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Found 7 results

  1. This website has been a lifeline for me over the last few months. I've read avidly and learnt so much from other people's experiences and from the advice posted. I'm currently managing my "relationship" with Rossendales and have managed to survive this far without too many hiccups. Empowered by knowledge gained here, I've stood my ground, kept my doors and windows locked, parked my car miles away , have sent out the requisite standard letters (found on here) and, finally, have sent my first payment directly to the Council via online payment completely bypassing Rossendales. I'm sure Rossendales will discover this fact soon if, indeed, they haven't already. The computer-generated letters from Rossendales were becoming more and more "assertive" and despite my advising them in writing that hell would freeze over before they crossed my threshold and paying them what I thought was a "reasonable and sustainable" amount each month to cover outstanding Council Tax from 2006, they still insist on demanding "full payment" in contravention of the OFT guidelines. However, thanks to everyone here, I feel as if I'm back in control of the situation and can sleep nights. Bailiffs are indeed paperless, powerless tigers - but, unfortunately, like mosquitos they do need to be controlled cos they're pesky!! Thanks again!
  2. Hi... Can someone please advise me on this as lot sure what to do? This morning I received a notice of enforcement letter from the council saying despite several letters to me I have yet to pay a liability order for council tax. This is the first lettebi have received from them and the order goes back to 2005. I was living with my ex wife then and when we spilt up I wasn't aware that she hadn't been paying the council tax. .. Do liability orders have an expiry date at all? Not sure how to proceed here... Thank you
  3. Hi, A long story short, I've been on JSA for a few years, HB and CTX relief too. But now I have to pay something for CTX under new ConDem rules. I couldn't afford to and got a high court summons letter. I went to Haringey council office on day of receiving the letter and filled in a I&E and made an offer of £3.50pcm. It's now been over a month and I've heard nothing back. I don't have the money on my PAYG mobile to phone up and spend £30 listening to a robot. The date on the court summons was last Wednesday. I sent an email a week before that to Haringey Council Tax email address saying I couldn't pay, please remove £125 court summons fee as it achieves nothing except to dig me deeper into my debt hole, and to confirm that they'd received my stamped I&E form. Still no response as of today. So my question is - do I need to keep chasing this up, as I'm scared I'll never hear anything until Bob the Bastard Bailiff knocks on my door and adds even more fees to what was originally only £90 arrears? (Currently now £215 - which when you are on JSA and have £4 left each week after utilities and essentials is a damn sour joke) Or can I just wait to hear from Haringey in due course? They always tell me they've posted letters which I've never received, but I realise this is no defence should it ever come to it. They have my contact phone, email and physical address. Thanks for any advice. I'm worried because having jumped through their hoops on Work Prog and JSA, I now understand how spectacularly stoopid the people they employ are, so if I leave it and wait to hear, I'll suddenly get a letter saying I now owe £4,000. It makes me so angry [removed].
  4. PLease can anyone help with this, my partners mum works in a school and all staff was been awarded backpay that they were owed , which is £680 , but now she has received a letter from the council saying that sh will not be getting the backpay of £680 instead it is going to her arrears of council tax. can they do this ? even thou she has an agreement in place paying the debt off to them , she was really relying on this extra cash for christmas many thanks for your time
  5. Hi all, I hope somebody can help with my situation. I have received an email from Goodwillie & Corcoran saying that I owe them money from an old council tax debt. This debt was incurred over 2 years ago when I was in a previous relationship. From the breakdown of charges, which I requested from them, the total debt in the beginning was £225, there are now added fees totaling £182 on top, less £88 my ex had paid, therefore £319. I have never received any liability orders from the council and a bailiff has never visited any property I have lived at, but I was aware of the original debt. I therefore have a few questions: 1. can the bailiff claim those fees from me as they had never visited me? 2. Are those charges excessive, given the amount of the original debt? 3. Can a bailiff even claim anything from me personally as I had never received the liability notice? 4. If the council do take the debt back and cut out the bailiffs, is the amount due £225 less £88? The breakdown of the fees are: Visit Fee 1 - £24.50 Visit Fee 2 - £18.00 Levy Fee - £29.50 Attendance Fee - £102 Debit Card Fees (£2 x4) - £8 I cannot find any information online about what a levy fee is As an FYI - I had agreed with my ex she would settle this debt as I had cleared all the others when we split, and this one popped up a couple of months after the time. When she told me it had gone to bailiffs I agreed to pay my half and had wired her over £100 already before becoming suspicious and asking for a breakdown of what was left. She has now done a runner, hence why I guess the bailiffs are turning their attention to me. Please help Thanks in advance Chris
  6. Hi all, Came home to a Bailiffs letter posted through door with a notice of seizure of goods. Two things that are important her is that I have an arrangement with Council for arrears, due to an accident was unable to pay at the time but have been paying since back at work. I have not received any letters from Bailiffs to say that they now handle the case ? I have received letters from council threatening action but brought the account up to date on the arrangement. Now these Bailiffs have put a seizure notice on my Daughters car that was in the driveway, is this a measure of there level of intelligence or just there idea of trying to frighten people. I do understand they can not take anything that is not mine but what reason would they do this ? The other thing is they have 5 levy fees as the Council tax for whatever reason is broken up into separate bills, the levy fee charges are relevant to the amount owed ie. the higher the amount owed the higher the levy fee ? is this correct. They have given me a 5 day notice for removal of goods ( Daughters Car ) Lastly the council will not deal with me, have told me I have to deal with the Bailiffs now ! Thank you for any help you can give
  7. Hi CAG readers, I need some assistance on this issue. I have a flat which I rented out while I was caring for my elderly mother. Enfield Council have just sent me a Summons to attend court on the 3/5/12 relating to unpaid Council Tax for the whole of 11/12. I had tenants in the flat until the end of Feb 2012. Their tenancy agreement (which I have) clearly states that they are liable to pay council tax. The whole flat was let out to one person, who then moved in with his girlfriend. The tenants have now moved back to France and I am trying to contact them and pass on the information that they have unpaid Council Tax to pay. They were in the property for the past 3 years and actually racked up 3 yrs of arrears despite me informing the council when they moved in of the new tenants (when they sent a wrongly addressed letter to the property - I filled the new tenant info on the back of the envelope and sent it back). This is the first of 3 years summons requests that they are demanding from me. I have the tenancy agreements and cash receipts/Direct debit payments that were made into my hand/bank account for the whole period (past 3 years) which can prove that the flat was validly rented. The Council have just sent payment requests for the previous two years, I guess that will! I called the Summons line today and the lady stated that there is nothing I can do, I need to make an arrangement on the disputed amounts asap, before the case goes to court as they will seek a liability order and due to the amount of arrears, bankruptcy. I told her about the proof that I had that I was not resident there and she said it is too late now to provide that information. She tried to put the fear of Lucifer into me and it worked. Should I go to the council offices asap with my evidence (1) or present it at court? Very worried :| Any suggestions? Thanks in advance companeros
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