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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I purchased an induction cooker from a seller on eBay and the eBay listing said it had a 12 month warranty (purchased 13th December) you can no longer see the listing page but they delivered it to me and gave me an invoice with 12 months guarantee written on it and £240 paid (£190 for the cooker, £50 delivery). I was shown it working but they only showed me the front hobs. the first time I used it I noticed that one of the rear rings only works if you push down on it until it gets started and the other rear ring will only work while you push down hard on it (which makes it impossible to cook with). The rear hobs are the only boost capable hobs and boost is the reason I wanted induction hobs. I can only cook one large pan at once as the other large rear hob doesn't work. When I phoned him up about it he said don't worry you have the 12 month warranty (at one point I was told this is a parts and labour warranty, it may have been on the original eBay listing I don't know) and to call him if it got any worse. I felt sorry for him, I don't know why I'm not normally too soft but I said OK. It has got worse, the other day the ring that works normally if you push down on it at the start didn't and I had to cook on the small pan ring which doesn't heat the pan up effectively. it's sort of working again (I have to push on it) but the other rear ring still doesn't work and it means I can't cook two large pans at once. I want him to fix it. He admitted on a phone call before Christmas he doesn't know a lot about induction cookers but said he knows a guy who does and would call me back. I waited a month he never phoned back. The past couple of weeks I've phoned him 3 times and sent him two text messages and he isn't responding or answering my calls. I'd rather he fixed my cooker but if he can't or won't I don't see why I should have to accept a cooker I can only cook one pan on and want a refund. It's my plan to write to him and give him 14 days to respond then try my luck with the online court claim to get my £240 back. I'm on ESA so I think I can claim court fees back? Is this a good plan? Is there anything else I can do? His delivery guy wrote an address on my invoice but I've never been to his shop so I don't know it's correct. Can I ask eBay to give me the address they have for his company to see if it matches? Any help appreciated, I just want a working cooker.
  2. I bought a Valor gas cooker just before Christmas. A part from the grill fell off almost immediately, the grill takes upto 20 minutes on high to toast crumpets the oven has an intermittent fault of the gas just going out. We have had an engineer look at it. He adjusted the grill, put the part back on and adjusted the oven. The day after the oven just went out again. The shop we bought it from wont take it back until an engineer declares it as faulty. But the oven being intermittent there is no chance it will go out while an engineer watches it! Can anyone of you lovely people tell me what I can do? I dont even want my money back from the shop, I am willing to pay more for a cooker that works and is reliable. Many thanks.
  3. Hi there CAG Community. I recently bought a new (ex demo) cooker from a retailer in Birmingham at a fantastic price (£200 quid less than standard retail), the retailer does not deliver to Cardiff, so they said i would need to arrange my own collection & delivery. I found Parcel Hero on the tinterweb & after inputting all the details (including a full product description) they came back with a price of £49 for a next day delivery. Unbeknownst to me at the time, cookers are on their prohibited list. The following day they collected the shipment (via TNT) who then took it to their nearest hub (Llantrisant, nr Cardiff) to be readied for delivery to me. I took a phone call the next morning from the retailer, who said that TNT had called them (why?) to say that the parcel had been damaged, I called TNT & they confirmed that they had smashed both the oven & top oven doors & the cooker would not be put out for delivery until they had been given instruction from Parcel Hero. I called Parcel Hero to say that a broken cooker was no good to me so could I send it back to the retailer in Birmingham whilst they sorted the damage. It was at this point that they said that cookers were on their prohibited list & as such they (nor TNT) were liable for any damage.....So as it stands, I have no cooker (its back with the retailer) & am £400 quid out of pocket. I have photos of the cooker before shipping & after showing the damage along with copies of online chats & email correspondence I have had with Parcel Hero I wanted to know, 1: Do I have a case for claiming a refund for the damage based on the fact that the item was clearly labelled as as a cooker, both with my initial on line enquiry & with stickers on the packaging 2: Should i just write off the £400 quid & put it down to my own stupidity (cheap is never good folks!) 3: What should i do with the remains of my cooker? 4: Anyone else had similar issues with Parcel Zero & what was the outcome? Thank you in advance for taking a look at this. Tred.
  4. Hello. Could someone advise us please on the following problem? We purchased an electric cooker from AO in April and only use it once a day. Today it started giving off an acrid electrical burning smell so we had to turn it off and disconnect it. AO tried to pass the buck to the manufacturer when we initially contacted them but my wife argued the point that they are respnosible as they sold us the product. What are their legal obligations on this and what rights do we have? Any help would be fantastic. Thnk you TheLion.
  5. Hi there, I have a problem with Hoover candy group and I don't know what to do . I bought a cooker/hob for my mother and within months it broke down. I called the engineer who came and said this hob is useless I will tell the company to sent a replacement. We waited and nothing came. When I called them they said the engineer has ordered a part when he told us you will get a replacement. We had to wait a month for the part(no cooker-no apologies). It was fixed after a month but the heat was really low. It broke down again nearly at the end of the year. The engineer came again(the same person) and after 5 minutes decided to leave and say the hob if fine. Now I keep receiving invoices from Hover Candy group of the amount of £64.50 for the call out even though the hob was still under manufactures warranty but the engineer is pretending the hob was fine and he was called for no reason and for that he is charging us the amount. I keep calling them to say that you need to come and inspect the hob as one of the plates is still not working and the rest are producing very low heat that you need at least two hours to make some pasta. I am at my end wits and i don't know what to do. Is there any suggestions? Anybody had the same issue? what do i do as i am not going to pay. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my complaint.
  6. i have posted on this mse forum to get more info Hi all I have been given a run around by stove cooker manufacturer and Ao.com. I recently purchased a stove cooker and fridge from ao.com . It was purchases around june time . i purchased it on finance via v21. The cooker is called SFG60DOP . A few weeks after we brought it the rubber feet on the pan support melted away . i phoned the manufacturer and they sent new pan support. A few week down the road the pan support melted away again and there was discoloration around the large hob. Looks like the paint has bubbled up. The oven was also taking a lot of time to heat up.Just baking fish finger would take around an hour and half. They way they have fixed the rubber under pan support is not very professional .i took images of the rubber support when i received the new pan support. Before it was used I got images but i cant post link here being a new user. i phone the manufacturer again and they decided to send new pan support and book an engineer. The engineer placed his tester in the oven .He said if the temperature reaches around 15C near the targeted temp then the oven is working fine . The oven reached the temp and he said it looks okay..He couldn't explain why the food takes so long in the oven where in the old oven it took just 30 minutes Regarding the burnt mark he said this happens due to over hanging pots. Meaning we are using large pots. According to engineer this is also causing the rubber on pan support to melt. Engineer didn't look or took any pictures of the pots. He said stove will be in touch. Two weeks later i called stove and asked what they will do about the cooker.they said as i was using large pan , it is not covered under the warranty.I measured the diameter of the pots and the largest have is 10 inches pressure cooker. i told this to stove and there manager said pressure cooker is not designed to be used on this cooker. therefore i am not covered under manufacture warranty. I am only supposed to use small pans on this cooker. we are a family of four and my wife has been using this pressure cooker for a long time.our old cooker never got burnt. Nearly everyone i know uses the same size pressure cooker and their gas hob is fine. I phoned AO then.they contacted Manufacturer. they came back to me saying the same thing. They will not help me as i was using wrong pots. i have looked the manual page 7 and it doesn't mention pressure cooker. Manual is available on stove website. All it says in the manual is Always ensure that pan bases are dry and flat before using them on the hob. • Always position pans over the centre of the heat zone, and turn the handles to a safe position so they cannot be knocked or grabbed. • Always use pans which are no smaller than 100 mm (4”), or larger than 250 mm (10”) in diameter. • Limit the maximum flat based pan diameter to 230 mm (9”) above the wok burner, if two or more other hotplate burners are in use at the same time. • Always match the size of pan to the heat zone – do not use large pans on small zones or vice versa. Neither AO mention on there website that do not use this cooker with a pressure cooker. Has anybody come across this.I am never buying anything from AO.com or Stove made appliances. naf
  7. battyman

    Argos Cooker

    I bought a cooker from Argos in September 2014 and it has stopped working. As the year is up, and I assume its a years guarantee on electrical items, do I have any come back with Argos for a replacement. It is wired in so would need electrician to take the cooker out and replace a new one. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hello CAG: I have a problem with a built-in cooker delivered damaged - but it has a different twist. I bought two ovens on March 25 - a combination oven and an electric oven. Both were delivered on March 31: the combination oven came via Know-How and the electric oven directly from Bosch, in separate deliveries. Neither oven was unpacked or inspected by the driver on delivery - in spite of the stated pledge on the invoice: "What will be done for you? - We will unpack your product and dispose of the packaging for you - we'll recycle it if we can. - Before we leave, we'll make sure you're happy with the work we have done." Now you must understand that these are built-in ovens and are heavy and complex products. What I did was to superficially check both ovens for any scratches on the glass fronts and trim. There appeared to be none and the external polystyrene packing seemed fine. So I left them unpacked, to await installation. These were the first items to arrive for our kitchen refurbishment. Seven weeks later the installers came and they immediately found that the electric oven was badly damaged - beyond repair. There is an extra twist in that I was going on holiday for a week on that day - our kitchen was being refurbished while we were away. So I phoned Currys immediately on my return. I have sent letters, emails, photographs - and many phone conversations. Initially I was told to contact Bosch. I didn't see why I should but I did - I sent a brief email message about the problem. Someone phoned me next day - apologised profusely and told me not to worry, it would be replaced. She told me all she need was an 'uplift number' from Currys and it would be sorted. (I have the name, time and phone number of that call.) A phone call back to Currys revealed that this was the wrong way round - Bosch provide the uplift number, not Currys. And so it went on ... . Currys are steadfastly refusing to replace the damaged oven on the grounds that seven weeks is beyond a 'reasonable' time. After several phone calls to Currys and Bosch - I have been given various time intervals for reporting damage on delivery: 48 hours, 4 weeks (Currys); 24 hours, by the driver on the day (Bosch) - there is no consistency. But they are all adamant that 7 weeks is just too long. My questions to anyone in CAG who might know the answers please: 1. Do I have any chance of getting a replacement oven from Currys? If so, what is the chance: 20%, 50%, 80% or what please? 2. I have written a standard (CAB) letter to Currys about SOG 1979, asking for a replacement - and have received a brief email saying 'No'. Anything else I can do? 3. I have applied to my credit card company about Chargeback - no reply yet, it has only been sent a week. What are my chances there please? Obviously, I now wish I had attempted a more thorough check myself on delivery. But I didn't - and anyway, the full extent of the damage might not have been obvious to me. The fact remains that I now have an oven that was damaged in transit and is beyond repair. It is still sitting in my garage in its packing. Currys have offered me 10% off a replacement! (As if ... !) Had they offered 90% as an act of goodwill at the outset then I would probably have accepted it. But I can buy it on Amazon for 10% less anyway!
  9. We bought a gas oven before Christmas which goes out after about 15 mins or so It hasn't worked correctly since it was installed . We've informed the retailer, and the manufacturer has sent an engineer twice and replaced parts under the warranty and it still goes out. We fitted the oven at our cost which was fair enough and paid for the cooker by debit card . We have rejected the appliance as unfit for purpose , the engineer they sent says there's nothing more he can do with it. the retailer has said they will refund us as neither they, nor the manufacturer can supply us with another alternative replacement (why would we want the same one again after new parts have failed to solve the issue). We've phoned them several times and feel we are being stalled and held to ransom with delay tactics . They keep trying to involve the manufacturer , but our contract is with the retailer and we've told them this . When I ring them back tomorrow I think I may be told to have the thing uninstalled and shipped back to them before I get refunded ... more delays . We've had no cooker since before christmas and don't have a microwave having to use other peoples ovens when needed. My question . I have told them we want the installation charge reimbursed . Am I correct to do this? they say their terms and conditions say they don't have to do that . if that's so you could spend as much on fitting and removal as on the oven if this is a retailers policy and you were unlucky enough to get another dud appliance and who should pay the return shipping cost ? I believe the sale of goods act says they should if it's faulty ? The problem . They have my £400, I own a faulty oven which is no use and paid a gas fitter to install. They seem to be holding the cards. This is why I think they seem in no hurry to sort this any time soon. It's taking up too much of our time now and is becoming stressful . Not to mention being without an oven since before christmas and spoiled food because the oven has gone out before it's cooked !
  10. Hi, purchased a Range cooker (gas + electric) in June 2012. After about 9 months the central ring started playing up and they sent out an engineer a few times as it would start working and then stop again. After about 15 months the oven/grill selector switch burned out. We purchased the item for £500 and the retailers answer was pretty much what can you expect for £500? I believe that there is some element of the Sale of Goods that says items must last a 'reasonable amount of time' in accordance to the price paid. I'd deem something for £500 to last more than 15 months! I sent the below after doing some research on the internet: Letter was sent recorded post a few weeks ago so the time for them to act has elapsed. My question is - can I proceed with a Moneyclaim online for the amount or is there something else I can do? Quite happy to do the former by paying the fees etc. Thanks for your help all
  11. Hi I brought this Belling celling range cooker just over 18 months ago from Comet. It was hardly used, as we brought it because it was on a deal. We dont really cook. It was only 6 months ago I started to cook in the oven. and that is really just popping things in the oven to heat up like pizza. to be cometelely honest, the oven was hardly used until this January, because I learnt how to cook a few dishes over the Christmas holiday at my mums. We probably used the oven 2-4 times per week. In march (2 months later) the fan in the smaller oven went (bottom left door with the glass window). We called up belling and they said the cooker is out of warranty, but it was funny that she knew staight away what was wrong with the cooker. The engineer came and changed the fan. Id asked what would have damaged it, he said it was probably faulty. And that the fan should last for years, and shouldnt have gone. He also looked at the fan whcih he took out and said that they have changed the fan, so the new fan should last longer. I asked how long and he said it shouldnt go, poeple normally use their oven for years and it doesnt go. if I have used the oven when I got it, rather than waiting for over a year to do so, the fan would have gone out earlier. This means I would be able to claim on my warranty. We have the bigger oven on the range cooker (right door shown in the picture) and the top left hand side of the door was not closing properly. The engineer said that one of the magnets on the door does not close probably, so we can see the heat escape. The engineer said there was a washer which was not installed in it. So the magnet does not fit properly. So he has sorted that. Belling has changed me £180 for extended warranty for 12months. I had no choice but to pay for it, otherwise they wont come out to sort of the problem. As it is clear that the parts is faulty and with the door they missed out a washer on the door. Even though Comet has gone out of business, the item should have lasted longer than it has. Especially when I spent around £900 on it. As it is a cooker as it is meant to be used daily, even if it did get used daily, that is what it is designed for. Let alone the few months Ive used it. Can I Belling accountable for this and get back my £180 they charged to repair my cooker? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I have a bit of an issue with a cooker I received from curry's that was damaged on delivery. Me and my other half have been saving for a new kitchen ever since we moved into out new house 2 years ago. To get the money together I have voluntarily served long periods in some very dangerous and unsavoury locations around the world and Sarah my girlfriend whom I bought the house with has been working every hour that she can. It's taken us two years to finally afford to have it done the way we want it, in this day and age we felt very lucky to have been able to save enough money for it having worked so hard with no holidays for 2 years. the day came we found an excellent well established local carpenter with all the fully qualified professional contacts we need to get it all done with all the correct paper work for the works been carried out. In excitement and anticipation for the fitting we ordered quite a few items from on-line retailers, the cooker and hub from Curry's. All seamed to go well, kitchen install looks stunning, the last two items to go in were the cooker and dishwasher. Now I was aware that I had 7 days to inspect the goods and report any damage, when the cooker arrived I did notice the packaging had a broken piece of wood, I thought nothing of it at the time it was just a piece of wood. I removed the packaging and looked around the oven to make sure it was OK. Not been in anyway a qualified professional in the field of household appliances I could see nothing wrong. Also not being on anabolic steroids and built like a professional power lifter I couldn't exactly lift the 140Kg+ free standing cooker out of the packaging to see near the bottom to check for damage so I just assumed it was fine. On the last day of the kitchen install the final appliance to go in was the cooker, it took 4 young 6ft plus manual labouring blokes to lift the thing out of the packaging. The first to look at it was the electrician, a fully registered and qualified professional business owner. He noticed that at the very bottom at the back the cooked had taken an obvious knock which looked like a folk lift had hit it. It wasn't a huge dent but it was enough to warp some of the panels on the back and push one right in. Because of the position it was in I would never have been able to see it without removing it completely from the packaging which I would never have been able to do on my own. The electrician said he wasn't happy to install it as there may be internal damage that could be potentially very dangerous and possibly cause electrocution or a gas leak if used. The news absolutely devastated us, my girlfriend fell to the floor in floods of tears at the news. I got straight onto the phone to Curry's to explain the situation, after eventually getting through the automated system I was put through to the company who made the cooker who said because it was outside of the 7 days I had to go directly to Curries. I got through to the customer services at Curries who after speaking to several of their representatives and 5 phone calls later agreed to recover the item and inspect it to determine the cause of the damage. Who inspects the damage? is it an independent and unbiased company or just Curries them selves? If so how is that fair to the customer? I'm very worried they are going to try and get out of sending us a replacement, I don't really want a refund I'm very happy with the make and model of the Cooker, I just want what I paid for in a new condition undamaged condition. The customer representative said on the phone if it was a cheaper product we wouldn't have had an issue, I don't see what difference the price of an item makes, if it's delivered damaged it should should be replaced no matter what the cost. We haven't had a hot meal now for 2 weeks, it starting to affect our physical and mental health from the stress and cold food, can anyone advise me on anything I can do or say to them to hurry things along and get a replacement. One thing we have done is report the fault within 21 days of receiving the product. Any advice would be much appreciated and on another note I have full recordings of all phone conversations with Currys about this fault. Thank you. Dave
  13. I brought a Beko cooker from Comet over a yr ago took out 5 yr cover. Since I brought it, the oven turns itself off in the middle of baking!! Anyway 6 months ago I noticed the paint work at the botton of the cooker is rusting either side, when I asked for a replacement they said I was not entitled to it cos it's only cosmetics & does not interfere with the cooking / baking!!! Told them it was under 1 yr old & that should not happen they then said sometimes it does & they lef it at that. Cover runs out in 2017 what are my rights (
  14. Hello All, I purchased a cooker some 4 yrs ago and it has developed a fault with the grille which has blown the elec breaker out and stopped working. I have e-mailed them and phoned and received 2 e-mail messages from their know how team, both of which state: 1)You will NEED to provide us with an engineers report. Once we receive this report we will be able to establish where the fault lies. 2)In order to assist you, we will need an independent engineers report showing the fault and the cause.We require the report to be on headed paper and include the cost the engineers will charge to repair the unit. Once we receive this we will look at the cost to repair against the depreciated amount. I made the claim to them using the SOGA 1979, which clearly states that in your claim you "MAY WISH" to obtain an Independent engrs report, whereas they are stating that "You" will "NEED" to obtain engrs report. Surely they should be the ones providing the service engr to visit and report back at their expense and not for me to have to pay up front for an engineers report. All info/advice will be gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  15. Hi I bought a cooker off a seller on gumtree yesterday. I met the seller halfway from his starting point and my home at another buyers address to pick up the cooker. When I arrived they bundled the cooker into my van, it was wrapped in plastic wrap, I had a quick look and handed over the money. I was in the van having a look and never noticed them leaving as my partner was on the phone at the time. I noticed through the plastic wrap that the enamel was damaged but this wasn't a problem as I was willing to fix it. But I then realised that the cooker wasn't a double oven as the seller had described in his ad. His ad stated that it was a double oven which is what I wanted. I phoned him straight away and he told me he was 20 miles away but to text him my address and he would pick it up at 6.30pm. But he never showed. I text him and he said he didn't see the problem so I explained about the double oven to which he replied a double oven in stand alone cookers means a seperate grill and oven. I explained about a double oven being a top oven integrated in the grill and a main oven. And now he isn't answering any texts. I can't afford to just throw away £95 and I have even offered to return the cooker to him so he wasn't wasting more money on fuel. Is there anything I can do? Thanks Sharon
  16. In December we purchased a cooker from Currys, it was installed in early January 2013. The installers pointed out some problems with the flooring and changed the orientation of the cooker owing to the boiler's position on the wall, we accepted this reluctantly as they said that now that the cooker is out of its wrapper they can't take it back to the yard. After a council inspection, they declared it an illegal installation. We contacted Currys in late March via their website after coming to the conclusion that the new position was unsuitable and leaves part of the cooker relatively unusable, they responded on the 2nd April stating that the fact that they repositioned it was to make it legal, so they would do nothing. After several other emails, and long gaps between responses, they agreed to at least come and inspect the installation, that have made one appointment and missed it and forwarded on the emails to the 'right person' to re-arrange an appointment twice, but we have actually had no meaningful response. We even asked who we should contact to further our complaint, just again to be told the message will be forwarded. During the back and forth messaging, we also raised concerns about the quality of the build of the cooker, as the knobs crack over the heat of the ovens and become unusable (2 replacements from Belling for free) and the paint on the 'not-iron' pan rests over the gas hob is coming away to reveal a silver base metal, so we raised a point about it not lasting a reasonable amount of time. Is there anything we can do regarding any points made above. Many thanks in advance for your advice.
  17. Just had a gas cooker delivered and installed by Currys (Mon 7 Jan). Had to email them to ask what to do because we found some damage which has been covered by white paint. Sent the email on Mon just after the delivery men had left. Get a reply to this email tonight. They are saying that if we've used the cooker then we're not entitled to a replacement. Is this right? In fact we don't want a replacement just the damaged parts replaced.
  18. BEKO DG582WP gas cooker purchased online June 2010. When this cooker was about 8 months old it developed a fault where the grill would not stay lit after ignition - no matter how long the regulator was held in. I discovered that I could get around this by holding in the regulator and simultaneously jiggling the pin that operates the grill door's gas shut-off device, but at around the 11th month even this trick failed to work and I had to call for an engineer to fix the problem. It redeveloped the same fault around 6 months after the repair, but as the cooker was now out of warranty, I decided to start not shutting the grill door after use to prevent the shut-off device from sticking (it seems to me that the pin that operates the device may be too long, and when the grill door is shut it puts too much pressure on the device causing it to jam), but forgetting myself and shutting the door, leaving it closed overnight, has again rendered the grill useless. Where might I stand with Argos if I claim this is an inherent fault?
  19. It looks like I'll be taking Comet to the small claims court. 1. cooker broke after 13 monts 2. comet refused to repair / replace 3. got an electrician's report stating the fault was 'with the appliance' 4. comet still refused 5. just about to send my final letter (attached) .... then to court! Any advice / reassurance gratefully received! Joe
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