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  1. Hello there, I have recently been away from my rented flat as I have been looking after a very ill family member. It was very stupid of me, but I never gave paying my council tax any thought. I have been out of a job for awhile, and have only just started to apply for benefits. When I returned to my property, I was greeted with a lovely notice of enforcement letter from Marstons Holdings, stating I had until the 10th April to pay. Well I did not get back to the property till the 12th. I have tried to contact Marstons directly, having no help whatsoever. I have c
  2. Hi all, I have had a Notice of Enforcement from Bristow and Sutor claiming that I owe them something in the region of £65 + £75 compliance fee for a Council Tax Debt that I apparently have from an old property that I rented. I always paid by DD and only cancelled the DD after seeing that no payments had gone out for a while, therefore I believed that I was discharged of any responsibilities. Fast-forward a year and I receive a Notice of Enforcement dated 23/8/17 claiming the above figures and that this has been through the courts. How would you suggest that I proceed? If there i
  3. Can someone please tell me how the Council Tax Benefits are worked out when a person earns more than usual for 1 month ? It used to be the case where they had to wait 2 consecutive months before making any changes to the benefit award . Is this still the case or has it changed ? Also if a person works for a full month but doesn’t get paid until the 15th of the following month do they go by the ‘ full months ‘ wage when working this out or do they work it out between the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next ? My Son who is a “ non-dependant “ forwards his wage slips ev
  4. Dear forum, I've been recently receiving summary warrant letters (one of them has been handed-in in person) from Scott&Co sheriffs claiming I owe over £1300 in Council Tax. This is amount that would cover more than 12 months CT for the property I've been staying in for just 4 months! The truth is, I haven't paid (I'm the sole person responsible for CT) CT because I work too few hours and can't get any benefits as I'm non-UK (I don't even pay the rent right now due to lack of sensible income, got a very understanding LL). I've looked through posts on the forum but it's no
  5. Good afternoon, Hopefully someone can give me some guidance at what i can do to resolve a matter i have with JBW group. On the 25/03/14 i received a letter to my address that stated I owed £354 to the London Borough of Bromley for council tax. I contacted JBW via email and asked what and when this was related to, They responded giving me the address of the property and the time period which dates back to 2003. I advised JBW that i don't know anything about this debt and was not at the property at the time the outstanding amount it for.They replied with the following "Dear Mr James,
  6. Moved from benefits into a job. Paid around £150 each month for both council tax for current year, and arrears. The council threatened to take me to court for unpaid council tax. I explained my payments covered the whole of the current month's installment, plus agreed arrears at an amount I'd agreed with them. Everything I had paid had been agreed between them and me. The council admitted their mistake and said that - as I thought - they'd just been taking my payment and paying it on this year's bill, meaning nothing was coming off the arrears, but my current year's council tax was paid way
  7. Today I received a visit from a Horrible woman from Ross and Roberts about outstanding council tax with Birmingham city council. I did have a payment arrangement set up with Ross and Roberts which I had been paying for the roughly the last 6 months but with receiving the current years water and council tax bills I missed Aprils payment. I was hoping to pay make two months payment later this month to catch up but they have sent out the bailiffs. My 6 month baby (Hasn't been well last couple of days) was sleeping when the agent came and starting banging on the door. I wa
  8. This website has been a lifeline for me over the last few months. I've read avidly and learnt so much from other people's experiences and from the advice posted. I'm currently managing my "relationship" with Rossendales and have managed to survive this far without too many hiccups. Empowered by knowledge gained here, I've stood my ground, kept my doors and windows locked, parked my car miles away , have sent out the requisite standard letters (found on here) and, finally, have sent my first payment directly to the Council via online payment completely bypassing Rossendale
  9. I had a bad few years from 2011 onwards after getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which left me bed bound), and subsequently losing my job, having a child bereavement and all the anxiety and depression that came with all that. Prior to that I had a decent job and my OH and I had divided up the bills accordingly, with me paying Council Tax amongst other things. Unbeknownst to my OH, when the proverbials hit the fan, I just 'switched off' ignored my payment responsibilities (hiding bills etc ) until things got out of hand and the CT bill got passed first to Newlyn PLC. Long story short
  10. Hello, Need some help here to know my rights. I recently received a letter from a Ross&Roberts company saying that I had to pay council tax of £280. Didn't give any other details about how the debt came about. I called the council and they said it was a debt due on a former property, since 2004. I asked if I could see how to set up a standing order with them, they said no; I had to talk to Ross&Roberts. What bothers me is that, after moving (2011) I did receive a council tax letter, informing me that the account was closed and a new account was opene
  11. Hi i had Marstons banging on the door this morning at 8.30am saying they were removing my car. They put a clamp on it and said a removal van would be there in half an hour. They then left and came back 30 minutes later. Its for an old council tax bill of £217 for which they want to remove my vehicle which is worth around £2,500 retail or £1500 trade, is this not classed as excess!? He's been sat outside for two hours now and has told me he will charge me £60 per hour to wait for the tow truck. I haven't signed anything so from what i can gather, he cant charge me
  12. For reference this issue is occurring in Scotland. I have council tax bills including 3 from 2006/2007/2008 which I didn't pay. They went to sheriffs officers, I moved house and they lost contact - recently contacted them in an attempt to settle up old debt. Paying these bills off now and have a payment plan setup with the sheriffs officers to do so. Bills have around £1,500 remaining from about £3,000 total. I received a letter earlier in the week telling me that the bills for these years had changed due to "Change in Tax Band". Turns out there was some work done to the property
  13. A most interesting story appears on SCOOP today that is worthy of it's own thread. The story is from Dukes Bailiffs and concerns the rumours in the industry that many local authorities are looking at the financial advantage of moving council tax enforcement in house. The article certainly appears to show that enforcement companies are concerned at such a prospect. http://dukescouncil.co.uk/2014/08/27/council-enforcement-policy/ http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  14. I have a debt for council tax outstanding from last year for £750 and I have an arrangement with the bailiff to pay £150 per month. I have made the first three payments, but I will be a week late in making payment this month and the bailiff's office has told me to contact the bailiff directly. Are they normally ok with this or are they likely to attempt enforcement? Many thanks for any advice.
  15. Hi, I am really confused and worried about this situation - if anyone can have a read and let me know initital thoughts would be really great, I've been single since last year and been claiming council tax single person discount since we parted. I was working up until August last year and then went onto income support as have 2 very young children and found it too difficult to work/look after etc on my own. One baby 13 month,the other 2.5. The local council recently have been saying that they believe my expartner is still residing at my address, he is not, he has severe mental health is
  16. Hi I recently received two letters about one old council tax account and one old payday loan, both over 6 years old. I have tried to arrange to pay the council tax bill but the bailiff company wont accept installments and want the full balance. The amount owed is over £700, so I'm sorry but to land that on me after 6 years and expect me to pay in full is ridiculous. The payday loan, i have no recollection of taking out and the debt collection agency have added a ton of fees on so i have issue with paying it. Are either of these debts even enforceable given they're both o
  17. On 6th April the new Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 took effect and full details can be read in the various 'STICKY's at the top of this page. One very important "Sticky' relates to the 'transitional' position...which is where an enforcement company had commenced work to enforce the debt before 6th April (under the previous applicable fee scale) but where the debt remained unpaid when the new regulations took effect on 6th April.....and a new fee scale introduced. Although the new regulations have only been in force for 10 days it would appear that some enforcement companies (
  18. to keep a long story short just looking for some advice. just looked at my payslip online, i have an attachment of earnings order they have taken £60 which isnt awfull i guess. however I wasnt notified that this was going to happen. I do have a debt with birstow and sutor for council tax which also has a ccj attached. I missed some payments because my partner lost his job which i did inform them of. they said my smaller payment was not acceptable the full payment was now due and they sent two large bailiffs round which was distressing.So im assuming the aoe is the council debt. my ques
  19. I had a bailiff letter back in November last year with regards to outstanding council tax. I sent an email to the company (Rossendales) and asked for a breakdown of their charges they added on to the debt - there were three different years to be collected. I offered to pay £100 per month to them, or I'll put the money aside to pay the council as and when they took the debt back. They refused to accept this amount. From what I could see, they have added three separate amounts on to the original debt, which I believe they cannot do. Now, I have a bailiff sitting outside my h
  20. Lived with a friend about 5 years ago. I was on council tax benefits, he wasn't. The council are now chasing me for £400 because they can't find my friend. I'm no longer in contact with him and don't know where he is. Because they don't know where I live, they had a liability order issued without my knowledge to my PARENTS address, even though I don't live with my parents and haven't since I was a teenager. My parents are now being threatened with bailiffs. I've explained to the council that I do not live at my parents property and they're simply forwarding mail to me. They say the
  21. Hi, about 3 weeks ago a bailiff came to our property to "recover" £50 owed to council tax, I didn't have it because I was made redundant in February and I am 29 weeks pregnant so have been pretty much unemployable, though I have tried. We managed to set up a payment plan which would be £20 every fortnight, paid on a payment card and he said I would receive one through the post then had to start doing it. I didn't receive any card and to be quite honest I pushed it to the back of my mind as I have been trying to get the things I needed for my baby, my partner is working but he doesn't e
  22. Hi, Long story short, I am on JSA and HB. I owed £75 in Council Tax arrears to Harringay last year. I made an offer of payment which was refused. I then got a letter of Court Summons which added £120. I have read on this forum many scare stories of Bailiffs turning up and adding telephone numbers in levy/visitation fees, etc. I contacted the Council by email twice now offering £3 a month (last time three weeks ago) Still no response. The government has decided that £72 JSA a week is the minimum I need to live on. So, if I refuse to pay these usary fees and charges and it ends up be
  23. Hi All I have a debt from a previous address which is in dispute. The matter is now with the ombudsman. Today bailiffs visited me and when I looked out the window there was a clamp on my car. I spoke with the bailiff and explained that the car was a 'tool of the trade' and without it i could not work. Further my divorce solicitors wrote a letter confirming this and I provided them with a copy of my insurance that states business use. Albeit this was amended as I mistakenly thought I could travel to and from my place of work but apparently that is not the
  24. Hi, I hope someone can offer me some advice regarding the following: I am due to attend a tribunal hearing tomorrow to appeal against a decision to recover overpaid CTB. Although the council in question have admitted it was an "official error" on their part, they maintain that it was "reasonable" for me to have realised the error at the time. The error in question is that I was awarded 100% CTB when I should have been awarded 50% due to me sharing the property I live in with another tenant. I did not question the decision at the time as I had provided them with all the relevant info
  25. I initially fell in arrears with my Council tax after they had failed to provide standing order forms. I went on to make a late payment, which was immediately followed by a summons letter. After receiving the summons letter I contacted the council and was advised not to attend court as I was on job seekers allowance and that they wouldn't arrange or set up any arrangement before the court date. They didn't mention that they would be pursuing the debt and obtain a liability order. Upon receiving the liability order following the court hearing which they advised me not to attend, I c
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