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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I purchased a Galaxy S7 at the end January 2018 from Cash Converts for 250. It has been in a case since buying it with screen protector. Last night the screen has got a line through it . I looked at receipt and spoke with Cash Converters and they only offer 6 months warrant - No help at all. I am aware there should be a less expectation regarding the quality of second hand items and the fact warranty is optional. I am more interested in my rights under the CRA. A 250 pound phone should last longer in my eyes than 8 months! I have no experience with civil law. I just wanted to get a feel from people on here whether it is worth the effort pursuing this? With the fact it is a second hand phone. Thanks
  2. Howdi Folks Cash Converters have defaulted me for a loan of £500 with the total cost standing at £1378. Attached is a picture removing all personal info but itll help establish my point. Loan was taken on in Jan 2012 and Im not sure if i remember making a payment as this is when everything got really sticky personally. Now the default should have been reasonably within 6 months to 9 months, so if the first payment was due in Feb and wasnt made then for me a default should have been issued in Aug 2012 ish. However they have defaulted me in August 2013?!?!? Do you think thats reasonable? Im not sure how to sort this. Finally I might challenge them to give me a full breakdown of charges as im not convinced it should be that much [ATTACH]50291[/ATTACH]
  3. Hi. I bid on an item on Cash Converters web site and received an e-mail telling me my bid had been accepted. The store was local to me but as I was away from home at that time, I had to travel 95 miles to pay and collect it. The web site informed me that I had 24 hours in which to pay for the item. (An ipad) I arrived at the store about 2 hours 10 minutes into the 24 hours. I went to pay for the item to be told "Oh, sorry. You are too late, we have already sold it". After a fraught 20 minutes "Debate"....which involved the manager, I left the store without my item and traveled the 95 miles back to join my family.....empty handed. I e-mail their head office and was told "we had an IT glitch, sorry." I bid on another similar item at the previously agreed price but that bid was rejected. I then managed to purchase a similar ipad from another branch of Cash Converters for an additional 39 quid plus 10 quid post and packing. Any one any ideas whereI stand? I have e-mail head office and said that I will be claiming the additional casts for the item plus 180 miles travel from then with no response. Will I be safe going to small claims court. I am on a qualifying benefit and so there should be no charge to me to take out the claim.
  4. hi i could do with some help and advice please. I bought a freeview box and recorder from cash converters in Bangor. The bow is second hand. I the box does not work so i took it back to the shop the next day expecting an apology and exchange or refund I have lost the receipt but do have a bank statement showing that i bought the box from them and the box still has all its price labels on. they have refused a refund or to help in any way. I told them the time of the purchase and the member of staff who sold it and even the till the transaction was done on, all to no avail. when i queried if the goods were fit for purpose and that i had proof of purchase they said it was their policy to not give refunds or assistance without a receipt.
  5. Could anyone offer info on a buyback at Cash converters? Their shop has burnt down in Kings Heath and i sold some of my goods on buy back. I had until 10/4/2013 to re purchase. Sadly all items lost apparently. Where would i stand?
  6. Hi guys, On the 8th of Feb I bought a Compaq Presario CQ61 laptop from Cash Converters in Colchester, Essex. As soon as I got it, I had trouble getting the charger to go "All the way home" and charge the thing, however, it worked when you gave it a wiggle - I've had this before and it didn't phase me a bit.... However, tonight, as usual, my laptop's battery went dead after about an hour and I plugged it in to chage and no matter what I did, it wouldn't go. I've tried two different "Kettle Leads" into the same transformer and guess that the wire somewhere between the Transformer and the laptop has gone (The Transformer still gets luke warm when plugged in). Where do I stand on this? CC offer a 60 day warranty, and I know the battery isn't covered, but I don't have the ability to charge it to remove my files and send it back - IF I did, I'd have to have it wiped as I work in conjunction with the MOD and there's some mildly sensitive e-mails etc on there. Are they obliged to fund a new charging cable under the SOGA? Or refund me the whole amount and take it back? Am I entitled to have proof that the thing has been wiped when I take it back, if it gets to that point? I'm a bit cross, but I need a working computer for work. All responses greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. i had a personal loan from these people for 300, the total to repay was 578 in their contract it stated there was a fee of 100, i told them that i did not want the loan if there were fees and was told that it was not a fee I would not be charged a 100 and that it was included in the total int repayable, if i paid early the total repaid would be a lot less i went to pay all of it 4 months early and was told i still owed a 100 fee/adm;in charge which was an interest charge previously. i was charged interest on 400 not 300 as stated at time of application, as a consequence i have been oveer charged 95, i rang head office and cash cons agree with me that telling people the charge 100 is interest and not a fee is potentially misselling but they were not going to refund me the over charge and i would have to take legal action against them, they have also stated that they are nt responsible for their agents actions even though they are lying to sell loans, can i do anything about this?
  8. Hi. I had £127 taken from my Barclays account by cash converters. I had previously cancelled the CPA. I phoned up the debit card services and they put the money back into my account. I checked today and the cash came out of my account, leaving me overdrawn. I have been told by my bank that because they are a financial institution there is nothing they can do. Is this correct as I'm sure I read this is not. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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