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Found 5 results

  1. ASG installed a boiler in 2014. Had a few problems and ASG staff 'talked us through' on the phone fixing them ourselves while we pay for 'unlimited call outs, repair etc... The boiler stopped working all together a year ago. An engineer came and replaced a part. ASG demanded that we have a power flush carried out (at our expense) as apparently the fault was because of debris...We had to do this or ASG said the warranty would be void. A power flush does not need to be done more than, at most, every 5 years. This year, the boiler stopped again just after the yearly service (!?). A Viessmann engineer came, replaced the same part as last year because of so-called debris. We then received an invoice for £232 for the repair! ASG indicates that the repair and call-out is not part of the warranty. ASG has now sent us a recorded delivery 'final demand'. They will not answer my emails requesting justifications for the bill. The Agreement states quite clearly that ASG is responsible for the maintenance of the boiler including all repairs and replacement parts. I managed to talk to someone on the phone who just kept on repeating, you have our final demand. I inquired about why the filter does not catch the debris and was told that the cleaning of the filter (which they fitted at time of installation) is not part of the service!! ASG are rude, customer service is non-existent. They install, take your money every month for 14 years (!) and completely wash their hands off the terms of the Agreement. They're in this game to make money on the back of people like us who are trapped in an Agreement. Terminating the Agreement would cost us £4000! It's a complete rip-off, their advertising of 'peace of mind' is a con.
  2. Hi I wondered if anyone can help me please I want to take British Gas to court I had a small outstanding bill which I contested for quite a long time In the end I agreed to settle this bill and did so via a standing order of £10 a month the bill was for £150 and has only about £50 left on it in the time I was paying it British Gas have put missed payment markers on my Experian account and as a result decimated my credit score from 995 to 210 they said direct debit was the only payment they recognized even though one fo their staff gave me the standing order details over the phone which I have on a recorded call EVEN after I agreed to pay in full they would not remove the markers even though I am still one of their customers !!! the Ombudsman said they cant help ( I think they ran over their allotted time and if so washed their hands of it) British Gas not removing markers is just downright malicious to me especially as I have offered to settle the debt in full and I was making payment at the time the markers were applied to my Experian score These marker were even applied whilst I was making payment to them ! Just really unfair as I have been with them for 10 years and am still with them Can anyone help and tell me how I can fight this ? they have destroyed my credit rating completely and from having 999 I couldn't even get a credit card when I went to Disneyland with the family because of them I think this is absolutely criminal and I would gladly employ a solicitor to help me with this in court I have told OS services I don't accept their ruling and I am ready to go to court against British Gas How can I start this process to fight this and bring a court case against British Gas ? can anyone help me please ....? Why should these fat cat criminals win and destroy my credit score !!
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2707810/Menace-new-parking-cowboys-Drivers-fined-100-overstaying-minutes-fast-food-chains-shops.html No heads up from the site team?
  4. I am having a terrible time with Kwik Fit. I had an issue with my car pulling a little to the left on motoryways. My usual garage was too busy to do my tracking and alignment and stupidly instead of waiting I popped into Kwik Fit on Cheltenham Road, Bristol. They told me my car was "seriously misaligned" and showed me a graph to show the before and after of resetting my tracking. The graph had text highlighted in green where the setup was good, and red where it was not, detailing several measurements of suspension and wheel settings. The only thing was, the after graph is covered in red, and the guy told me that the two graphs had printed the wrong way around, so my car was now perfectly set up. Anyway, I drove home through traffic at 10mph and didn't notice and issue, but on my way to a client in Bracknell the next morning, the car was terrifying. I had set off in rush hour, during the recent storms, so again, I was crawling from Bristol until nearly at the M4 turnoff to Bath. The car was squirming when I braked, pulling constantly to the left, so much in fact that to change lanes all I needed to do was let go for a second. The car was not safe, the Bracknell Kwik Fit refused to assist, saying the car was fine after checking it but refusing to give me a computer readout of whatever they had found. I called head office, was fobbed off. I had to trailer the car home at great expense as it wasnt safe, and then pay a real mechanic to fix the car. They told me it was seriously dangerous in its state and that I was lucky to have not crashed. They also got another garage to give me a second opinion, they agreed. I have sent several emails to the idiots at Kwik Fit, called as well. They seem intent on ignoring me after acknowledging the complaint. Emails copied below. I am posting these both as a warning to others as well as a cry for help. I could have had a crash and hurt or killed other people, and in the opinion of the two independent garages the Kwik Fit technicians at Bristol and Bracknell were both incompetent, they may have fancy kit, but they dont know how to use it. Can anyone help? They even ignored a "Letter Before Action" making me think I am totally wasting my time complaining. All emails below have been anonymised... Email One, Sent 11:26AM 11/2/14 Hello I had the misfortune of using your Bristol Cheltenham road centre yesterday. Your guys allegedly found my tracking "seriously out" and said this was causing a pull to the left. I had not noticed this, the car was largely fine. When I took the car home, just around the corner and didn't notice anything untoward. However when I took the car in the motorway today it was terrifying and frankly dangerous. The car was pulling to the left badly, putting me and other road users in danger. You have made my car much much worse than it was before. I went into your Bracknell store where the centre manager didn't even know what basic steering components were. I explained I had a new drag link and trailing arms, he asked what they were. They had a look and claimed the car was safe despite admitting it was pulling. They refused to assist, refused to give me the customer service number and refused me any help. This was despite your own Hunter equipment showing red out of alignment readings on the front camber. I am shocked and disgusted at the lack of service, lack of care and unprofessional attitude of your staff. I now face arranging a trailer to get my vehicle home at great cost, and a repeat cost of taking my car to a real mechanic who actually knows their way around a car. I want to know what you intend to do about this. I am considering legal action against your firm for my costs, time and any damage caused to my car by your apparent negligence. Email Two, Recieved 13:28 14/2/14 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: customer services To: "> Sent: Friday, 14 February 2014, 13:28 Subject: RE: Complaint regarding Dear Mr your concern was registered on our systems following your contact to us by phone. We have engaged our Operations Managers with responsibility for the Bristol and Bracknell garages to look into the background of the visits and work done at our two centres and will contact you in response when we have an understanding of the situation, Thank you for sharing your concerns with us and allowing us the opportunity to investigate. Our reference is 979377 Kwik-Fit Customer Service Email Three, Sent 14:41 19/2/14 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: To: customer services Sent: Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 14:41 Subject: Letter Before Action - Complaint regarding Dear Sir/Madam It has now been 8 days since I raised a complaint with yourselves, despite a promise of action I have had no response from your firm. I find this unprofessional. I have had to spend time and money rectifying the damage caused by mistakes made by your technical staff and have evidence and independent testimony to verify this. You have until the close of business (5PM) on the 26th February to contact me by phone and arrange a solution to the issues caused and my out of pocket expenses directly caused by the work you did, to be backed up in email by the close of business on the 27th February (5PM). If contact and resolution are not forthcoming I will pursue legal action against your company and will seek to recover: 1. My costs 2. Compensation for my time and inconvenience 3. Significant compensation for the danger caused to me and my passengers from your faulty work. Sincerely, Email Four Sent 26/2/14 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: To: customer services ; Sent: Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 15:33 Subject: Re: Letter Before Action - Complaint regarding Dear Sirs I write with reference to my claim against your company. Please can I have a response to the letter I sent you on the 19th February? Kind regards
  5. Hi all I decided to make a complaint to the Office of fair trade as I have learning difficulties and was constantly getting hounded by mmf asking for payment on a payday loan which I do not remember taking out so I told them I wished to see information re this so called loan including the original application and they have so far failed to provide it or information on the account it went in to I was then hounded with regular emails asking me to phone them which I told them no that they should make all contact with me by email as per oft guidance and that till I got this information I was not going to accept or acknowledge any responsobility for the debt and that it remained in legal dispute after a while they kept threatening me with a door step agent the first call I got was from an automated caller stating that the agent was in my area today and hoped to visit me in the next two hours should this not be convient for me or to save embarrasment I should press 1 to speak to someone in the office to re arrange appointment times. I then sent vback a rather angry email telling them that I told them in my last email if they continued to insist on sending someone to visit my home I would send them packing as oft rules state they may only visit my home if I wish to make an appointment for them to do so and reminded them that I had no wish to do so I also reminded them again asking them if they cannot read that if they send someone to my home or text my mobile or email me about sending someone to visit me this would be harrasment well they ignored it again This time I was told to save the embarrasment of the doorstep collector coming to my home please phone them on an 0844 number to arrange an alternative time to visit if I did not they would visit my home anyway. I then fired back an email to them informing them I had had enough and was making a formal and full complaint against them to the oft which I did I also reminded them thart I had asked them to provide me with information and what it was and that they failed to do so and until they provide me with this information and I am able to look at it and see if this is a debt I owed that the account remains in default I also fired of to them a Delicit of tresspass notice warning them if they send a debt collector to my door they will be commiting an offence of delicit of trespass under scottish law which is a case I can persue to prosecute the in the civil court for after this the company seems to have given up sending doorstep collection notices and the oft now has the details of my complaint on file I recieved a letter from the oft stating that if they get anymore complaints then they would need to look at these and assess this company for fitness to practise. As a resut I would ask anyone who has had a bad experience of MMF to make a formal complaint to the oft with the heading complaint and what the complaint might be about ie in my case harrasment complaints can be made directly to the oft at the following email address [email protected] the more complaints they get the more likely they will be to take action so please do send them complaints about mmf and then maybe we can teach mmf a lesson about abiding by the law. Robert
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