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Found 18 results

  1. good afternoon I'm new on here and am hoping someone can give me some advice and tell me what to expect. i have received a claim form today from county court business centre relating to a debt originally with the funding corporation but assigned to cabot. the issue date is 17 jan and the amount being claimed for is £10200 + costs of £454.50 (court fee ) and £100 (legal representatives costs ). the claim is in joint names for myself and my now ex wife. when we were together we got a car financed through tfc in 2007. when we separated and divorced it was agreed that she take the car and maintain payments on it, however after sometime she was unable to continue, as the credit was in joint names, i took the car back and made the payments. when i did this i found out that she had had the payments reduced from £300 per month to £100 per month. i did a sar to check the account and found that £6000 had been added to the amount owed as a result of the payments being reduced. i queried this as i thought that with it being in joint names, my agreement and signature was required to make this sort of a change and did not hear anything back. due to this, being made redundant, and various personal issues, payments were stopped. the last payment made was several years ago. i can no longer find the paperwork which i had from the sar. can someone advise me if i have a viable defense to part of the claim in that i didnt agree to the reduced payments, if i do - do i send a sar to their solicitors, cabot or tfc and will the court allow me the time to do this? would it be better to admit the claim and ask for a payment arrangement, i wouldnt be able to afford much as i do not work full time because i look after my 3 year old son for half of every week. i think there was also ppi on the account as well, although only in my exs wifes name. would it be an idea to look into reclaiming this? Should i get legal advice and what sort of costs would be involved in this? many thanks for any help and advice that can be given.
  2. Hi All. I recently purchased a Ford Focus from Stoneacre using finance from The Funding Corporation. After 1 day of collection, a whole host of issues appeared, which were as follows: 1.) ABS/Traction Control/Handbrake lights would randomly start flashing on dashboard. When they did, the car would become very jerky and not drive properly (much like kangarooing) - when on the motorway at 70mph and this happened the car would be extremely dangerous, braking on it's own and hopping around for want of a better explanation. If a car was behind you it looked to them like you'd braked! It is seriously a major fault. 2.) Car won't go into reverse gear. It results in crunching/grinding. I've been stuck in parking spots for 15 minutes before trying 50 times to get the car into reverse and each time it feels like it's in and when you release the clutch just grinding and crunching. 3.) When braking lots of juddering, shaking, doesn't brake straight and true. Steering wheel shakes violently upon braking. 4.) Loud tapping/rattling/knocking/whining noises coming from engine bay. And many more... I complained and Stoneacre took the car back in, saying they would require it for 1 week. After 3 weeks the car was returned to me and at this time, i received a letter from The Funding Corporation stating the following: "We have heard from Stoneacre who have told us they have rectified the issues with the car, on that basis we cannot accept the car returning/rejecting and therefore this is our final response on the matter". Now, that would be fine, however... The car came back with not a single issue fixed, infact, only 1 day after it returning to me the Engine Management Light appeared, the car went into limp mode and wouldnt do over 20/30mph. Then fault codes starting flashing up on the dashboard, and now, when the car is started (it's push button start/keyless) more often than not it will NOT turn off when you've reached your destination. You push the button to shut the car down and it does nothing. You literally have to stall the car to turn it off. I have an email from Stoneacre openly admitting they are not sure what the issue is relating to number 1.) (the main dangerous issue) but they "tried a few things" and it should be fine. Just to clarify, not 1 of the issues that the car went in with has been fixed, it's just come back with more. I just don't want the car now, i bought it 6 weeks ago, i've had the car for 2 of those 6 weeks and it's a complete Lemon. Am i now within my rights to reject the car? The Funding Corporation are nothing shy of useless and to respond saying "that's the end of the matter" is a bit of a joke quite frankly. The problem at the moment is, i really do need a car, and not sure how to go about resolving this. Any advice much appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I've got an upcoming bill for about 7k for Corp tax from 2014-April this year after filing (late) in June, however I'm in no shape to pay it now and won't be for another 4 months or so. Typically what kind of times can HMRC allow to pay? Thanks, JB
  4. Re: The Mortgage Corporation - Woking Hi, I had a mortgage with the mortgage corporation from 1990-1998. I have traced them to the present day in the guise of :- Mortgage Trust Ltd. 51 Homer Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3QJ. I had PPI arranged through the mortgage corporation and am trying to claim this back. I have gone thru' the claims process myself with Mortgage trust and they say that because cases prior to Jan 2005 fell within a non-regulated sale environment they do not have any liability. When I took my complaint to the Financial Ombudsmanicon service (FOS), they confirmed that this was the case. They did however state that I could take the complaint to the insurance underwriter (the insurance company who actually provided the cover) and the FOS would be happy to help if I had problems with them. Here lies my problem. I do not have any details of the insurance underwriters who the mortgage corporation dealt with in the 1990's as I was never sent any documentation. If any body out there has their ppi policy details, I would be very grateful if you could provide me with the name and possibly the address of the insurers used by the Mortgage corporation in the 1990's Many Thanks, jxgrgs
  5. Hi - I have a car which is financed by TFC (the worst HP company ever, their staff are so arrogant). I just wanted to find out if anyone has managed to come to a reduce payment agreement with them. I have been trying for the last 2 1/2 years to have my monthly installments reduced, reason being is I have had to reduce my work hours for health reasons so have lost +/-£300/month. I have written, complained, phoned just about done flik-flaks in their offices and they are having none of it. Their response is we do not consider your situation to be a material change in circumstance My argument to that is if I had come to them with my current payslip would they have lent me the same amount of money being the reasonable lenders they are or would it have been less? Also their BILL OF SALE BORROWER INFORMATION SHEET, which I believe is a form of false advertising states. “If you have a material change of circumstances we will take this into consideration and may agree to reduce your repayments until such time as you are to continue with your original contractual repayments.” They recently sent me an income and expenditure form which I completed and returned under the assumption that they would look at reducing my payments, also according to one of the staff who stated "I can see from you account that you have applied for a reduced payment" when I queried about them receiving the forms, so it is on file, the lady I spoke to today adamantly tells me its not somethign the company does!!! Why send me the forms then, will ask her when she phones back as was getting to upset and did not want to rock the boat. has anyone managed to get reduced payments and if yes how? Is the above worthy of a complaint to the FOS. My agreement finishes in September 2016 so only have 11 months to go but financially its killing me and my husband has just been made redundant so struggling big time. Sharon
  6. Hey Caggers, I am after some advise ref a vehicle that we purchased from ACF Car Finance in December 2011. Since we have had the car there appears to have been an lot of things that have actually gone wrong with the car ranging from a new clutch, new gear box, new suspension, new central locking, failed coil pack, misfiring cylinders and knackered suspension to list the ones that come to mind as I write this post. Since we had had the car, we have followed the recommended service arrangement and had a full service every 12 months and really have looked after the car. With having so many issues, one of the garages we went to for repairs did comment on faults of this nature being common with a vehicle that has been neglected and asked if we were sure of the cars service history before we actually purchased it. When we looking at the service book it was pretty clean that the stamps for various services were actually made up, the same pen, same handwriting etc. and none of the boxes were tickets. We have even spoken to Vauxhall to verify the service history and they have said that there is not record of any 2 of the 3 services on the book which were apparently completed at a Vauxhall dealer. We raised this with ACF who said that it was not their policy to check the service history of cars they purchased as they carry out their own check to ensure that vehicles are fit for purpose. Now, what's brought the need to create this post on is that we have just been on the receiving end of a major gearbox and clutch failure on the car, a repair that is set to cost me £1622 to fix a car that is worth just over £2200. We still have 2 years left on the finance however the garage has informed us that they don't believe the vehicle will last the full duration of the finance due to the level of faults we are experiencing. Do I have any ground to ask for the finance to be suspected or the vehicle to be returned to ACF ? the cost of the current repair is approx 70% of the car current value and I fear the next big issue will be pretty much game over. The issue of the fictional service history must have some weight ? Is there anything that can be done to help me get out from in-between this rock & hard place? Thanks Scott
  7. does the 17 digit payment reference for a ltd companies corporation tax change year on year? got last years payment reference but not current year, wondering if anyone knows if it alters or not
  8. Having sorted out son in laws debts thanks to this site and taken control of the situation, I am looking to reclaim any ppi he might have had on a series of loans he had when trying to support his parents whilst his mother was terminally ill and his Dad a full time carer. had a credit report and as well as Welcome - a nightmare to deal with and currently on back burner - came across The funding corporation and a loan from August 2004 til October 2008 - 50 months at £81 - looks like no defaults on it but suspect some form of ppi. Read a few old threads on various sites which all seem to peter out very quickly due to not being regulated by FOS. Guess starting point is a SAR to TFC as have no paperwork and see what turns up. in meantime will trawl the web for any info/success stories. sorry for typing - just out of hospital after op - only got wrong hand to type with - will also start a thread for the lloyds loans he has/had when i can make some sense of the timeline.
  9. I'm after some advice Back in june 2008 I purchased a car from ACF financed by TFC by way of a credit agreement linked to a Bill Of Sale. A week ago I received a statement of account from TFC showing the account still had a balance of £1300 to pay (I thought the agreement was totally paid up and the car was owned outright by me). On the statement was lots of charges for late payments and 'admin' charges. When I added them up, the charges are more than the outstanding balance by about £400! TFC have now sent me a notice of default sums, and my question is how do I go about reclaiming these charges? (they vary from £10 - £250 per charge) Also I'm concerned as they might try to repossess the car as it was secured by a Bill of Sale even though the balance is made up entirely of charges. I can upload a copy of the statements if it helps
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new here and just looking for some advice I got a car on finance from approved car finance/ the funding corporation with my ex partner back in 2004 and I was paying all the monthly payments for about a year until I got laid off and I rang them and told them this and they still wanted me to pay, I started paying roughly £135 a week when started back work after being out of work for 2 months, when me and my ex split up in 2006 I lost my job and got 3 months behind with my payments, during this time I was staying with a friend, then out of the blue I had 2 men turn up at my friends house to say they was there to take my car if I didn't hand over £900 there and then, I didn't have that much on me and offered them £150 and I would pay the rest a week later when I had it, they said no and I had to remove all my belongings from the boot and put them in the garden and they took the car. I contacted the funding corporation and they told me because the car was repossessed I would not have to make any further payments on it and that was it. Fast forward to 2014 and I received a letter from Cabot debt collection agency saying I owe them £9000 for the car, what do I do, can anyone give me some advise please
  11. Can anybody tell me who is 'Associates Capital Corporation and if possible the address please. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone I'm new to all this and am just starting the road to reclaiming several lots of PPI! My first one is with The Funding Corporation. Unfortunately we are only going by the paper work we have as we can't remember the details. Basically we took out a loan with TFC for £10,000 plus PPI for £2170, plus interest at 6.9 totaling the loan to £14,505 of which £2587 is PPI. Husband had a full time fab job with full sick pay etc etc. He also had life insurance. We would never have knowingly added £2587 to a loan without thinking it was compulsory. It appears to me this is 'front loaded PPI'? is that right? However we have lots of paperwork that makes it look like we knew what we were doing. There is a tick in the PPI box where we have signed. There is a Policy number and agreement. There's also a dodgy looking 'Demands and needs statement' where 'in the event of my death' box is ticked. Bizarre seeing as if anything happened to other half we would be well taken care of. By the looks of it we settled end of June 2006:- balance outstanding £13,501.04 rebate of charges £1,792.77 rebate of insurance premium £50 amount acceptable in settlement £11,658,27 TFC name is all over everything except looks like loan is provided by Capital One and insurance by AXA. My questions are (if you've made it this far and aren't as confused as I am) Do we have a case? Confused by the excel interest thingy, how much interest should I be adding and where? Should I go straight to AXA? Does it matter that we looked like we really wanted this insurance, even though we know it was mis-sold as part of the loan. God only knows how we were so gullible! I am useless with numbers and my husband is far too busy to waste as many hours as I am on this (I'm the one instigating and pushing this). Your thoughts would be amazing and I am totally in awe of those that have made it this far!! I have posted this on another forum, hope that's OK?
  13. This is a weird one. Some years ago I applied for a ACC credit card. I sent off the info and months later I had a cheque book land on my doorstep addressed to me at some address in North London. But strangely it had had my address at the time written on the envelope. I telephoned ACC who told me that the card had also gone to this address. I was very concerned and asked them to cancel the card as I had never received it and had never lived in North London. They said they would cancel the card. This was way before I had dealings with CAG. I have never had a statement nor a letter from them, nothing. I now have a DCA chasing me for one unenforcable with Halifax which, because I have moved, I have to confirm I live here to do a prove it letter. And now I have them chasing me for £1113.58 of debt I never, ever used. Obviously I did sign an agreement to take out the card, but as I never had the card nor any statements, I wasn't aware the card was even active. It's one thing getting into trouble with debt, but completely another when the debt is in my name but not mine. Where on earth do I go from here? As a mute point the unenforcable Halifax debt is the second one listed dated 17/04/07 and I never had a CA and is no doubt statute barred, as I would think the ACC card is.
  14. Took out car finance with ACF finance in October 2009 on a renault sceninc which has been nothing but problems ive managed to keep throwing money at it but have now come to the end of the road! the power steering has gone also the clutch. It will cost me more to repair than the car is worth. I still owe £3700 on finance. i phoned the lovely people at Cygnet today to talk over situation to say he was rude would be an understatement!!!! I am stuck with a car with no tax or MOT i was told i couldnt scrap it and was my responsibility to keep it road worthy. I would have to keep it off road somewhere for next 12 months. I asked them to fetch it back to which he said no point its worthless. I really dont know what to do i have nowhere to keep the car and also worried as it is illegal to keep it on the road. i wouldnt advise anyone to use these people i don't know how they sleep at night!!!
  15. Hi I have a car purchased through the funding corporation, I have one payment left and due to being made redundant at Christmas last year I cannot make it on time, I have called them and offered to pay next month they refused this and have issued a termination and seizure notice unless i rectify the situation in 5 days, ontop of this they are also asking for £900 in charges due to late payments, I have always paid but due to no job sometimes it was late. I have asked numerous times for the bill of sale and they have not provided it. what are my options as I am disabled and need the car, i am worried that they will just turn up and take it leaving me living in a small village with no public transport links. Please can somebody advise what i can do. thanks in advance
  16. I wonder if anyone can help, I took out car finance in Febuary 2007, I went to a car garage who then applied for a loan for me, The loan was agreed by Black horse loan, although Each month I paid The funding Corporation. Now my question is if i want to go about claiming PPI which company am i asking? I dont have the orginal agreement anywhere, all i know is the date i took the loan out and the amount, I know i need to send a standered letter but i'm not sure which company I should write to Any ideas? Thanks
  17. Hi, I was widowed last year a few weeks after my husband was involved in an RTA which wrote of our car. The car was financed by the Funding Corporation. We realised that the finance was a ridiculous amount of interest, and intended to pay it off sooner. When we originally put a claim in with our insurance company, the settlement figure was around £8000, which would have left us paying a few hundred quid plus the excess. But with my husband dying, I didn't go through with the claim, as I was all over the place, and tbh, everything has gotten out of hand as I couldn't cope. They recently caught up with me, and I am now pursuing the claim again, so that I can pay them. The problem is, that now they want over £17000 for the debt, which the insurance pay out won't even get near. They have said that they will send me an income and expenditure form, and I have asked them for a new settlement figure, but they refuse to give me a new figure, and say they just want me to start paying. I've told them that there is no chance of me being able to pay, and that I refuse to pay over £17000. Surely there must be a way of sorting it?
  18. Hi all! Really needing help here. I have no idea where to start We had a loan with First National (Part of GE Money) about 7 years ago, I have just rang them and they told us we did indeed pay PPI on the loan. She said she couldnt do anything about it as it was sold through another company, Independent Finance Corporation LTD. So what now? She said we paid £1200 Id be so very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you!
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