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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, I have recently sold a property which was mortgaged on the well known Together product. I financial advisor advised that I delink and retain the surplus as a deposit towards the purchase of a new property (currently renting at present due to relocation). The apr on the unsecured element has jumped to over 12%. While this was not unexpected, this is a huge amount, and with the remaining term of 25 years, I will be paying in excess of £100k on an original £30k unsecured element. To me, there must be a case of mis-selling here. I know there ha
  2. I appreciate any help and advice I can get on my case as I feel I have hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I will try and keep the summary below brief. In short I sought to upgrade my old 12m contract to a new 12m contract and upgrade my old iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 6s Plus. I placed a pre-order, only to receive a 6s and not a 6s Plus which was delivered around 5 weeks ago now. Phone was returned promptly as possible. Vodafone charged me for the upgrade via direct debit and have yet to refund me for the returned handset. Furthermore they have not rolled back my tariff as I was advised to ask
  3. hi all, I recently have had my income cut from £1700pcm to only £430 pcm for personal reasons which are not really relevant.. I have debts I was paying but am unable to continue to pay them. Currently my outgoings monthly are more than what I earn and I need to cut down my monthly spendings... As you can imagine you cant afford much with £430! I have done an online questionnaire with Step Change who based on my answers have recommended bankruptcy... I don't really know the implications and people are putting all sorts of scary things in my head! If you go bankrupt does
  4. i'm proposing a personal attempt at arranging payments to my creditors, i will attempt that and see what happens. the other option will be bankruptcy, ive no assets and know what it entails, i did it 8 years ago. my question is, i hold a santander current account which all my pay etc will go into and which my debts are being paid. if i go bankrupt can i still use my other current account with natwest who'm i owe nothing to, to pay my wages into? will the administrator let me do that ? so i can ringfence my money in the early days
  5. hello, first time here after reading some posts thought I would join in the hope I could get some advice. I have a dmp with pay plan, had since 2011. 5 creditors and according to my pay plan summary have approximately £10,700 remaining to pay. My review is due however I am now in a better position financially and want to get my debts paid off quicker. I looked into a loan to consolidate just to see what the monthly payments would be over a 3 year term and it would be manageable. The issue being that I would be unable to get a loan. I want to look into
  6. Info in brief Back in 2002/2003 I opened a Barclaycard account and my boyfriend of the time used it. I was not as financially aware as I should have been and ran up huge bills, which I was unable to pay at the time. I default for about 7.5k in 2006. In 2008 I heard from 1st credit regarding the debt and I made a couple of payments. Since then I haven't heard anything until 3 days ago I received a letter from "Barclaycard' giving the card number the balance outstanding and their reference number. They stated that they "hereby give notice of the assignment of the
  7. Hi, I received a parking ticket on Friday and when I challenged the one sign on a long street saying pay at meter. The nearest metre to my car was over two blocks away. When I explained to the traffic warden that I didn't feel that the sign was sufficient he advised me to appeal as 'a lot of people complain to about the parking notices around this area and the nearest payment machine is way down the road'. Can anyone advise whether they think it would be worth appealing under these circumstances? Thanks for any advice. Anedar
  8. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/feb/20/people-stripped-benefits-charged-decision I remember writing a post the other day on one of the threads, and considered writing that the government could be even more obstructive and start charging for appeals - then I decided no, they wouldn't be stupid enough to even consider it, and I was wrong......
  9. I have been with Payplan for around 7 years and have cca all of those whom I don't recoginise as the original creditors. Not surprising no one has complied which means three quarters of them are non-compliant. I thought of asking payplan to stop paying them but don't have much confidence in them doing it with out a lot of hassle so I am thinking of cancelling the dmp and dealing with the legit creditors myself. Any thoughts anyone?
  10. Cant find a subforum for nram/northern rock as i want to send sar to them in preperation of removing a default. Should i send it to there registered office? Croft Road, Crossflatts, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 2UA We have a leasehold flat mortgaged with northern rock. We cannot sell it as the lease is only 68yrs left. We bought it 6 years ago so it would of had a 74 year lease. to renew is 10-15k. I would like to know if i would have a case against A. the mortgage company or B. the solicitor as if i'd of known the difficulties
  11. Good afternoon, I am considering making a Full & Final settlement proposition to the DCA on a debt that was originally an overdraft from Barclays. The debt is currently with Lowell Portfolio, and the total debt is £650 The default was logged on my file on 28/10/2010 and was originally by Barclays, but after Lowell got the debt they also logged a default for it, which I had to contest with the CRA in order to get Barclays to remove their default as Lowell as new owners had added one, which Barclays eventually did. Anyhow, I got the odd letter from Lowell, threatening variou
  12. Hi, Many thanks in advance to anyone who can throw some light on this please. I have a house in UK which was bought before the financial meltdown. It is now in negative equity of about 40,000. I moved to USA permanently in May 2010. I do not have any other property or savings in either US or UK and my US salary is just enough to meet my expenses here. I cannot afford to pay the mortgage on my house in UK any more and I don't have the money to pay the shortfall. Right now I am considering giving the keys back to the bank and filing for bankruptcy in UK. Before taking this desperate me
  13. My credit file is pretty patchy; I've got 10+ closed accounts, one of which was a ~£2000 credit card write off that happened in late '11, another was a credit card that went to default and then I paid off the balance (~£750) in full, in Mid 2009. Unfortunately it was at this point that I decided my credit score was ruined and stopped making payments to Barclaycard (and my circumstances have since changed and I have hardly been able to afford rent most of the time since then). I'm currently living with one of my parents (and previously was living with the other), and they've offered to assist
  14. Dear All, I wonder if you can assist. I was inolved in a partnership that basically went south, the senior partner ended up getting the boot leaving me saddled with debts of around £24k I tried to re work these debts however a down turn in business resulted in additional debts of around £30k being incurred with HMRC for PAYE. Coupled with my personal debts I think i ower nearly £90k I do own a house with my wife however we are seperated, that said there is a secured loan on the property under my name so i know that for my part of the property there is negative equity. I cur
  15. Hi, I'm currently claiming Income-Based JSA and receiving £71 per week. I am considering taking in a lodger under the Rent a Room Scheme. The rent would be £85 per week. How would that affect my benefit? At present I'm not liable for Council Tax either would that be affected? Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks Terry
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