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  1. Well it seems it is going to be one of those days.Already i have put two threads out and it is only 8am. This one has caused by blood to boil.But everyone has a view,what is yours. Here is my answer to the news that - Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/23/north-yorkshire-council-approves-fracking-plans/ Well everyone will know what i feel about Fracking just in case it is Lancashire next by fair means or foul. Our council and people have said No quite clearly.I am now catching up with local views just in case. My video of how i feel.When i went on a protest to learn more.These people are protectors not protesters. Could be on your doorstep next.
  2. Good evening everyone! Here I wanna share my experience with you and may be get some useful advice. Here is the text I sent to the Council via their internet site form: I'd like to report you a regular and continuous shouting of my neighbour at night time. Every night after around 10 pm or 11 pm a very loud shouting of a woman comes through the wall from my neighbour's (the address is xx xxxx Road xx xxxx). Sometimes she shouts for no obvious reason, sometimes she shouts at her husband, sometimes she shouts while talking to someone over the phone, and sometimes she shouts at her little son, beating him up occasionally(I may provide you with an audio where you can clearly hear sounds of hitting, her shouting and his screaming). The woman is either mentally handicapped or she abuses alcohol. Whatever the reason, but her behaviour is obviously antisocial. She is a rowdy and inconsiderate neighbour. She just prevents me from sleeping. It is an absolute nuisance. I want you to make her stop or restrict the nuisance. Please inform her that she must not and have no right to shout or even speak in a raised voice at night when people try to have some rest after a working day. The woman is most likely unemployed and has no clue that people need to sleep at night. Now the shouting happens every single day after 10 pm or 11 pm and may last for hours. I can't bear it any more. This must be stopped. In around a week's time I got the following response from them: see the attached picture What would you do next, if you were me? In my opinion it was a sheer runaround, a reply without substance. They just don't want to do their job, and I pay more than a hundred pounds of council tax every month. The only thing I asked of them is to let the neighbours know that it is not good to be loud at night. As the noise is not of intermittent nature, but a regular one. What is the best thing to do next? Reply them and try to explain to them that it is not a normal noise, or move to another step and file a complaint about the Council?
  3. Hi Guys need a bit of advice please. I got a Penalty Charge Notice the other day from Wirral Council, I popped onto the website to pay but couldn't get the page to accept my details, thats when i notice that they have put the wrong VRN on the PCN. my Reg is DB12*** they have put DB18*** Looking at the VRN they have put on the ticket it doesn't exist with DVLA When i put the wrong VRN details into the Wirral Parking website i can see that they have a picture of the correct VRN but the picture is just a close up of the VRN and doesn't show the vehicle illegally parked. whats my best way round this?? I was going to log on and dispute the PCN under the grounds of the wrong VRN that is on the PCN within the first 14 days and get the inevitable ball rolling?? or is it best to do nothing for now and wait for them to make the next move? Eagerly waiting your reply's Cheers Steve
  4. Hi I rent a garage from the local council (have done for 10 yrs). I reported it faulty (2017), but they did nothing. I chased several times and advised them that there was a danger that the damage could cause and injury (an 'up and over' garage door where the springs had snapped and the door would bang down uncontrollably). Several weeks after I had informed them that it could cause an injury (no response from Council), the door came crashing down on my head causing quite bad bruising to the side of my head, ear & chin (March 2018). I reported this to the Council - no response (sending to different email addresses listed on the council website). I repeated several times more and was eventually contacted by maintenance (no mention of the injury) who arranged for the door to be replaced (about 3-4 months after the injury). I have since pursued a personal injury claim with the Council - filling out their insurance claim document etc. but have received no acknowledgement or contact from them or their insurers (Zurich Municipal). I have contacted several personal claim companies, but no one is interested in taking it on as the injury is considered minor therefore the level of claim not worth their while. I want to pursue this, and happy to do so myself as I feel I have a strong case and want to make the council accountable for their inaction, but I’m unsure of the next step? Some forums suggest small claims court, but isn't that for outstanding money? If so, how would/could I monetarise a bang on the head and associated bruising? Help please?
  5. Hi, Need some advice, I got a letter on Friday from Jacobs Enforcement Agents for my Council Tax and it states on the letter the following: Removal Scheduled for 18/6/2018 at 7.30am - now all I need to know is that can Jacobs force entry into my flat? I am worried as I will be out as I am in work from 8am - 6pm. They haven't been in my flat as I haven't been answering the door, so can they still force entry even if they haven't been in my flat? I am waiting for it to go back to the council so I can set up a payment arrangement with them. Hope for some advice thanks, been worrying all weekend. Regards.
  6. Hi Guys, I am currently on long term sick and I am in receipt of ESA. I had to fight a DWP tribunal last year and thankfully won it. I am therefore in the support group and received council tax reduction. However, as I had to move recently and although I notified DWP there has been a gap with registering for council tax reduction. Now the council want the full amount for the last 3 months and I do not have the £600 they are demanding. I have been warned by the council to expect a summons. I am very worried. What can they do? I have told them my financial reason but they won't stop the process. Is there anything at all I can do? I do not really want to have to go to the Magistrates Court and plead my case, but of course if I have to do that then I will. If I have to go to court can someone please tell me what to expect and how best to respond in court? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jake
  7. just wondering if anyone can tell me what the position is RE liability when there are 2 names on the council tax bill. I only just discovered council tax has been unpaid for the whole year. The bills have been shall we say intercepted before I ever saw them. Likewise any letters from baliffs (the company is one i've had dealings with before - and I don't like them - the seem very underhand.. I digress). So, having finally been made aware of this i'm looking to pay the bill by end of next week. (I contacted the councill last friday about it and got them to send me a bill). However, there have already been visits from the aforementioned baliffs. Just wonder what position is if they come back and try to seize goods and such. And also what the position is regarding fees they might chage for doing so (or any fees they deem to be payable because they have been already). Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. This was quite a while ago. I've been going though my 2005 statements due to a problem with bank and have realised that I paid at least £600 of c/tax within a 5-month period. I was a full-time student at the time. Were students exempt from c/tax at this time? If so, what are the chances of recovering the sums paid? Thanks
  9. We are being chased for a council tax bill from 2010. The council says they had commenced action within a couple of years of the bill becoming due but the bailiffs were unable to collect. To date the council have provided no information as to the court order or why they were unable to collect. I believe this is now a statute barred debt but I have already received two letters through the door by bailiffs chasing this debt. How should I proceed? Jb2019
  10. Hello all, Back in August, I've notified my local council that I have vacated the property, and moved to Spain. My tenancy agreement terminates in Feburary 2019, although I paid the remainder to the landlord, the council told me that I'm still liable to pay council tax (covering the period up to 31/03/2019) even if I no longer live in the property, unless someone else moves in. However the landlord has decided to put the property for sale and is struggling to find a buyer. Since I have set up a post redirection service, I have received a CT summons letter on my new address in Spain. It states that if I don't pay, I will have a liability order against me. I've read somewhere that if the landlord accepts the keys back, I'm no longer liable for paying council tax. Is this true?
  11. Hello everyone, I care for my mother who has dementia. She has a few things, mostly relating to her health and divorce that I've been trying to sort out. I had advised the local council that I was struggling to cope and that my step dad, her ex husband had suddenly cut off all her bills and not paid them. My social worker said that it was finance related and that she couldn't help. The council tax bill was addressed for number 46- not sure why they had suddenly got our address wrong. when I first heard that the council tax bill hadn't been paid, it'd been a couple of months already, as the letter had gone to my neighbour. I explained this to them on the phone and they sent me some forms to fill in on behalf of my mum, but several other things have happened, including waiting for evidence to come through etc. The person I spoke to was sure my mum was entitled not to pay because of her condition, but I'm not even sure what category she fell into. I suffer with depression and it's a lot of pressure to deal with when caring for someone. She's recently had a massive decline in her condition but it seems like no one cares or wants to help. I've now received a magistrates court summons for an amount of £1300 to be paid upfront From the letter, they're not interested in the ins and outs and just want payment. Please can you advise. I will of course speak to them, but they're not open until Monday. Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone I’m not sure what’s happened but my council are taking me, my brother and sister to court over unpaid council tax. I’ll upload the documents so you can see what they’ve said. But I’m certain the amount they're quoting is wrong. My council asked me to increase the amount we pay each month around the beginning of this year. I think March or April but not too sure. I changed the amount we send to cover what they said we needed too. Then I didn’t hear anything until August this year where they sent a bill that didn’t make sense. It made out that we hadn’t sent anything to them. Now at this point I’d just lost my job so I ended up burying my head in the sand why I looked for a new job thinking it’s wrong and they’ll work it out. Again didnt hear anything until the 2nd of November when we got a court document saying we need to go a hearing on the 22nd of November 2018. I’ve only managed to find a job in the last week so haven’t been able to get on here to upload it when we got it. The only reason I can think of for them saying we’re not paying is that the payment could have the wrong account reference on the standing order. When we moved into this place at the end of October 2017. The same council contacted us about payment with us being in the same area. I updated the payment on the standing order we had for our old place with the same account reference. I did this because they didn’t change it on the letter we got when we moved into are new place. But the letters I’ve got since August have a different account reference on them. I can’t see it making a difference though because until August this year I didn’t get anything saying we hadn’t payed or owed anymore then what we’ve been paying. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks Scanned Documents.pdf
  13. Hello all, I am not sure if consumer action forum can help me with this but I previously made such a good experience in here that this was my first go to. my brother and I rent a 5 bed room flat (only the 2 of us on the contract) but also rent out the 3 other rooms. Landlord knows about this and we do not make any money off it. In total there are in legal terms 3 households (will be 2 in Decembe). We now received a letter from the council starting that this is a Multiple Housing Occupancy. Somebody reported us. We've live in the flat for 10 years. I went on the internet because this was news to me and found out that on October 1st a new law was introduced and hence, we are a HMO. Council would like to come and inspect the property. I read that fines are 30k etc. I want to call the council tomorrow and explain but I am so scared. I will tell them that I will pay the licence fee which is around 1.5K because I simply did not know about this. But I know that this is a terrible excuse even though it's True. I would have never risk a situation like that. I could blame it on the landlord but on the contract it is only me and my brother. Also I am not the kind of person who would do this to him...he knows about 5 people living here though but the flat complies with all regulations on fire safety etc. I just don't know what to do. I also know who reported it: my flatmate. he read that he can get 12 months rent back. Although I don't get this as well as it was complaint up to October 1st so why should he receive money for a whole year. I am just so worried that they won't give me a chance. I am not able to repay 12 months rent nor to pay a fine of 30k... .so far the letter states just a visit but I guess best is to call then and say yes you are right - what can we do about this to avoid issues as we were simply not aware of this new law. Yes if course it could have been avoided but I simply had no idea about it. Now I know and it won't ever happen again but you know after living in the flat for 10years I never thought of this. My landlord usually made sure that everything is compliant such as gas and electricity checks. HMO I guess does not fall under it as he officially rents it out to 1 household. I wish he would have told me about it though (it is an agency )...I would have offered to pay. Calling the council tomorrow but any advice or experience on this ? Worst news ever really. I am shaking. Matt
  14. We've lived next door to them for over 18 years, they have been here since the 70's. They are an elderly couply, they are not the problem. Their 40 year old son is. He sells drugs at all hours, his Dad has to answer the door to them. The son plays loud music, games and shouts. One time, this was a few weeks ago. My mum was in the bathroom and he said to his friends 'yeah, their grandson lives sleeps in the bath'. He keeps spying on us in the bathrrom. When we reported this to the council all they said was 'He's got mental problems, he can't help it'. His mental problems are due to drugs, my nephew has learnign difficulities which he was born with. He has called my 18 year old nephew(same one mentioned above) a pervert, peado. Because he plays with his brothers and sisters. He has now got a camera which we reported today, it's pointing towards the public grass/pathway. We were told we were not allowed to record beyond our garden, not even allowed to record him if he contronts us. His dad has been to see the council, nothing. Police have been round and had a word with them, again, nothing. My brother refuses to leave the house now, he's too scared. My mum wants to move but it's hard because I have been bidding since I was 18, I'm now 31 and have gotten no where as I am on low band. My ESA (or council rent) won't cover the rent until I'm about 35. I tried to move out in 2012 but couldn't due to the council refusing me rent. I know it's a lot to take in but can anyone help us?
  15. Hi all, Simple question. As per the title, is it illegal for the council to refuse to accept payment for council tax? The story is quite simple, our council tax account has been passed to the bailiffs and as such the council are refusing to accept payments (to the point where they even appear to have blocked me from using their online payment portal), and insist that payments can only be made to the bailiffs. I've no intention of paying the bailiffs anything as a number of years ago (10-12 years) they stole money from us intended for payment of council tax, later telling me it was used to pay their own fees. Long story short, we lost our home as the council eventually made me bankrupt. Our solicitor advised an FVA and the equity in the house was used to pay all their legal fees, effectively leaving us with nothing. We're now struggling again hence the question. The reason I ask is I remember reading somewhere, some time ago that there is an old law somewhere that states that it is illegal to refuse payment for a bill or debt. That's what i'm trying to find out. *** PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH BAILIFFS, THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M ASKING*** Thanks
  16. My daughter has a historical council tax debt, which according to the bailiff Grencar is currently standing at around £3500, however that figure includes their various fees. I only became aware of this problem when my daughter broke down in tears about 18 months ago, having got her finances into a dreadful mess and was threatened with eviction by her landlord. she had various debts at the time which we have managed to sort out, however the council tax debt with Grencar continues to haunt her. They had been demanding payments of no less than £200 and whenever they put the frighteners on her she found a way to pay them £200, but unfortunately this meant she couldn't pay other debts - it was a vicious circle. While she was living in temporary accommodation with her young daughter following her eviction, with a family friend, she managed to shake them off, but now that she is back renting again they have found her. Last December they finally agreed to accept £80 per month as a 'temporary' arrangement, but she has managed to keep paying it since then every month and she had hoped they would let the arrangement run on. Unfortunately a few payments were late in Grencar's eyes (just a few days), although she did actually make a payment every month, but they've used this as an excuse to come knocking at the door again, at 6.45am last week. They issued her with a letter stating that they would be back 2 days later to remove goods - we do know never to let them in. We immediately emailed them apologising and asking if the £80 per month could continue, even though it was difficult for her, and asked for a copy of her account with them. They have now replied saying they've put her account on hold until 1st October, and they want to do a new review of her incomings and outgoings, see 3 months payslips and 3 months bank statements. Can they demand to see these things? We don't feel comfortable showing them her bank statements. I have been looking on your site at similar threads, and some people seem to have had council tax debts referred back to the council, and refused to deal with the bailiff. Is this something we should consider trying to do? I just feel that she's never going to pay this off if they keep adding fees anytime they feel like it. The figure never seems to go down much! I'd be grateful for any help and suggestions, thank you.
  17. Hi all, Today I received 2 'Second Notice of Liability -Council Tax' letters They are both dated today with the following detail: Letter 1 says I owe £67.63 + £100 awarded by the court Letter 2 says I owe £84.00 + £100 awarded by the court. Thing is, I can prove that I moved out of the address last April, and I have never been notified of any charges that were outstanding, after I paid the last council tax last year. I was assured it was up to date! Not sure what to do now. I can pay this bill in full, but I don't believe it's down to me. H
  18. Hi, I was hoping if someone could give me some advice in best way of tackling the damage to my property caused by my local council this morning. :-x:-x I came home this evening to see my rear gate in the garden which leads on to the access road at the back of the house broken, as well as brick wall knocked down. It appears this morning around 11am one of those caged type vehicles operated by the council was collecting rubbish along the road. From the CCTV footage I have (link below) the vehicle stops outside my back gate, as it drives away the gate at the back of the vehicle swings open, hits my gate taking it clean off it hinges and taking a wall down with it and damaging my neighbours garage and fence. Someone witnessed the incident and took the registration details of the vehicle and it does seem it's from my local council. What is the best way of approaching this, as it's going to cost a lot of money to put right and I don't see why I have to pay for this though my home insurance knowing full well what and who caused the damage.I will be making a formal complaint to the council tomorrow and have also reported this to the police. Can I issue a council with a 7 days notice to repair the damage or go to small claims court. I can't leave it like this for to long as my house is not secure and anyone can walk in through the back even through I have temporarily fixed the problem. Any advise will be greatly appreciated, particularly what you would do in my situation. https://ibb.co/b5vmuz https://ibb.co/d98T7K https://ibb.co/ivPPge Link to video below. https://vimeo.com/user89721934/review/290783305/28eaa7e079 Thanks
  19. Myself and my wife had to go onto Universal Credit and this is the only income we have at the moment. We were in arrears with our rent and council tax but had been in constant communication about this. Our landlord was fantastic about it and still is. The council on the other hand have been a bit of a nightmare. We submitted all the budget statements etc so they can see we only have Universal Credit as our single source of income. Yet they expected us to pay £100 per month council tax. To be clear our monthly Universal Credit is £1077 out of which we pay £875 rent. That leaves £202 per month for water, gas/electric, food and other bills. We applied for discretionary housing payment to top up the rent portion of our UC and are still waiting on a response. That would free up money to pay council tax and bills...I think, although it's often the case that they give with one hand and take away with the other. So always been in constant contact with the council. They know our situation but still took us to court which I suppose they are required to do. I did talk to their recovery dept about that and the woman there said not to worry, it is only a liability order and as the council are dealing with our situation and know about the Universal Credit it should be fine. It wasn't! A couple of weeks ago we received an enforcement notice from Rossendales stating that we needed to pay the full outstanding balance by the 13th September plus a £75 enforcement fee or bailiffs will visit and take control of our goods etc. Good luck with that. We sold everything we had in an attempt to stay off benefits! However this was still at the compliance stage so I was aware I could possibly make an arrangement over payments. I phoned Rossendales and at first they wanted a minimum of 75% of the outstanding debt but we got that down to two payments of £237, one on the 18th of this month and the balance on the 18th next month. So far so good. It means we are going to have a problem with rent but I will figure something out. My main concern now is that I have no written agreement with Rossendales. A bailiff could still turn up...although of course I won't let them in but my car is outside the flat and I am concerned they will simply go ahead and place a control on that. So apologies for the long winded post but my real question is are Rossendales to be trusted when an agreement has been reached over the phone? Should I move the car just in case? My wife is ill and on medication. She really doesn't need this sort of stress right now. Neither of us has ever had to claim benefits before and It certainly has been an eye opener to how people are treated, especially by their local councils.
  20. hello i hope this is in the right place, firstly i`ve been paying my council tax since: december - paid january - paid february - paid march - missed it april - paid may - paid was recently sent a letter saying they are taking me to court and adding 92£ court summon cost to my bill! because i missed the march payment, this is crazy! they should of at least sent me a warning letter or somthing, i missed march but kept paying april and may etc so they know i didnt stop paying i just missed 1 month and got it mixed up. i rang the number on the letter and they told me theres nothing they can do and i must pay in full etc lady on the phone didnt really care much. i tried to go to the manchester city council building today but by the time i arrived it was already closed. will try again tommorow. the reason i missed march payment was because my mothers younger brother passed away in early march and it was a hard time for us, we didnt think about much and the bill was at the back of our minds we still started paying april may etc so shouldnt they have sent us a letter saying hello we see you have paid recently but you missed a month, even tho you are continuing to pay us can you please finish the march payment etc, not just suddenly summon us to court i always keep receipts and i checked on them and they are right we missed march, but continued to pay april may etc. any advice guys? appreciate it again i hope this is the right forum im posting sorry if not
  21. Step daughter has received enforcement from Jacobs they have told her she must pay £230 per month she cant afford that, she paid £200 which is the amount they said they needed to stop enforcement. Jacobs will not negotiate a lesser amount so she might as well not go to work. Ive read guidance to la but is it likely that a council who issues a liability order after 3 months are liable to care that the level of payment by their contractors is punitive. any advice on how to proceed would be gratefully accepted.
  22. Hi, would appreciate any advice regarding the situation of a relative who is a single Mother. She had an outstanding housing benefit overpayment which was being repaid monthly over a payment plan for the last few years. At the beginning of this year the council got in touch to say that they needed to increase the amount paid each month; following a review of her income and expenditure a significantly higher amount was agreed to be paid which she has paid without fail. The council also stated that they would review the payment plan after 3 months, however they sent a letter 4 months later with a means statement saying she needed to respond within 10 days. She was out of town and didn't see the letter until she returned 11 days after it was dated; she called the council who said that they have now passed the debt onto a debt recovery agency and she has to deal directly with them and that there is nothing they can do now. She is now very worried and has been sent letters by the debt collection agency. I think the councils behaviour is unfair and unacceptable, she has always made the payments agreed and was compliant with the agreed payment plan, they sent the means review later than they had indicated but are punishing her by handing her over to debt collectors because she did not respond to their late letter within 10 days. Does any one have any advice as to how she should deal with the council and the debt collectors? She is willing to repay the debt within her means and doesn't think it is fair to have to deal with bailiffs and risk losing her possessions or work to their aggressive repayment plans.
  23. I received an enforcement notice on 23 July 2018 for PCN issued by Harrow council on 14 March 2015. Prior to this I had not received any written communication about the original contravention as it seems that the original PCN was sent to my old home address. In July 2017, whilst paying for another PCN (issued in June 2017) from Harrow council on the website I learnt about this older PCN (from 14 March 2015). I had approached Harrow Council via email (they do not have any phone number) and enquired about this PCN. I told them I had never received any communication on the March 2015 PCN, and whether they can resend the PCN to my current address and what is the dispensation for paying the discounted amount given that I was not aware of the issuance of this PCN. I was informed via email reply that: "Unfortunately we are unable to resend to your current address. If you wish to challenge the charge please wait until you receive the Order of Recovery where you will be able to make a declaration on the grounds that you didn't receive the original charge." In regards to your question, an Order for Recovery is the next stage after the Charge Certificate. When it is issued, you can file for a Statutory Declaration form. This forms give you the opportunity to challenge the Notice." Following many email follow-ups to the Harrow Parking, I got an Enforcement Notice for the Outstanding PCN amount requesting a payment of GBP248. The Enforcement agency did not know anything about the statutory declaration form and they essentially advised to speak Harrow council. We agreed on an arrangement where I pay GBP75 and pay remaining amount over next 3 months which allows me to go back to Harrow council and challenge the original PCN. Few questions I have: 1. Do I have any possibility of challenging a PCN after the Enforcement Notice? Especially given the original PCN was never sent to me? Or should I pay the full GBP248 enforcement agency fine? 2. Can I challenge request a reduced payment of PCN assuming that I am at fault as I never got an original PCN where they do offer a discounted payment? I will appreciate guidance from the members from the forum based on your experience on this matter. Thanks for your help.
  24. Do part time carers who rent their own homes who care for someone on the highest PIP and ESA partially living with them 15 hours per week claim disability council tax reduction, while they live 15 or more hours in another carers home already receiving a reduction in that property?
  25. Hi All - For those of you who have not read my issue, here is a history on another thread: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?485667-Got-CCJ-due-to-council-and-bank-blunder!!-what-compo-should-i-ask-for&p=5116746#post5116746 In a nutshell: - own a rental property in another London borough to where I live - council initiated CCJ proceedings for non payment of Service Charges (payments were being made but without a reference, so monies could not be allocated to SC account) - council's solicitors were sending court paperwork to rental property, and not correspondence, despite council providing correspondence address - CCJ issued - Council solicitors have taken the responsibility to remove CCJ at no cost to me - in their draft order to remove CCJ, the solicitors were giving false info in their statement of truth section. AND still continued to send paperwork to rental property, despite having correct correspondence address. There have been invaluable help on this forum, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated. BF I know you mentioned suing them for negligence - could this be something we look at whilst waiting for SAR's from bank and council? Many thanks in advance, Jay
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