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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. Can anybody help me? This is my first post on here. On December 2nd I transferred a balance of £460 from another card (Clydesdale) onto my M&S credit card, taking advantage of a 0% offer; I have had the M&S card for a few years now. A few days later I received a letter from them informing me that the balance transfer had been completed. I thought this strange as I'd never received one of these before when transferring earlier balances to the card. Anyway, the £460 hasn't reached the Clydesdale card account yet but shows up on my M&S statement - in writing at least it looks like I now owe two lots of £460 to two creditors! I called Clydesdale. They weren't very friendly and said it was M&S's problem. M&S customer service centre (0845 900 0900, probably abroad) first informed me that they would have to put me through to the balance transfer dispute centre in Chester (UK). Then the man said that he **wasn't authorised to**. He logged my dispute and told me that "someone will contact you by phone". He was unable to give me a time or a date. Unsatisfied with this response, I phoned back an hour later. This time the lady on the phone said she had **no means of putting me through to the resolution centre** but someone would contact me; she again was unable to give even an approximate date or time. She also said that I **may** be contacted by letter. During the numerous calls to M&S, the Clydesdale credit card number has been checked every time; the one they have on file is correct and matches my card. During the last call, the lady asked for the Sort Code and Account Number on my Clydesdale statement - I wasn't asked this when I did the original balance transfer by phone. She added it to my notes. 7 days later and the £460 is still showing on both my M&S AND Clydesdale accounts. Very anxious, losing sleep and all that. Any advice anyone? Even about the technicalities of the balance transfer process in general and what happens if things go wrong and where liabilities lie? And what happens if M&S simply refuse to give the money back? Or what happens if M&S have done everything right and it's Clydesdale who are at fault yet refuse to refund me also? Cheers Nat
  2. Hello, A couple of questions: 1. How long do banks keep statements for bank accounts where the account is closed following Default but a debt is still outstanding from an overdraft? 2. If a consolidation loan taken out in 2005 (defaulted same year) replaces another loan and a credit card debt with the same company, will the bank have to produce details of all these accounts under a full SAR request? I've been through tons of posts on the forum but there is so much conflicting information, it's difficult to know what is the true position. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I hope someone will be able to help me. I have had quite a number of credit cards and loans in the past whilst trying to pay off student debt and haven't got the details as when I closed or settled the accounts I shredded the documnets. I am getting lost in the procedure and the more guides I read the more confused I seem to be getting. I don't know whether some of the cards are worth persuing or whether to forget about them and keep my £10 for SAR's etc. Some are quite old. I have opened an Experian account to view details but not all the cards I had have appeared and I wondered whether it was worth sending those financial institutions SARs..... A bit about my background: I was shocking with my money at University despite working every holiday that I had. I had a barclaycard through Uni and am pretty sure I backed with Lloyds. I took out a graduate loan with Lloyds and the advisor advised me to get a loan out big enough to pay my £2000 overdraft off and when I agreed a figure of £3000 with him he said but you should take out more for a holiday, new clothes for work etc - so I did. This is going back to 1999 and I was incredibly naive. I asked how many £10 charges had been applied to my account over the previous 4 years and he said "You don't want to know" and left it at that. I guess that these are too far back to claim..? I switched banks when it dawned upon me what I had been duped into. I was in full time employment with 13 weeks full sick pay up until August 2005. I then went self employed. My wife was made redundant whilst pregnant (due to company pulling out of the UK) nearly four years ago and we now have two children. My wife is unable to go back to work as the children are 2.5 years and 1 month. We are not claiming any benefits. I currently have a large credit card bill on 0% transfer until Oct next year and any money that I can claim back would be a big big help. The data that I have been able to get from Experian are as follows Egg loan started 2007 (self employed) settled Nov 2010 for 36x £320 - I don't think I took PPI out on this but couldn't be sure Egg card started 2003 (full time employment) settled July 2009- possible PPI pre ticked online ? MBNA card started Oct 2006 (self employed) - setteld 2008 - PPI? Tesco credit card started 2009 to present - don't think it had PPI on it Also had the Barclaycard at Uni and carried it on just after graduating. Had a couple of late payment fees applied plus a lot of interest down the years. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. With the birth of our second child I have been considering going to a claims handling company to help give me advice and steer me in the right direction. However when I googled Egg card PPI success this forum came up and I thought I would see if I could get help from people who know what they are talking about. Yours In Hope Zoon
  4. No way - Natwest have this new BLACK Account for £24 a month- its the best they do and it comes with PURPLE CARDS - what a joke have i missed something. Where is the black Card and why are they not issuing black cards. What a con - i meet the account requirements and no way will i stay with these lot.
  5. Wondering if anyone can help or advise me about claiming PPI back?? I took out loans in 2002/2003 not sure how many as its now with the credit agency Wescot, Could anyone advise me on how i go about or even if i can claim PPI on these??
  6. I'll try to keep this brief. I had/have a vanquis bank credit card, I hold my hands up and say I defaulted on payments and now owe them just shy of £600. At the end of last year I got into finiancial difficulty and like an ostrich hid my head in the sand:sad: I have since paid off one of my debts, today a company called 1st credit called me to say Vanquis had passed the debt to them. Again I stress I don't dispute the money because I do owe it but like thousands of others I'm not in a position right now to pay it in full which they demanded. They then offered to discount the debt to £450 BUT I had to pay it over three months £150.00. I offered £30 a month to start with as that is all I can truely afford, I explained to them I wanted to pay it but would not be bullied into paying more than I could afford as then I would default and be back to square one! They have told me that Vanquis have put a limit on when the debt has to be paid, which according to them means I have to pay at least £60 a month and I just don't have it at this time:sad: Does anyone know where I stand legally? That they have refused to accept my payment of £30 a month. I appreciate this debt is of my own doing but I'm doing my level best to pull myself out of it. Thanks
  7. I've an open thread about PCI compliance and just had a thought regarding the recent Sony Playstation server hack. Sony must have some pretty high security standards; much higher than the average company would usually install and yet personal credit card information was hacked. How on earth is a small to medium company supposed to stand up to the new rules credit card companies are imposing if Sony can get hacked? £50,000 fine is nothing to Sony but that will put most small companies out of business... Or is that the idea?
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