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Found 6 results

  1. Hi A friend of mine took house insurance and had his jewellery valued at £10000 instead of £18000. Sadly this summer his house got burgled this summer and made a claim. Based on the value from 2008 he put the same value on his renewal policy this year. The assessor highlighted that he had underinsured his items and has been asked to provide a written explanation how we valued the jewellery at £10000. My friend is being honest he tells me he was not aware of the gold prices increasing and ignorant of the fact that it would have been advisable to seek professional valuation. My friend would like to seek advice from you guys if he could anything that aid him in securing this payout. Thanks for reading
  2. Having reclaimed successfully a number of PPI policies I should know the answer to this but... I'm looking through various loan documents for my cousin. One loan in particular is niggling me (I think I'm expecting there to be something that there isn't). The loan was taken out in 2003. The loan clearly sets out the following information: Amount of credit: £6000 PPI: £1065.47 Total Loan: £7065.47 Monthly repayment (credit): 158.71 Monthly repayment (PPI): £28.18 Monthly repayment (Total): £186.89 It shows an an APR of 12.9% Nowhere on the agreement does it contain the following: Charge/interest for credit Charge/interest for PPI Charge/interest (for both) Total overall to be paid by customer I think I've looked over too many loan documents and agreements and have reached the stage where I expect something to be there/I'm used to seeing something there. So my question is - does the credit agreement have to show/set out the total costs (such as interest/charge for credit) and total amount payable by the consumer (ie., loan, PPI, interest, etc. at the end of 48 months)? I don't know why this is annoying me so much!
  3. Hi, there are plenty of threads on this (excellent) forum which highlight many of the ways that respondents will attempt to restrict evidence (against them) in the bundle being brought before the Tribunal panel. Can respondents also control/restrict what goes into the claimant's witness statement as well or is the content of the claimant's witness statement 'off-limits' to interference from the respondent?
  4. First time asking a question so forgive me if I do it wrong! I play an online game using my android mobile conected to O2. I purchased some "premium" content using my phone bill as payment. I at no time received the "premium" content, yet the cost shows on my O2 bill. I contacted the company who suplly the game, they claim not to have received the money. I have sent them a screen dump of my O2 bill showing the amount as due on my next bill I have also forward a copy of the sms confirming payment yet they still refuse a refund. Question: As I am on a post pay contract ie I pay after acrueing charges are O2 as a credit provider jointly and severly responsible for the content. If so can I claim the money back from O2 if I get no where with the company. Sorry if this is hard to follow, I think I have included all the pertinent facts. Thanks for reading
  5. I'm sure we all know that some CCA requests, when answered, do contain the required information - a copy of an agreement, original and varied terms and conditions, notification of default date (where applicable) and amounts received by the OC and subsequently the DCA. I'd like to ask for clarification on a point though. Where a full breakdown of payments to an alleged account is provided, by date, amounts in/out and balance, and no payments are shown for a clear six year period (or more) and the debt hasn't been acknowledged, would this legally be acceptable as written proof of statute barred status? In other words, I'm presuming that the information provided is what the DCA or OC asserts to be a true and accurate statement of account and can be used as proof of SB status. So, if, when challenged, they claim that a payment has been made within the 6 years (5 in Scotland) it would presumably be acceptable to point to the information they provided as full and incontravertible proof. Thanks for any thoughts on this. It's not an urgent question, but I feel it may come up at some point soon for a friend I'm helping. Would be good to see how other CAG members view it. Thanks. H. x .
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