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Found 6 results

  1. Please would any member be able to assist with the following issue that I am having with Clydesdale Finance who have changed a default date with Experian Credit Expert which has greatly affected my Credit file. The issue is: I had had a debt that should have expired 04.01.16 after 6 years, I was eagerly awaiting this to enable myself to move forward with my own financial plans. I recently checked with Experian Credit expert to make sure that my score was still at 999 and that the expected bad debts would disappear from my personal report. I was amazed to see that my credit report score had drastically dropped to 734 barely over the poor mark. I duly contacted Experian to find out what has happened. Experian contacted Clydesdale on my behalf to be informed that I personally would have to contact them to discuss the matter. This proved to be impossibility as I could not find any information as to the contact numbers I would need to contact this company nor could Experian provide me with a contact number saying that they will only accept written contact. On the advise of Experian I duly wrote to them on the 22.02.16 asking them for an explanation as to how and why they have changed my personal financial data with Experian. I provided screen shots of the original default dates that were applicable which was 04/01/2010 which should have expired off my personal credit file from this date. To date I have not even had the courtesy of an contact/acknowledgement of my letter which was signed for and duly received. My questions are: 1) Can a Finance company operate this way legally? 2) What should I now do to move this forward 3) Can I take legal proceeding
  2. Hello, I am looking for some advice. I applied for a mortgage in December after receiving a Decision in Principle earlier this year. I was disappointed for the application to be declined based on my credit file. I got a copy and noticed that a default from 2012 with Motormile had been moved to 2016, which is likely to be why the mortgage was declined as other than that my credit file is clear. I contacted Motormile who admitted to their administration error and said they would update my file in 4 weeks. After 4 weeks it wasn't updated so I chased again and they confirmed it would be done within 2 weeks. After 6 weeks it was finally updated. 2 days later I was about to submit my mortgage application again, went on to quickly check my credit report again and noticed the default has been updated again with a 2016 date! While all of this has been going on the seller has been getting quite upset (rightly so) and at this stage it looks like the house purchase will fall through because I can't secure the mortgage. I know if this default is updated I will get the mortgage though. does anyone have any advice on getting Motormile to fix this again and update the CRA's immediately, is it even possible? I have reported it to the ICO but I don't have time to wait on them investigating. Previously I raised notices of correction with the CRA's but they all came back to say they were not updating their records, even though I have correspondence from Motormile saying the date on my credit file is incorrect. Thanks in advance!
  3. In 2011-12 I was in a house share with a girl who turned out to be incredibly bad at paying bills and I've since found out has bailiffs chasing her for a substantial amount of debt. I had the electric and gas bill with NPower in my name and she was supposed to have the water bill with Yorkshire Water in her's. My DD to NPower was always paid on time, but we had a lump sum to pay at the end of the tenancy as we'd been under paying. I paid my half off and she set up a payment plan for her remainder of the bill. A few months passed and I received a letter from a DCA, not surprisingly the ex-housemate had made a one off payment for £5 then did a runner, leaving me to settle the rest. I checked my Equifax report and couldn't see a default, but there were a few tracking searches from a couple of DCAs . I've just received a letter from Westcott demanding payment of £150 for the water bill. I challenged this, as I didn't consent to my name being on the bill, but it seems she must have given my details and had me added and then intercepted the unpaid water bills so I didn't see she hadn't been paying. They stated my name was on the bill and they don't get involved in third party disputes. It does seem odd that Yorkshire Water would do this as I've been told in the past by utilities companies that they can't add another party to a bill without speaking to them or having a signed letter. We were on a joint tenancy, so I'm guessing I have no recourse to have my name removed from the bill and have Westcott chase her for the debt? I will pay the bill off in full if this is the case, but I'm concerned about the affect this might have on my credit score. I was planning on applying for a first mortgage next year but fear I may get defaults from Yorkshire Water and NPower because these accounts were in collections through ex housemate not paying/hiding correspondence. Is it correct that defaults can only be placed 6 months after the first missed payment? Is there anything I can do to appeal if they decide to issue a default given the circumstances. Otherwise my credit record is pretty good, I've always paid bills on time and don't have any other outstanding debts. I realise all mortgage lenders look at different criteria, but is it generally really damaging to have tracking searches showing?
  4. Hello, A couple of months ago I came to the realisation that I need to get my finances in order. I would like to take out a mortgage within the next couple of years. I got my reports and found out I had 1 defaulted account for £429. It defaulted Sept 2009. I have 13 accounts: 5 from Wonga over last 12 months which are all settled and no late payments. Mobile phone and bank ones from 2008/9 settled A couple of ones for current insurance and mobile provider all fine 1 DEFAULT £429 1 with a missed payment from RBOS for overdue overdraft (£1399) 2 from current accounts which are activey in use. £3000 and £300 1 late pay I saw this and decided to do everything I could to sort it. I have paid the default off in full and have asked for a Notice of Crooection to be added to my report. I have set up direct debit payments with debt collection agent for RBOS. I have also got myself on the electoral role as of 1st Feb. My report says my outstanding debt is £5008. I am very lucky to be in a situation to have now got a good job and am looking to have every penny paid off within 18 months. I aim to close all overdrafts and the extra current account I don't use. When will my report get better do you know? I'm worried it's going to stay this way for ages and I won't get a mortgage. I'm doing everything I think I can but is there anything else you think I should do to improve things quicker? Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, I hope someone can read my story and help me out a bit with this A couple months ago I sold my computer on eBay to someone with a good, trusty account with great feedback. He paid using PayPal (at which point I transferred the money to my bank account) and he collected the PC later that day. Right after he leaves my house, I get an email from PayPal saying the transaction had been reversed because of suspicious activity. The guy was gone. Later that day I found that my PP account had been limited and I was on negative -£1500 (the price of the computer). When I called PayPal that day, they advised I should contact the police, which I did (and got a crime reference #), but that I now owned the money to them. Oh, and the 'real' ebay member messaged me saying his account had been hacked. A few days later PP started calling me but never picked up the phone myself so they never spoke with me. I also received emails from them asking me to put money on my account, I never replied. A month later I received a letter from EOS saying I had to pay the same amount. Yesterday they called me asking me to confirm my identity bla blah, to which I only confirmed my first name. They said I would receive another letter soon, or so I understood, though I hung up while the guy was still talking. I have read these forums for a LONG time and have almost decided to send EOS a letter I found on another thread. I genuinely feel I do not owe money to anyone, obviously, as I have always acted on good will. Even though I understand that they are not a bank, I'm a bit scared that they will eventually get damage my credit score. Can this happen? Can they actually prove the debt? Should I send them a letter or just ignore them? Thank you so much for reading this!! I appreciate any advice you have on this. micguy.
  6. Hello, I was hoping someone could give me a little insight into something going on with my credit score, and how welcome finance are keeping records of my finances. I was made bankrupt just over a year ago. In fact my bankruptcy discharge was the 11.11.10. I've been keeping a close eye on my credit score and report and watched it steadily rise. The issue is, on my credit file, some accounts are showing settled, some show default (with a date) my welcome finance record is showing late by 6 payments (closer to 36) and updated every month!! Is this right? I'm trying to clear my past, start afresh and learn from my mistakes and I want to make sure this is reflected in my credit score! Any ideas?? Thanks
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