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Found 8 results

  1. I'm wondering if you could possibly offer me any advice, like you have kindly given to many before me. The Task Enforcement came this morning at 7am to tell me that my car had been clamped, and that I could un-clamp it by paying a fee of £535 It all started on 22.07.2015 when I was contacted by my old landlady. She told me I was being chased by Bailiff's for unpaid Congestion Charge Penalty Notice. I realized that DVLA must still have my old address, so I immediately sent off my driving license, and also called the Congestion people. They said that I now owed about £270 from ent
  2. Hi, At a critical stage now with a hand delivered letter from Martson Baliffs who now are wanting £467.04 for this £10 Congestion charge. Thing is i live in Cornwall and was rushed up to St Tommys hospital in London for an emergency precedure that my local hospital didnt want to do. My Partner drove myself up in my car as i was not in any fit state to do so. TFL spotted my car on westminster bridge and proceeded to send me a bill for £60 (i think, partner dealt with it). Before this bill came through i was completely unaware of how/why where etc you pay for the charge or indeed wher
  3. Hi all, When I set up my account to autopay Congestion Charge out of my bank I asked if I could clear any debt outstanding. They said it was done. The car was registered to my mum. She has just given me baliffs letters for three outstanding charges to her (cos the car was in her name) for around £200 each. I call them. They tell me to call up a number about an 'out of time statutary declaration'. The people on the number I call tell me the reasons I (or in this case my mum) can apply for them and they dont seem applicable. I call Congestion Charging again. They say its cos the charg
  4. Ok, here's the situation... On Friday i drive in to the Congestion Charge zone. I forget to pay charge that day (for those of you who are unaware you are allowed to pay the charge up to midnight the following day) So, the following day at around 22:15 i go on to TFL's website to pay the charge but, i am greeted with a notice, which tells me the website is undergoing maintenance and they are unable to take payments. The website should be back up on Sunday at approx 1am. MMmm, funny how it is back up one hour past the time i am able to pay the charge don't you think? I read further and
  5. I was charged for a phantom visit by Marston, enabling them to charge for a second visit and an attendance fee boosting the day's taking by about £280. I can prove that they didn't visit on the first date and have told them so. They claim to have fully investigated the case and conclude that the first visit did indeed occur (which we know didn't). Now I have asked them to provide evidence and guess what, it's gone silent! This is clearly a case of fraud by a thug with the clipboard. TfL have confirmed that once the debt is passed on to Marston it is no longer their responsibility.
  6. I've had to drive into central London 3 times in the last 3 weeks. On all 3 occasions I though I had purchased the Congestion Charge. I've just got a fine for not paying the last occasion. I can see from my history in my browser that I logged onto the site a few minutes before I left to drive in. However, it seems that although I thought I'd made the payment similarly to the previous 2 times it seems the payment didn't go through. I just wonder if anyone has had any trouble with paying the Congestion Charge online. It really should be a simple process. I am a web designer
  7. I had 2 congestion charges that I got on my Brother's car from TFL on 04/12/09 & 28/06/10 which got to Equita 'auction notice' stage. I spoke to them after receiving the first 'auction notice' dated 16/11/2010, and arranged a monthly payment plan of £101 with a woman calling herself Christina starting 22nd Nov. ( I then pointlessly received exactly the same letter 2 days later dated 18/11/2010, which I'll no doubt be charged for). I started to pay off the balance of what I was told to be £294.32 on 22/11/2010 with a payment of £101. I then missed the next payment and paid late on 14/01/201
  8. Help!!! Please. In January I received a letter from Equita with reference to an unpaid congestion charge asking for £198.44 by return. I did not have the whole amount, and so rang them offering to pay £100.00 and the balance £98.44 the following month. The final payment would be paid on 18/2/11. They accepted this amount, I thought, and took £100.00 by card. This morning(10/3/11) at 7.45 a bailiff woke me having clamped my car - he demanded £445.24! On the 'notice of seizure and inventory of Goods' it stated that 'Amount owing' was £185.00 (How can that be right?)
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