at the deep end. I got a PCN last September, and wasn't in a position financially to pay it off within the two weeks and the local authority said I couldnt pay it in installments. I was saving up, then came the threat of being evicted and it got pushed to the back of my mind where it stayed. (Only recently started taking control of the debt situation!). In April a bailiff knocked with a near £400 bill. I explained that I am a single mum desperately trying to get back into work, and that I am dealing with other debts etc and I couldnt possibly pay it all off. The car was sold not long after the PCN because of running costs. He gave me financial forms etc to fill in and send to Collect Services, which I did alongside a letter explaining my circumstances and asked if they could take their crazy attendance fee off for me. The financial statement showed I have £36 left after all bills, but they emailed back and said they wouldnt accept anything less than £50 a month. Managed the first payment (had to delay paying something else to do so), but the second one wasnt going to work. I had to buy shoes for my son, and it left me with nothing left. I phoned them and they said I had to email, and they emailed me back saying it wasnt negotiable and that a bailiff would be round to collect the full payment because I was late on the second instalment. 1st July I phoned the bailiff and he said it was tough. Just after I got off of the phone I noticed he had put another letter through the door, a "notice of intended seizure of goods and inventory", listing the car I no longer own, and all the furniture and electrical appliances. I phoned him back and he claims he knocked (he didnt!) and was an hour or so before I rang him. I asked them for a breakdown of costs etc, and mentioned to them they couldnt issue a levy without coming inside the house and they said: "We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 1/7/13, the content of which has been noted. We have spoken to the bailiff who has advised that he did knock when he called but received no reply. He also confirmed that he told you he called about 8:20 when you telephoned him later, however the electronic call report shows he actually called at about 8:45. This is confirmed by the GPS data from his vehicle. The letter left by the bailiff is notifying you of his visit and the type of things which could be seized if payment is not made. The fees have been correctly applied in accordance with the regulations. A constructive levy is where a Notice of Seizure is issued but the bailiff is not able to remove the goods for example if he listed goods seen through a window. A sample copy of a Notice of Seizure is attached for reference. A new arrangement of £50.00 per month was agreed, the next payment being due by 3/8/13. A statement of the account detailing the charges and payments is attached." The Financial breakdown is as follows: 18/4/13 Costs £7 18/4/13 Debt £165 19/4/13 Letter Fee £11.20 VAT £2.24 Total £13.44 30/4/13 Visit/Levy Fee 1 £52 VAT £10.40 Total £62.40 30/4/13 Attendance Charge £143.75 VAT £28.75 Total £172.50 20/5/13 Payment by D/C £2.08 VAT £0.42 Total £2.50 1/7/13 Visit/Levy Fee 2 £64 VAT £12.80 Total £76.80 Are they allowed to charge this?! I am struggling so much, I simply do not have the money. I have reduced all other debts to £1 a month, some have put my account on hold just to give me some breathing space. Also, why are there levy fees if they claim my "Notice of intended seizure of goods and inventory" is not a levy?! I am getting so stressed out about it all, as everyone does. The £165 charge is the parking fee, and that is fne I owe it and its my fault for getting it in the first place and I am happy to pay that. Please help me, I am struggling with this one Laura
  11. I've been contacted by CSL regarding an outstanding balance on my ex girlfriends phone contract (its in my name), after an escalating number of phone calls to my families home while I'm at university i issued the letter to ensure all contact is in writing which to my knowledge they have followed. I've contacted O2 today to pay the outstanding balance in full but was told that I'd have to contact CSL about it as the debt no longer belongs to them. I've read many of the posts on here about this company and am extremely wary about the way in which I pay them off. Whats the best way for me to approach this? Any help is much appreciated!
  12. Hey guys, ordered a sofa from CSL in May this year (3 seater, 2 seater and footstool), had to wait 12 weeks as we wanted a different colour from the show room model. Arrived early August, but after a few weeks we noticed the leather on one of the 3 seater seats was 'stretched'. I rang CSL who sent a technician out a few days ago who checked the padding which was fine, and was told that all leather is different and that this particular area had stretched and that there was nothing that could be done to rectify it. Safe to say, it doesn't look very nice. After only having the sofa for a few months for it to do this I and my partner are not very happy, especially when the sofa cost over £2000! What will it be like in a year or two? Are we in our rights to ask for an exchange? I've tried looking around but not found much information that's useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kieron
  13. phone call from credit security limited, didn't want to tell me much other than wanted to speak to ms xxxxx...as is they way now I wouldn't confirm and told them to write. am guessing they are a dca from the name, am puzzled as Lowell are the only one I know to be on my case. nothing has changed on noddle report. wondering if they are part of another dca? as a lot seem to be part of a group of them.
  14. Hi all I have been sending e-mails to CSL to make them aware that I have a Administration Order with the county court I have had no response from them, then late last week I received a letter from power2contact stating that I have ignored requests by CSL to contact them. I have now sent a formal complaint to CSL everyday (which they have ignored as I have had no response from them) and also a formal complaint to power2contact (so far they have ignored this as well). I would like to know where I stand with this matter as both CSL and power2contact are ignoring me after power2contact sent me a letter of intention saying they will be sending a agent out to me AFTER I HAVE BEEN IGNORING CSL??
  15. Hi all, Please bare with me as this is my first posting and im looking for some advice. on December 27th 2011 my and the other half saw a sofa we quite liked in CSL Nottingham, We were immediately hit with the sales man and we had a chat with regards to it. We explained that we were having a house built and that we could be having an issue with drain planning, and if so then the sofa we liked wouldnt fit, due to a wall having to come forward altering the dimensions of the living room. We wouldnt know for a month, and then if we ordered after this date it would take another 12 weeks for the sofa to come. He explained that we could put a 10% deposit down on the sofa (£114) and that would "hold" the sofa for us and it would take 12 weeks from this date to arrive. He also told us that we could cancel under no obligation should the wall needed to be moved. We explained that we also wanted to take finance out and that we would do this when we knew about the wal and if we could have itl to which "yes thats no problem" was the out come. Anyway....... The wall needed to be moved, so we cancelled the sofa (or tried to!). We were told that the sofa was being made as it wasnt there "stock" colour and that we would need to pay 30% (a further £229). I explained what the sales man had said but they were adamant that they wanted this extra 20% to cancel. I asked to see the terms and conditions stating this, and they sent me a photocopy of CSL terms that state: "If we agree to cancel this contract, you agree to pay a standard fee which is a percentage of the total order value" No percentage was stated i,e 10% 20% 30% etc and we WERE NOT made aware of this before signing or we never would have! To me this means that CSL could even say its 95%. What i cant understand is if this is the case then why is the deposit not 30%??? And what if we couldnt get finance as well, as this is what we agreed with the sales man. We told the store that we were not paying, and they in turn escalated it to Head Office which sent a letter stating the same photo copy and then a copy of the terms and conditions from there website. The one from the website does state 30% as the percentage to cancel the order, but we ordered in store not off the web and were not made aware of this fact. They then said that if the wall had been moved due to a planning issues then we should seek compensation with the planners and builders and not CSL and that we were liable for the 30% still. Im really at a loss. Ive been mis-sold a sofa and now im expected to pay 30% for the privaliage! Any advice would be appreciated. Liam
  16. For the last few days, or so, I've been getting phone calls asking for my friend - she's still away visiting her family. They are mostly a mixture of Auto-digitalker messages and sms digitalker. I think it is to do with her Barclays account - we sent an SAR request months and months ago, see further up the "Continuing a financial arrangement" thread, and I think that they have got fed up. The SAR is at the local Barclays branch awaiting collection, it came a couple of days after my friend went away - the bank staff do know that she will be in to collect it, in very early August. We have no idea of the true balance, because Barclays never sent any statements, [probably needed all their paper for scribbling down "Libor" calculations]! On the two occasions that they've spoken, these CSL shower have asked if they can speak to her, and I told them, "No you can't, put it in writing, and it will be dealt with" I don't think that they can compose or read, letters. Never, ever, is my friend going to speak to them, [except over their dead bodies, of course] - she is classed as "a vulnerable person", disabled, deaf, and sometimes very easily confused - in fact she doesn't even know about it, I've not mentioned it, no need to spoil her holiday. Apart from the first three or four calls, I'm recorded, date, time, and type of each call. As I've told 'em twice to write, is that it, just ignore further voice calls, but simply carry on recording them? Sam
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