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Found 2 results

  1. In March 2015 I was taken to the local magistrates court for certain council tax bills (briefly, I told the local council where I was living and they refused to update their records [the house was subject to a compulsory purchase order and the council wanted to pretend that the house was unoccupied] until I took them to a tribunal. They then updated their records and billed me for 5 years of council tax). The magistrate refused to grant a liability order for this old disputed council tax. I have paid recent council tax bills and I have a considerable amount of proof that I have done this (I even wrote on cheques what I was paying - where appropriate the cheques state it was full and final payment for the relevant year). The council has reallocated recent payments against the old disputed council tax and, after several adjournments, obtained liability orders for £5k of more recent, undisputed council tax bills in January 2016. I have stated that I have now paid these bills once and I have sent evidence of this to the council and their bailiffs. When I get a response it is that their records show a balance outstanding which they would like paid. The bailiffs are now "preparing papers" for an enforcement visit. I wont let them in but I am worried that they might take my car which I park on the street. This is a saga that, together with the compulsory purchase order, has dragged on for a decade. I would love to put it all behind me and get on with my life. I've done a Local Government Ombudsman Complaint and written to my MP & local Councillor without making progress. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  2. Like other people who have posted, I had my account cleared out by CFO on 6/9/12. The interest payment which I thought was £117 (principal loan amount £300) was attempted on 31/8/12. Apparently it was unsuccessful even though I had the funds in my account - I had assumed the fraud department at the bank had stopped it although there is no note on my account - so I was charged £25.00 by CFO for a late payment. An interest payment of £144.55 plus the £25.00 left my account on 4/9/12. I thought that was it sorted, rolled over for another month. I was very wrong. On 6/9/12 I checked the balance on my account and was in overdraft by £14 because CFO had gone in for £295. I contacted my bank and was told that there was nothing that they could do because it was a card payment. So for almost a week I had no money and an overdraft at my bank. I knew I would have some funds going into my account on 13/9/12 and I had bills to pay so I got a loan of money from family to put into my account. Unusually, I checked with the bank before doing so to make sure there was nothing pending on my account and guess what? CFO had gone in for a payment of £27.30. I phoned CFO (13/9/12). I spent 20 minutes listening to a guy who basically starting contradicting himself and kept referring to "the system". I pointed out that they had been paid in full since the £295 had officially left my account on 10/9/12. "The system" wasn't showing that. I would have to send in a copy of my bank statement. He couldn't explain what the £27.30 was for, "the system" will automatically keep attempting to get the principal sum. I repeatedly said but you have got the principal sum but realised that I was getting nowhere. I took a note of their email address and asked him to assume that I was telling the truth and could prove that the £295 had been paid, would that be my account cleared? "We will look into your account once we have checked that". I said but you have told me that the balance according to "the system" is £295 and I can prove I have paid that so that would mean my account is cleared? "We will look into your account once we receive your statement". I came off the phone and immediately took a screenshot of my online bank statement, blanking out everything except the line clearly showing their withdrawal and emailed it in. On 14/9/12, I again went to put funds in my bank to cover the £27.30 CFO had taken so that I could pay my bills. Maybe I had a nagging doubt in the back of my head but as soon as I came out of the bank I checked my balance again and guess what?? £295 had been taken out again. I immediately phoned my telebanking to confirm it was CFO and yes it was. When I got home I phoned them again. The person that I had spoken to the day before didn't want to talk to me but had requested a manager phone. I had to go out for few hours and when I got home still no call or message so I phoned again. Was told a manager would phone me straight back. Waited 30 minutes and I phoned again, this time they put me through to the manager. He again referred to "the system" but said you're account is cleared. I asked why have you taken another £295 from account. He said they had only asked for it once, on the 13/9/12 at 5.30pm. I explained no you asked last week, you got payment (as above). He said "the system" wasn't showing that could I send in a bank statement. I advised that I already had. To be fair, he did go away to look for that and confirmed they had received my mail. Tried to suggest that the payment that left my account on the 10th was the payment that they had just received and I said no, you asked for it last night and another £295 has gone from my account. He further advised that the £27.30 was a charge because I had not told them that I wanted to rollover for another month and they basically didn't know what to do??? I asked why the £144.55 had been taken instead of £117 and was told that the interest rate had gone up and I would have received letters and emails - I did not receive any!! The outcome of that call was that he said they would not claim the additional £295 since my account was cleared and I asked him to send me an email to confirm that which he said he would straight away - I am still waiting. I immediately phoned my bank and asked to cancel my card. I explained that CFO had no right asking for the additional £295 and that I did not trust them not to keep trying to take money from my account. I was told that they had not yet claimed it and by cancelling my card they would not be able to so the money will drop back into my account in a couple of days. My bank also advised that after having requested the £295 at 5.30pm on 13/9/12, CPO then requested the same amount a further 4 times that night!! And only because I did not have the funds in my account, the bank did not pay. FYI - Moneymajesty.co.uk - "a new lender on the market" - are also CFO. They send you a text that you have to reply to at a cost of £5. Sorry this is so long-winded, just had to rant. Bad enough that I have been stupid enough to get involved with PDLs but to have my account cleared out twice in the space of a week is just soul destroying. Hope this helps to put other people off using this company.
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