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Found 4 results

  1. In 2008 I had a run of bad luck, firstly I lost my well paid job and had to take a much lower paid job and then I became poorly and was unable to work so only got paid SSP. Long story short I defaulted on my mortgage and my house was repossessed at age 27. I moved to rented accommodation and waited to hear from Northern Rock about my situation. They never contacted me so when I moved again I sent them a letter with my new address details and asked them what was happening with my defaulted mortgage. They still didn't write back to me. A lawyer friend advised me that they had probably written off the debt and claimed against their insurance and wouldn't pursue me so I just left it at that. Yesterday I decided to check my credit report because my husband and I want to buy a house later this year and it turns out I have a CCJ against me for just over 10k. My actual mortgage shortfall was about £88k and is showing as a satisfied debt on my credit report but when I took out my mortgage (as a young and silly girl pre housing market collapse) they gave me a 125% deal with £10k ish as a loan. I'm assuming this is what the CCJ is for but this £10k isn't showing as an outstanding debt on my credit report. There is however a second NR debt, called 'loan from NR' showing as £88k and as settled - it is so confusing! NR did recently write to me at my current address to let me know that they may have missold me PPI and that I could claim against them (which I'm not!) so I know that they have my correct details. Could it be that they show the whole debt amount on both entries on my credit report but only applied for a CCJ against the loan part? If so then why is it showing as settled? Also, why haven't they pursued me for the debt but have a CCJ against me? Sorry for all the questions but I'm super confused by the whole thing! As I never received any letters or phone calls about this debt/CCJ is there anything I can do about it? It runs out in about 18 months so when it comes off is that my slate wiped clean with NR or are they still able to pursue me for the debt?
  2. Got a judgement against a thug who owe me 4 grand. Unfortunately judgment registered on his trading address and on trading name. He changed his trading name along with his trading address. It is 2 years since the judgment registered but he never bothered to pay, and actually went on benefits (by hiding all of his assets / resources and transferred to his relatives names). Now when I search the judgement register I do not find anything against him (on his name). I want to make following changes in the judgment so that at least his name should appear in county court judgments register: 1. Register judgment on his name (Exclude trading name) 2. Change his address How can I do it? OR Should I issue a new claim with correct details referring to previous judgment? Any expert help or somebody went through this scenario please share your experience.
  3. Hi I received a letter on the 3rd of February stating that I owe £187.52 I don't event know of this debt and they haven't even told me what the debt is exactly for They're threatening me with a 'county court judgement' and 'further legal action' .. can anyone help me out??? Thanks sonny.pdf
  4. Hello, I'd like to ask few questions. Last year I have found out I had a CCJ which I knew nothing about before,as per paper work I got it in 2009. At that time I didn't even know what a CCJ was but followed up with the court, asked for it to be set aside and asked for rehearing. I went to court today and judge set it aside. Person who took me to court claims I owe him money, I think I don't owe him anything but it might be hard to prove since the whole thing had happened in 2008 and I haven't kept relevant paper work. The judge told us to go through mediator and if that doesn't solve anything then the case will end up in small claims track. Can someone tell me what will happen during the meeting with mediator? And if we end up at the small claims hearing and I lose, does it mean that I will get ccj again? If I lose I won't be able to pay the debt within a month (it's about 2k). I really don't want to have my credit ruined
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