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Found 21 results

  1. Feel its not far off , sickening, especially when its being used to manage essentials https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/18/britain-debt-timebomb-fca-chief-crisis
  2. Feel its not far off , sickening, especially when its being used to manage essentials https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/18/britain-debt-timebomb-fca-chief-crisis
  3. Turkey a NATO member in the area, yet clearly resists other NATO members requests (whether right or wrong - quite understandably in my view) At least 1/2 - 2/3 of the 600,000+ illegal migrants/refugees in Europe this year are reported to have come through Turkey (France24 'conservative' estimate). It would be easy to say (as the EU is requesting at the moment) that Turkey should better police its EU side borders to prevent the flow of migrants, yet Turkey has in the order of 2M refugees/migrants (probably far more) within its borders excluding those who have moved on. - Who wouldn
  4. During the last few weeks, apparently more than 2000 migrants have managed to get through security in Calais and are now in the UK. Theresa May is refusing to comment on this, as it does not make sense to publicise successful illegal migration. It would just encourage more to come. The new fences around the Calais Eurotunnel terminal are not working properly. They were put up in a hurry and are not robust enough to stop people. Some MP's are calling for the British army to be sent to Calais, which is unlikely as the French would not allow it. Also to turn the Eurotunnel terminal int
  5. Well a quick start to a thread.I had no intention this morning to start another thread.But will,how can i resist. Maybe a touch rushed but will build on this.Got to go out to try to make a bob or two shortly So i hope it makes a little sense. Would rather hang round the Bear Garden but needs must. Want to know really wherever you are in the UK how you feel about housing in your areas,whether renting,mortgage,condition,evictions,pressures,landlords,rent deposits anything you want to say. Have you memories of times gone by,can you see into the future.Perhaps you have a crystal ball
  6. The question is whether the NHS is in crisis ? According to media reports i have seen during the last few weeks, there are the following problems. - non urgent operations are being cancelled with long waits for some procedures. People are being offered quick private treatment at the same NHS Hospitals if they pay the full private rate as a cash payment. - there are thousands of elderly and disabled in Hospital beds who cannot go home, because of lack of social care and no funds to carry out adaptions to peoples homes. - people are waiting 3 weeks or more to get appointments
  7. Hi all, I hope i've posted this in the correct place, please move it if I haven't. at the start of this month I received a letter from DWP stating that I owe them around £250 (I can't remember the exact amount off the top of my head.) and that they needed me to pay this back or make an agreement to pay by the 25/4/2014. The letter said that I had previously been written to explaining why I owed the money and that was it. Nothing else on the letter. I telephoned them and spoke to a lady on the phone who said that i'd had 6 crisis loans that hadn't been repaid. I told her that
  8. Hi all. been a long time since I needed to post here I tried a search but couldn't find anything like my story. I have also posted this in the CAG facebook page because as I state at the end I want as many people as possible to know about this. Hi folks. I would like to ask has anyone ever been denied a crisis loan or know anyone that has. I'm between payments at the minute. My SSP has run out and am waiting for my ESA to come through. My money ran out at the weekend and my electricity and food ran out yesterday.. Went to my local SSO to get a crisis loan. The guy dealing with me rang th
  9. Hello all I have received a letter on the 17th of December dated the 11th of December in which the DWP state they are recovering a Crisis Loan on the the 12th of December out of my Employment Support Allowance. The Crisis Loan was paid to me in November 2011 and repaid in January 2012 The DWP alledge that this money has not been repaid. Sadly the cash payments I made into the local jobcentre for which I received a receipt does not seem to have been paid anywhere hence the demand for payment. Thankfully I have one receipt that did not get shredded recently with everythi
  10. In a moment of madness (I have a recurring mental illness), I rang the benefits agency and told them (incorrectly) that I had received a lump sum which I had given away a number of years ago - what actually happened was that the money went to someone else but it had been offered to me and I hadn't accepted it. Since the 1st of January they stopped all benefits whilst they decided they would investigate what had happened. They stopped the benefits retrospectively - I did not find out until a couple of weeks later when I received a letter from them. So, now we are in February and my
  11. hello, My partner and I are self employed and I suffer from Raynaud's disease and kidney infections I need heat for this, oil heating as we have no open fire. My partner and I have next to zero money coming in at present through the business and even though we get £120 per week in tax credits it is really hard to obtain oil with bills etc. I have heard that the DHSS provide Crisis Loans to people on benefits, do you think we would be eligible? We also need a bed and there is no way that we can get credit. We have no kids and the business has made no profit from the last year, I know going
  12. I was directed here from another forum, after posting there for people's opinions. I think this is posted in the wrong place - it's my first time here, and I don't know where to post it. Sorry. I don't know what to do, but I want to take the matter further, and was thinking of filing a small claims court case. I don't know if it's wise or not, but I don't know how a small claims court work - and what happens if I lose? ________________________________________________ Background (LONG - SORRY!): I received a letter 19th Dec 2011, dated 13th December 2011, stating that fr
  13. Troubled Co-Operative Bank suffered a breakdown in some of its cash machine services on Sunday as executives wrestled with rescue plans to ease a financial crisis. Customers took to Twitter in search of explanations from the bank after failing to complete transactions. The bank apologised and said only a small number of customers had been affected. It is understood the problem was confined to customers with basic accounts representing 15pc of the 1.5m current account holders. Around 1pc of them were unable to use cash or point of sale services. The interruption was an unwanted embarrassm
  14. America's biggest banks would face losses of almost half a trillion dollars should a deep financial crisis and recession hit the US again, regulators said. The losses of $462bn (£308bn) for the country's biggest 18 banks were projected by the Federal Reserve's 'stress test', an annual exercise the central bank now conducts to monitor the resilience of the financial system. The losses would be racked up under the Fed's most extreme scenario in which unemployment climbs to 12pc, house prices tumble 21pc and stock markets halve in value over the next two years. Overall, the Fed said that ju
  15. Hi all, Just a little advice needed. I lost my job on 5th December due to my fixed term contract ending. I have made claim for IS HB and CA which I am waiting to hear about (my 23 yr old daughter has cerebal palsy). Anyway I have no income at the moment all pay I was due has been recieved. My question is my current debt to DWP is 1500, for a bedgeting loan that was taken out when we moved into our adapted accomadation, this I understand is the maximum allowed so I am not entitled to a crisis loan until my benefit comes through. I dont have any family who can help and I am worried tha
  16. Spain is to overhaul its stricken banking sector after European Union regulators approved restructuring plans, as nationalised Bankia said that it would cut 6,000 jobs and report a loss of around €19bn this year. Bankia, whose shares were suspended from trading on Wednesday by regulators, said that it would cut 6,000 jobs, or around 28pc of its staff, by 2015 as it tried to stem losses. The bank said it intended to return to profit in 2013, but warned that it expected to report a loss of €19bn this year. Bankia will also close 1,100 branches as part of the restructuring. Earlier, t
  17. Hi everyone. I have been given 3 weeks notice where I liev at the moment and need to move ASAP. I have seen a place for rent that is suitable but I do not have the total bond plus one months advance rent. I need to raise £625 to cover the rent in advance basically. Could I get a crisis loan to do this? I work full time just don't have the full deposit. If I find nowhere to live I will be homeless. Any help appreciated.
  18. Just found a post on here that would suggest you have to wait 2 weeks after a sanction before you can apply for a crisis loan, my sanction ends tomorrow and i don't sign till next week hence i have a week to wait but looks like i won't be able to even apply for a loan, anybody know?
  19. Sanction finishes next week. But don't sign on again till week after so will be waiting 1.5 weeks(after the start of next week) to get any money. Just wondering though, as have been rejected for a crisis loan in the past, will they not say to you how have you survived during your sanction, which i used food banks and the very little food i had here, also my elec will run out next week. Will they not say well you lasted during your sanction so you can just wait a while longer, what's the best way of presenting your case? Technically i could keep using food banks but i will have no e
  20. Credit card lending has contracted by the biggest monthly amount since 2006, Bank of England figures showed today. Borrowers appear to be finally paying down some of what is owed on plastic - but the figures appear to show a switch to more borrowing on loans. And it also unclear how much of the fall in card borrowing is down to banks merely writing off the money. Separate Bank of England data shows an average £6million has been written off every day this year. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2152127/Credit-card-lending-plummets--banks-writing-debts-worth-millions-
  21. Last year me and my partner had some issues (homeless twice! and jobless and JSA delaying payments) so we were forced to take some crisis loans. We started to pay them back in Jan when we signed onto JSA again after working and then losing our jobs. The payments stopped for reasons we still do not know. I found out I was pregnant in Decemeber so a few weeks ago we applied for income support as advised by jobcentre. The claim was taking so long to process that we had to get a crisis loan for food which was accepted. I have no qualms about paying back the money I owe (I borrowed it so I am
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