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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All Right in a past life i got in a mess with a number of things C/Tax was one of them got 3 different accounts outstanding to a total of around £1500 so not outrageous been having some visits from these people demanding that we pay them for 1 of the accounts totaling £246.52 (as you may tell I have had dealing with them before) my wife was getting a bit worried I said I would start a good will payment to the council (not B&S) of £5 per week on each of the 3 accounts (total £15pw) council have refused this offer before as I refuse to show my income and outgoings (none of there bloody business) got a visit from B&S tonight trying to demand payment to them (again) threatening my wife (i was in the bath at the time) that they was coming to take our stuff even after she said we were paying the council she shut the door (I keep telling her not to open it to them but she never listens) they posted there 3rd final notice RED letter through the door that is showing a change in the balance (Paid £15 onto this account in the past 3 weeks) reduction by £10 (guess there is a delay in the accounts being updated) whats my next step with B&S as being like that with my wife is not on I am more annoyed that I did not wait for my bath I am sure somebody will have a nice firework i can shove up there rear and light
  2. Hi - new user, so hope I'm in the right place to post this Had a Bailiff at my partners house (we don't live together) he left a notice of seizure of goods with his son. He didn't show any ID and his son didn't let him in. He noted a few items in garden i.e. furniture etc and left. My partners says he never received any letters etc in post to say it had gone to court or was being sent to Bailiff - maybe he did ? we would have paid it immediately if we had seen it. It was for £340 owed to council for council tax. The notice said to pay £340 council tax, £24.50 first visit fee, £35.00 Levy fee and a whopping £220 for enforcement costs ?!!!! He didn't take any goods and was there 5 mins filled out form and left. I called to pay the debt to him - and tried to get the enforcement costs taken off. I had looked on line and it said they are illegal costs but he wasn't having any of it. In the end I paid on credit card - additional 5% charge as I was scared and worried he'd return and take furniture from garden - which worth more than the £340 owed. I looked online to see if he was an accredited bailiff - at justice.gov.uk and he's not on the list I want to claim back the enforcement costs - too steep for such a small debt. And it also looks like it's not legal to add this kind of fee on top of a debt. Do I go to my credit card company and get them to stop payment - try and resolve it. ? Do I go to the council and complain and also the debt agency - Alexanders ? Any advice from someone who's had experience or knows what to do would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  3. I let a bailiff in but never let her stay long enough to list goods or never signed a walking possession order and now im trying to make a payment plan and can only afford £5 a week can the bailiff refuse this? as it is all i can only afford . i am doing a debt relief order . and my girl friend told them this so i am worried they want as much as they can before it is processed.. so can they refuse a amount that i can afford and ask for more that i cant ???
  4. Got a note through the door from Equita Bailiffs for a council tax liability order. Letter reads as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name & address - printed on the letter Date - handwritten Time - handwritten Delivered By Hand BAILIFF REMOVAL Payment due in full - 24 hours I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding Council Tax Liability Order and additional Enforcement Costs incurred. PLEASE NOTE - No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full by CLEAR FUNDS ONLY. I will re-attend your address with immediate effect and may REMOVE goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number below to arrange prompt payment of your debt. No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was nothing about the amount or actual costs. I contacted the council immediately, because this is the first I'd heard it was being kicked to the bailiffs. I knew I had a liability order but I had assumed my previous payment arrangement (made with the council) for last years order was continuing on, as I had made all my payments on time, and I'd heard nothing else from the council. After 10-15 futile minutes trying to get the council to take it back from the bailiffs, I got them to confirm the amount of the liability order. I borrowed the money from a relative, and paid off the liability order directly to the council via their automated telephone system. I then paid a further £45 (via automated system) to cover 2 bailiff visits - letter above being the first visit, and one more visit should they actually come in 24 hours and my account isn't clear in time, OR if they claim this wasn't the first visit. Is the letter above the standard first visit letter from Equita when you've got a council tax liability order? It doesn't sound like it - aren't they supposed to give you a payment arrangement option? When do bailiff costs get added to your council tax account? Do they maintain a separate account with the charges that the council doesn't have access to, cos the debt at the council was just for the liability order. I'm worried about them adding mystery costs to my account and/or that they've levied my neighbours cars (who are fond of parking outside my house). I have no intention of contacting the bailiffs, but I'd like to know this is finished and I haven't got to worry about more bailiffs charges, relatives parking at my house and hiding in my house to avoid contact.
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