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Found 9 results

  1. Dear All, I need some advice for my wife. We have had a terrible postal problem; after reporting our postman for an incident over a year ago some of our mail seems to simply go missing - I wonder why? My wife received last august a witness statement for a court date for speeding and failure to provide - we had received no NIP, no reminder and no summons. We contacted the ticket office and explained about our post, and they agreed to fine her and give her 3 points for the speeding, but drop the offence under 172. Later on in 2016 a neighbour brought round a summons for,
  2. Hi.. Good afternoon everyone, I really hope someone is able to help me. This morning I've received a County Court claim. The perusing claimant is Mortimer Clarke Solicitors acting on behalf of Cabot Financial. The debt of £413 is from a Capital One card from 2004 (£213 of this is interest charges). The last payment I believe I made to (Aktiv Kapital) was back in December 2009, although I can't confirm this as I have a different bank account now, and I've made no contact or acknowledgement since. I checked my credit file in late December (screen shot attached) and seen
  3. I have been sent a fixed penalty notice to say I was travelling at 46mph on a 40mph road. I was really surprised when I received this and more so when I saw the date and road the offence is alleged to have taken place. Here goes: I had the sat nav on all day, was doing a 200 mile round trip and know for certain that I didn't exceed the limit. The reason I am sure I was not speeding is that at the time I was on the road in question there were a series of incidents that made it stick in my mind: I turned off the motorway and was tail-gated by a van for a cou
  4. Good evening, I have to attend court this week as a company that i launched a small claims against has sought to have a judgement set a side. I followed all the steps using the money claim online system, the company filled an acknowledgement of service and then failed to file a defence, they haven't done anything until 36 days after the judgement was issued. One of the lines in their defence letter was that the individual didn't take over the running of the company until a date which they have not entered but they say that the issues i have raised starting 2010 were before they
  5. Hello all I would like some advice into how I can successfully contest a job seekers agreement. I went for my first interview and whilst the advisor went through the types of jobs and time restrictions ect, to which I agreed to. A print off was then given for me to sign. What had been added was I must spend 6 hours a day job seeking and write to ten employers a week. I was never asked if I agreed to this. I have every intention of finding a job, i am concerned that it would be difficult for me to prove what constitutes as 6 hours worth of jobseeking, if at any point it is decided I
  6. I have received a ticket for parking in a red boxed loading bay. I was picking up stuff from work with my own private car. The ticket states that the contravention was "parked where prohibited" on a red route. Now, I have requested imagery to make sure that I hadn't exceeded the specified loading time of 20min. I believe TFL have a 5 minute recording period after which they issue the ticket. In my case the time stamp on the imagery covers just about 6 minutes. After I received the requested imagery, I went ahead and contested the PCN on grounds that I was visiting my workplace an
  7. Hi I am just after a little advice. I went into a new town the other day and there was parking all around the streets in the centre, but I was struggling to find a spot until I finally did so. There was a 4x4 in front of me and another car in front of that. The ticket machine was right outside my car and I duly bought one then went on my way. When I came back an hour later there was a ticket on my car and once the 4x4 had dissapeared there was painted on the road 'Loading Bay'. Well seriousy this was impossible to see with the 4x4 parked over it and with the other car in front t
  8. Hey one and all im hoping you can help me with a situation i have found myself in. Yesterday i was given a parking fine for a code 25 "parked in a loading place during restricted hours without loading". I feel i have grounds to appeal on several accounts :- 1 the signage was posted far away from the bays in question 2 the sign (the only one i eventually saw turned out to be the only one around the area) was facing aaway from the flow of traffic on a one way street. 3 the "restricted hours are monday to saturday 10.30am - 4.30pm and my ticket was issued at 7.40pm so not within res
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