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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Sorry if this post comes off as part seeking advice and part rant but I've turned green and turned Hulk with letter I got this morning. I'm in receipt of Housing Benefit, JSA and Council Tax exemption, but I got a letter back in August saying under ConDems new Eugenics program I need to pay some Council Tax and was sent a bill for £19pcm. I honestly couldn't afford to even pay that, so I marched off to my benefit office in Harringay to ask for advice - they made me fill in a 'Discretionary Payment Award' form. I got it all stamped having shown the evi
  2. Hi, I've been on JSA and Housing Benefit for over a year now. The housing benefit doesn't even cover my full rent and JSA barely covers utilities and food. Back in October I realised I couldn't afford to pay the council tax (becoming eligible for first time due to change in law). It was £19 per month - not a huge amount sure, but when you have nothing it may as well be £19k! I went to the council office and filled in a 'Discretionary Housing Payment' appeal on October 26th. Then heard nothing more, no more demands for council tax. I phoned them at the start of February and they said
  3. Hi, In 1986 I made an application for M&S storecard which was replaced with an unsolicited &more credit card in 2003.In 2008 I got into financial difficulty and entered into a payment plan with M&s until 2010. After 3 years of the m&s merry go round, ,leading to default notices,SAR, letters with the usual s61a,Sch 6 ,s127(3) s51(a) and (b) and reminders of the OFT reprimands, the debt, having passed through numerous DCAs and been assigned to Arrow has finally ended with a Northampton CCBC Claim through Restons. The POC state: The claimant claims paymen
  4. I can't believe this, Jan 2013, i received a written letter from the DVLA stating i had committed an offense by not notifying them i had sold/transferred my 125cc motorcycle. Bloke came to collect the bike tried haggling the price, i told him i would go home and report to eBay if he didn't pay what he offered me, he paid up. He had a big van and told me he was picking up 2 more bikes before driving back to his garage. He asked to send the V5, whatever man... this guys not pleasant. Told the DVLA that the new keeper had sent the V5 and gave them a date of sale
  5. I'll try and make this as short as possible. In December 2011 I was travelling from Borehmwood to Kentish town and then on into town for a job. I topped up my oyster with £20 and touched it to the pad and walked through the barriers. Once on the train I was approached by a "Revenue Protection Inspector" who asked to see my ticket. I handed my oyster card over and expected it back straight away. It was kept from me and I was told that I had skipped the fare. I explained how I'd topped it up and even touched it on the way into the station. I was given 2 options: 1- Pay the fare 2- Pay
  6. hi today i got a court summons from the dvla to appear on 20/1/12back in july i bought a car and the seller was supposed to send off v5 but after two weeks i heard nothing so rang the dvla to check, they hadnt had it so told me to fill in form and send off which i did. they finally i got logbook on 27th july but as i didnt get paid till the saturday i taxed it on the monday 1st august. on the 5th it was clamped claiming i had no tax but the tax was on display and it has the date on the disc to prove when i bought it. after many phone calls to dvla and clamping people they released it but dvla
  7. Hello all, My Mother has got behind on Council Tax payments and has been issued with a court summons for Friday. I want to avoid court, so I was wondering what I could do to help her? I was thinking of writing out an income/expenditure list and a letter explaining why she got behind and how she will be able to start repayments soon due to a change in circumstances. If this was done, do you think court would be avoided? Or should I simply prepare this information for the court day? Many Thanks DC
  8. Hi, please can someone help. I've just received a County Court Claim form - I've never been to court before! I ignored their threats as I figures they didn't have a valid agreement and would never take any action. I've attached what I think are the most important documents I've received over the years on this account. I CCA's the creditor back in 2009 and was given what looks like an application form (which I've just noticed I only received copies of pages 1 & 3, not sure if the other two were on the back f the originals [on the back side of pages 1 & 3]). Can anyone tell me
  9. Please help, i have today recieved a summons for not having a tv license. it is true i do not have 1 at the moment but i also have a cut aerial from my roof to the front of the house so cannot use freeview boxes. i have no virgin or sky subscription (untill my installation date 03/10/10). included in the summons is a "witness statement" from the visiting officer. he proceeds to state i gave him my name and told him i was using a colour tv to recieve live broadcasts, as i dont have the facility to do this i certainly would not say i had. now i dont know what to do about it. obviously he noted i
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