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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! Cannot believe I've only just found this website! I realise there's many threads but none quite about my stage... My debt is a $12k Aus Credit Card from last year. They emailed and I ignored then they called my work relentlessly until I was taken into a HR meeting about it. They also called two people from my Instagram (one I didn't even know personally). I've since privatised all my social media. I emailed them a massive complaint detailing every ACCC breach and gave them my email and number. They replied to my complaint last week addressing onl
  2. Hey All, Yes it's CC again, i've read a lot of the forums and am just after piece of mind that i'm doing the right thing. I left Oz (WA) in late 2015 with CC and Bank debt which is now defaulted and after 3 yrs CC are now chasing me for payment with their incredible interest fees. I know that it's not Statute Barred so that's not an option. I received a phone call a few days back at 2am from them asking me about the debt etc. In my sleep addled brain I finally managed to answer a couple of security questions but that was about it, I didn't give them my UK address and h
  3. Good Evening Guys, I've posted here previously and received some fantastic help so I am hoping the same can be done again. My partner has got herself into an interesting situation. She is an NZ citizen who lived in Australia for three years (where we met), before moving to Scotland with me when my Australian VISA expired - 12/14. When she left Australia, she left behind approx. $1500 worth of debt split between a credit card and a mobile contract. At the time we didn't have the finances to worry about it as the move to Scotland was priority. Since 12/14 she has
  4. Hi My company ceased to trade in September 2014. In February 2015 all accounts were closed. Due to the nature of the business there are no assets and the registered address is my home address. In June 2015 an application was made to strike off the company and in September 2015 this action was objected to by HMRC due to outstanding corporation tax. Since then I have had numerous letters from HMRC (I replied stating all the information above in October 2015 but no reply) and then from a debt collection agency. I called the agency and explained the situation and they told me that
  5. Hi, Looking for a little advice on how to proceed,I I have received a CC claim form from Amex\Brachers regarding an outstanding balance on my former Amex Corp Card. I got made redundant in January 2014, before leaving the company I submitted my remaining expenses to the company for payment (The company paid Amex dues directly). I calculated my personal expenditure approx £2500 and paid this directly to Amex in February 2014 and I received my redundancy payment at the end of February.2014. In March I received a letter for late payment charges on an outstanding balanc
  6. Hi there I am looking for some help/advice please I returned to the UK approx 18 months after living in Australia for 4 years in NSW. I had a couple of credit cards still owing when I left. I received a phone call from Credit Corp this morning chasing $7500 on one of the cards (ANZ credit card). They were really horrific to me on the phone demanding payment in full by Friday this week. I told them that I couldn't pay this and they eventually offered to set up a payment plan of £400 per month again which again I said I couldn't afford. The guy got very angry sa
  7. I lived in Australia till 2010. I was using a Credit Card and making all payments on time. Then in 2010 i moved back to India, and i do not intend on going back to Australia. I was making regular minimum payments till about 2013. Then my financial circumstances changed a bit and I was not able to make any further payments. I wrote to the bank asking for assistance in financial hardship, which is a facility that they provide. However my request was rudely rejected. I stopped making the payments, and I got reminders and legal action threats and so forth. I would get call early in the morning,
  8. In 2004 I left Australia & returned to the UK. I had an Australian Virgin Credit Card & provided them with my address & contact telephone numbers in the UK. I continued to make payments from my Australian bank account until it was closed in September 2004. I contacted Virgin by telephone & post to ask how to make payments from the UK, no response was received. Correspondence & statements from Virgin also stopped. In October 2009 I received correspondence from Stevensdrake solicitors saying my debt had been sold to Credit Corp and they were demandi
  9. I am in a dmp and struggling to keep up with the payments. At my work, my job has changed a bit and i now have to travel quite a lot. They are not keen on giving me advances and have advised me that I need to apply for a corp card (amex i think) to pay for my expenses, I am worried that due to my previous credit history that I may not be given one and also that amex could transfer my personal debt on to the corp account to get their money back. Please could anyone advise if this can happen and also any other pitfalls that may lay ahead. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, About 3-4 years ago, Credit Corp were chasing me about some statute-barred debts in Australia (I lived there for 8 years, and have been in the UK for 7 years now). I ran them around in circles (using the great advice received here), and they finally gave up. But in the last two weeks, I've had 3 calls from them and they've left voice mail messages asking me to contact them. (They always call in the middle of the night ... business hours in OZ, I guess.) I can't believe these idiots are tying to have another go at me. All my OZ debts are statute-barred, so they have no chanc
  11. Hi guys, I have been reading over these threads with much interest over the past week. My situation as follows and any tips, help greatly appreciated. I have 2 alleged debts in Oz,16 000 au, last contact with original creditor "which bank"was feb 2007. Alleged total of debts by Credit Corp in 2013 is 25000au. They only contacted me about one debt then, they tried to bring the other into the conversation many weeks later.I have not heard from credit corp for 4 years, until now, I have been in the UK since March 2006. Credit corp has entered a county court claim through Stevens drake
  12. I would be grateful if someone could advise me what my next step is as I am being chased by Credit Corps for an outstanding St George Credit Card. I left Australia in December 2007 and my husband (now estranged) was supposed to continue payment in this credit card and two other loans. He has since done a disappearing act and has not paid off loans. I was first contacted in Oct 2011 by letter at my work (I was still using my married name which is very unusual and easy to trace.) I ignored the letter but they then sent me an email which I responded to say that acknowledged the loan (A st
  13. In 2005 I had an Australian credit card in Australia and then moved to the UK that same year. In 2010 the credit card company passed the account to Credit Corp and as I have been living in the UK since 2005, they used all their tricks to intimidate and harass me over the phone, calling at all hours, demanding I pay in full, asking me to access my superannuation etc and when I didn’t settle the account they then transferred it on to Stevensdrake - I was advised of this by an email from Credit Corp. Stevensdrake then sent me a letter advising me that they act for Credit Corp and request
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