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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I have a question and I will appreciate any suggestions ( I won my tribunal case) but the tribunal says its beyond their jursdiction to look into the forgrey of documents. I felt justice somehow has not be served therefore I felt that this organisation need to be exposed.!!!!!!!! I have a valid and damaging proof !!!!!! 1 How can I sue ex employer for forgrey?? or how can I pursue this in a higher court in united kingdom
  2. Just a quick post so anyone can point out to me possible pitfalls or things to watch out for. After a long history of disgusting treatment by LLoyds bank I am now taking them to court to claim damages and costs relating anxiety and loss of earnings caused by their most recent disgusting activity of telephone harassment. To cut a long story short, their collections department 01273 743574 was repeatedly phoning me. I don't owe them money. They had no reason to be calling. I asked them stop. They didn't. They would ring at all hours of the day. I continued to ask them to stop. They wo
  3. Hi could some one please help me I work part time hours and i have 4 kids and get help with my rent and council tax. which is housing benefit and council tax benefit. my 4th child was born in june 2011 and i went down to the office and notified them that i now had a 4th child and handed in my babys birth certicate i also showed a lady down at the office a letter from child tax credits with our new award and told me she didnt needed anything else from us. has tax credits and child benefit there get automatically notified. i thought fair enough and went home.
  4. I was hit from behind by a van a few months back. I pulled over, and as did he. The guy stepped out of the van and was being very aggressive towards me and so i gave up asking for his details and just left. His van was damaged mostly all around from where i could see (i didn't see the back of it). In my rush and frustration i neglected to get the licence plate - mistake 1. I just thought that the damage was mainly to my car, and obviously it was his fault and he didn't want to pay. I didn't think it was worth getting into an argument about with someone who obviously was not going to be reasona
  5. OK so im a little unsure of all the facts here but i will state what i know and hope someone can give some information to help. I am living with my civil partner and am nearly 23 weeks pregnant, we also have shared residence of her children from previous marriage. She used to reside with her ex who had shared ownership of the house and both names were on the mortgage, now they had some work done on the house which was unsatisfactory but to cut a logn story short they ended up in court and the builder was granted a judgement which then was turned into a final charging order for £7,590 whic
  6. Dear Caggers, In August of 2010, I decided to send an SAR to Natwest regarding a Credit Card account. I went through the process with the help of the information on CAG forums. The result of my SAR was that Natwest admitted that they do not hold a copy of the Credit Agreement. They admitted this only after a fashion, I had to chase several departments as the Credit Card department told me it might be held with the branch etc. But the result was a letter in which they clearly state that neither Natwest Credit Cards nor the branches hold a copy of a Credit Agreement regarding my accou
  7. Following on from discussions in the Legal Action -How to Start Off thread, I am compiling a collection of all the most informative and helpful posts on dealing with litigation. There are numerous excellent postings throughout various threads on CAG, but due to the passage of time and queries/posts in between, the valuable core information tends to get lost. My intention is to group the vital information together in logical sequence to form a step by step guide, all in one place. It will also be a good opportunity for original authors to amend or eloborate on their original (now
  8. I am pretty sure that the 'event' driven debt collection method used by MBNA / Reston's solicitors is illegal. My understanding is once the Bank give Reston's the go ahead to harass you for money one of the many tools they use to upset you so much that you pay them whatever they ask for is to monitor evry financial transaction you make. . By linking into real time credit referance agency systems they can tell what money you took out from which cash point instantly. They can tell what transaction you did for example at supermarkets, petrol stations , online . They can tell what bills you p
  9. I am taking a company to court in two weeks time to an emploment tribunal. It turns out that all the paper work has been submitted under the companies trading name. The boss has been responding to all the paperwork and filled in court documents also using the trade name. Now his solicitor has pulled the name as being incorrect can they get the case thrown out???
  10. I have an employment hearing for next month the respondant has already had it postponed once and i have now received a letter from their solicitor saying that the company name I have issued proceedings against them in is only a trading name of a mother company and that I was aware (which I wasnt but should have been) of this. They now want me to agree that the name is wrong and have it changed, all their correspondance has the name I have known but when I looked on my tax returns I was being paid by the other name. Can they get the case thrown out on a name technicallity?? What sort of problem
  11. A word of advice to anyone who has a debt with these organisations. Don't expect to get any Justice or reasonable behaviour from them. Thier first priorty is to use any means possible, including illegal means, to make you home less even for a small ammount. Never trust what they tell you it's all lies any way. Most Importantly watch out for their mates who are District Judges. When dealing with them allways remember they are above the Law and authorised by the courts to act how ever they like in order to extract the maximum ammount of money from you. this includes redicouls charges like £1
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