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Found 8 results

  1. I filled out the form to do some craft work from home (I am in the support group) I got a call asking me about it - and a start date which was sorted out. The lady said it will 'make a difference' and I will be asked to send them receipts and the likes. I have heard nothing back so not sure what to do next (this was over 2 weeks ago). Plus I am afraid by what she means in 'this will make a difference'. Will I lose my benefit, I am only talking selling a few items a week maybe month (some times not even that) to get some money back so I can buy more craft items (I understand the need to keep a check on me) but I am not going into business, and could never support myself. The craft work is to keep my mind occupied and stop the mental health problems completely taking over my life. I am not sure what I should do now/next as I am worried.
  2. Darrens brother, I took a car out for Darren since he couldn't get the finance to get it himself from car craft, everything went okay all the paper work was done then after a month the finance company got in contact with me demanding full payment for the car because I had broke the contract due to taking out finance for a 3rd party which I wasn't aware of while buying the car carcraft had told me they had done this loads of times with other customers and that it was perfectly fine.
  3. I have had my vehicle now for 6 months and when i purchased it i paid extra to have the service and M.O.T. package included for 5 years. On Tuesday the 10th june i took my car to Rochdale car craft to have my 6 month service and M.O.T. i had to take the day off work unpaid and travel from Hazel Grove to Rochdale and then wait around for 3-4 hours because the Trafford based carcraft does not have a service centre! Once they had finished it they informed me it had passed and would see me in 12 months, i walked to my vehicle and straight away noticed a large scratch and scuffs in the rear bumper! The car is black and was covered in dust from the motorway and the scratches and scuffs had all white powder and flakes from what ever had caused the damage while being serviced and M.O.T.ed . . they also had fresh fingerprints around the damage like someone has rubbed it so was quite obvious it was fresh!! I immediately went back into the office and complained as i was furious and someone came to have a look at it and straight away said "yes it looks fresh and needs to have a word with the guys". He came out the back after 10 minutes and said "all our guys are honest guys and they said they have not damaged it!" said "i'm not trying to get anyone in trouble but i am so annoyed someone has damaged my car and want it sorting as its my pride and joy and i take real good care of it!" He apologised and said "i'm really sorry and we will repair it for you but you would need to bring it back to rochdale." I took plenty of pictures before leaving and got them to put it in writing, once i got home i sat and calmed down and realised i would have to again pay for fuel to get back up to Rochdale and take a day unpaid from work to get it repaired! This is totally unacceptable as it should not cost me a penny as i only took my car for its service etc and was damaged in carcrafts care! I have spoke to a legal department and they have advised me they should be responsible to cover my fuel costs there and back to get it repaired and rather than me take a day off work you should be able to provide me with a spare car or a courtesy car so i can drop my vehicle off at half 8 in the morning to be repaired and then have a courtesy car with fuel to use for the day and then come back the next morning to pick my car up and drop courtesy car off otherwise it is going to cost me about £75 in expenses to have my car repaired when it was Carcraft that damaged it! I did try ringing the rochdale branch to express my issues but the person i spoke to was very unhelpful and spoke to me like i was a small child and said we are already repairing your car out of good will so your not going to get anything else! I advised him that they were repairing my car because they damaged it not out of good will!! I heard a lot of bad things about CARCRAFT before i got the car but now its looking like all the stories where true!!!! I work for the AA and am speaking with our legal department and if nothing gets sorted i will be advising them about the bad service that carcraft provide and will be taking this futher! Any ideas anyone?
  4. After opinions/advice. The wife went to carcraft on Sunday and has bought a car, she's got a rather terrible deal, paid 3000 over the top for it and then due to some historic missed payments the finance she has got is poor, over 5 years she'll pay back 19000 for an 8500 car. When she's come back and I've had a look at the paperwork and been horrified, it's sunk in and she's wanted out. Saying well you get 7 days to return it, the line from the salesman was "you can return it within 7 days as people change their mind", so I've went to return it and they've then said well actually it's a 7 day exchange, where you can swap it for another car even if it's cheaper, they then rejig the finance, but you either take the car you bought or another one, there's no return. I did a bit research and pointed out that I had formed the opinion that there is a legal argument that the salesman has made a verbal misrepresentation of a key term of the contract and this is a breach of the unfair trading regulations 2008. In discussion they've then showed me a sheet of paper with a typed list on which they read out to her at the time and they pointed to where it says "7 day exchange" or "7 day exchange policy" I can't now remember. this document is unsigned and she didn't get a copy, she accepts it was read out and didn't ask any probing questions. The salesman said that bit I quoted about "you can return it within 7 days" when he read the 7 day exchange point to her, he never said exchange or swap, he said return . I have checked the other docs she got which is an order form and a finance agreement, no mention at all on the exchange or return point. I have then pointed out that what the wife has understood it to mean was, she can bring the car back and get the one she part exchanged back, deposit back etc. she took some comfort in this, in that if she got a bad deal, it didn't matter cos shed just bring it back. I have also said that that 7 day exchange part is a term of the contract, it's unclear and as such if it's unclear, it's unfair. So I said there's a valid claim under the unfair contract terms act too. Their crack was well we can swap the car otherwise go and take legal action if that's how you feel. To do some damAge limitation incase I lose at court, I am swapping the car for the cheapest they have which will reduce the loss as I see it by half, cos the cheapest one they have is 4000 grand less than the one she's bought. I plan on filing at civil court for the two reasons mentioned and seeking damages of them taking the car back, refunding any payments I have made, paying us the value of the part exchange and paying any penalties to the finance company. The justification I feel for those damages is this, that is the position I would have been restored to had I been able to invoke the "return" clause we thought we had, because of what was said by the salesman. Please note I, we, she has been used somewhat interchangeably, it'll be my wife whose bringing the claim. The initial purchase was her doing, the attempt to persuade them to let us out of it was mine. All thoughts welcome, but I'll be honest, we don't really need the "well what did she take the bad deal for" input, and finally sorry for the lazy grammar and structure, I wrote this on an iphone in the bath, it's semi SMS typing
  5. I am considering getting a car on finance from Car Craft, I have really bad credit and I have been told they specialize in this area. Has anyone got bad credit finance with them ? Any problems ? Can you suggest any other companies that can help me ?
  6. My partner and I purchased a vehicle from Carcraft feb 2007 the salesman was very pushy but seemed genuine. He convinced us to purchase the 3 year NAC warranty, which later we read through and discovered the warranty wasn't worth the £2500 we were paying for due to the Terms and Conditions. But our problems started when I was involved in an accident in December 07 which I was at fault, we had purchased GAP insurance so the finance on the car was covered, so we thought, all except the Warranty. The car was written off, and the insurance had paid off the finance, a few months later we received a letter from All In One Finance telling us we still had outstanding payments for the Warranty, I explained I thought it would have been covered by the insurance but we were told we weren't and had to continue to pay for the Warranty. This was argued between ourselves, Carcraft and the finance company. We wrote a letter of complaint to Carcraft and received a response quite quickly but we were told they wouldn't take it further. My partner went to speak to the Salesman who sold us the Warranty at the Birtley Branch of Carcraft and he himself told my partner the Warranty wasn't worth the paper it was written on, and that they had been inundated with complaints. We gave up, exhausted, but by this time it had gone to a debt collection agency called Gothia but my partner and I had just been made redundant so we came to the agreement of paying only £10 per month, which we are still paying. But all in all my basic point is should we be continuing to pay for a warranty (which still has an outstanding balance of £1641.76) for a car which is not only out of our hands but has been crushed? Please Help!
  7. hi could anyone help please i took a car loan out with car craft back in 2003/2004 for an astra at a cost of £5000 i came into some money at the end of 2004 and asked for a settlement fee which came to £14000 i paid this off as i wanted to be debt free looking back now i realize that this was an extortionate amount to have to pay for a £5000 car but i was young i remember being bullied into taking several extra things with the car but cant remember what they were i am assuming this included ppi is there i could now get a copy of sale agreement as i have moved and cannot find original and woulsd i still be able to claim back any ppi after all this time if i was mis sold it?
  8. Hello everyone, After my experience with Car Craft and their NAC warranty I decided to join the forum to seek for advice and share my story. Let's start from the beginning: Back in September 2010, I was a proud owner of a Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 diesel (2007) with 22k miles, cheap to run, reliable, never had a problem with it. The only issue: it was too small for me (I am 1.91cm and 130kg) so on the 11th of September I used Car Craft's website to value my car. After around 2 hours I received a call from my local Car Craft (Chertsey) asking me if I was looking for anything in specific and invited me to go and visit them as they had "some very special offers reserved for me that day". I said to myself: "Why not?!" it was Saturday, 10:30am and had nothing special to do that morning, but I HAD NO INTENTION TO PURCHASE A CAR THAT DAY. At around 12:00pm I walked into the showroom. I was greeted by a young woman (SEEBA) who kindly offered to "show me around". Straight away she asked me some routine questions, she showed me few cars and then started her sales pitch. I told her I was not interested in buying a car that day, as I would have to sell my car first and I was not happy with their evaluation (the website had offered me £3500 on a car worth nearly £6000), so I was about to leave when I saw this wonderful Black Vauxhall Antara 2.0 Diesel. She must have noticed the glow on my face and started this strong sales/friendly pitch. And let me tell you, she was good. By that time she had built a rapport of trust with me, I was hooked. The car was really lovely. Big for a guy like me, low mileage and in very good conditions. The problem was that I DIDN'T WANT TO BUY A CAR THAT DAY and moreover it was well over my capabilities as it was marked at £15,499, whilst my budget was £7000 max (after the sale of my Fiat). She told me: “don’t worry about that, my GM is here today and I can talk to him for a big discount”, to which I replied: “Even with a HUGE discount I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway as I don't have that kind of money.” She told me: “That’s ok. We’ll apply for a finance for you” to which I replied, “I don’t think it will go through as I have just got a new job a week ago and I am still on my first 3 months’ probation period.” She told me: “Don’t worry. We’ll find a way” That’s when the hell started: We went back inside the show room, she had a look at my Fiat while another “friendly“ guy was talking me into how good that Vauxhall Antara is. Then after a VERY LONG bargaining with the sales manager the deal was done: £15,499 - £1,459 discount - £4,480 part-ex= for a total of £10,000+1 year warranty+4 services Not bad, you would say, but there was a little problem: my credit history was good but the fact that I had recently changed job wouldn’t give me good chance to get the finance approval. They (Car Craft) told me that by taking this 5 years extra warranty I will have good chance of getting the finance approved, costing me £45 a month extra but it will give me full peace of mind and the assurance of getting the finance approved. We moved into another room, she asked the address of my employer and printed some paper stating that I was working with them for more than 3 years. I signed. I then moved to another room, by that time it was 6pm and I was exhausted, another guy (PAUL H.) talked me on how good was this NAC warranty that they will cover for almost anything, that it will cost me only £45 a month, it’s £1,5 a day, some cigarettes stuff and bla bla bla….I guess I just wanted to go home, I signed some papers, got my brochure and left. Another important thing I would like to mention is that Seeba followed me to my home because she had to collect a copy of my ID and the documents of my old car, after that I was so shattered that I went straight to sleep. The following morning I started realizing how a fool I was. I found myself with 2 finances: 1) £10k for the car with a 13.1%APR sums up £17,626 2) £1795 for the NAC warranty with a 19.7%APR sums up £2,742 Meaning that the car is costing me a total of £20,368 (and don’t forget my part-ex worth £5500). I rushed there straight away, I spoke to the sales manager, telling him that I wasn’t happy with the way things went with this sales, that Car Giant had the same exactly car for £14,000, that I wanted to cancel the warranty as it was useless. He told me that he will speak with the head office and he will try to get some money back for me. In regards to the warranty there was nothing I could do as the fine print “clearly” said that it couldn’t been cancelled, so I asked if I could save money if I cancelled the finance and pay by credit card which I did, ending up paying “only” £1821.93. Needless to say that I have never heard from the manager. Meanwhile my life started being very ethic, I was too busy to look into this matter, but also didn’t know what to do. I went back there in 2 occasions to get my services done, and they always been very helpful and professional (Jo is an angel). During my second visit I also confronted (in a civil manner) the sales manager again, telling him that I was still waiting to hear back from him; he just said something which I didn't understand and avoided me for the rest of my stay at the show room (I have been there 1 hour waiting for my car to be serviced). By that time I learned how to live with this whole situation THIS IS THE BEST/WORST PART: Until last week; in May '11 I noticed that my steering wheel was getting harder to manoeuvre. Brought the car to a local mechanic and he noticed that the fluid in the little tank was low, he added some and that's it. Same thing happened last week, I was told that the thing could be serious. I decided to bring the car to a Vauxhall main dealer, I tried to speak many times with NAC before as I wondered what the procedure should have been, which I did manage to speak after many attempts. I was told to bring the car to a VAT registered repairer, then the repairer will need to contact them explaining the problem so that they could evaluate if cover it or not. The investigation led to the fault of the power steering rack (covered by their T&C) for a total of £1872.84 which they said that WILL NOT BE COVERED. This because according to them, the fault is down to tear and wear but Vauxhall is saying that this is not the case as the car has only done less than 34kmiles. Now my question is: what should/can I do to sort this warranty bit? Let’s don’t mind about their sales techniques (I accept that it was mainly my fault), but I can’t accept the fact that NAC (part of the CC group) are not willing to cover the breakdown because they just don’t want to. Isn’t this a breach of the contract? Please help. Regards, Andy
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